Survivor: Yoshi’s Island

By Iggy Koopa

Episode 2: What’s the Goomba Shuffle?
Guest Host: Mario Hudson
Contestants Left: 17
Prizes Won: 9 Sleeping Bags (Wendy’s Tribe)
Characters Already Eliminated: The King (Luigi Powers)

Luigi Powers:

Wendy’s Tribe:

Iggy K: Well, you ready?

???: Of course. You sure you want me to?

Iggy K: Of course. Well, all right. Seeya!

Iggy K blasts off with a jetpack. ??? steps out of the shadows, revealing a boy wearing a red T-shirt, blue jeans, and a red cap.

???: Let’s-a go!

Day 4
Wendy’s Tribe

Wendy: (yawns) Another great day! I wonder how well the Luigi Powers slept without a member.

Yoshi: Probably better. I hear King eliminated.

Wendy: Heh. He deserved it.

Petey: Raaaaarargh!

Wendy: ... Larry?

Larry: He said “True”.

Yoshi: Daisy!

Daisy: Huh? Yoshi?

Yoshi: Yoshi need Daisy come here.

Daisy: O...k...

Yoshi and Daisy walk to the side a little. Little do they know, Larry follows them.

Yoshi: Larry and Wart ask me ask you vote Waluigi.

Daisy: But he’s so helpful.

Yoshi: Yoshi know. Yoshi want vote Wart.

Daisy: ... Wart was pretty useless.

Yoshi: Daisy agree?

Daisy: Sure.

Larry: Hmmmmm...

Larry Koopa, Spy: Should’ve known Yoshi would disagree. At least I’m not being voted for...  Yeah, I’ll just vote for Wart.

Yoshi, Daisy and Larry separate.

Syrup: Yar, Wendy. You be noticin’ that Iggy called Luigi’s tribe Luigi Powers?

Wendy: Hey... you’re right. Maybe we should name our tribe.

Yoshi: Yay!

Daisy: Sounds good.

Syrup: Yar!

Larry: But what?

Wendy: Let’s nominate.

Larry: I nominate the Koopa Krew!

Yoshi: Yoshi like Wendy Survivors!

Wart: The Ribbertons.

Wendy: Is that it?

No noise.

Wendy: All right, let’s cast votes.

Wendy goes up to vote.
Larry goes up to vote.
Yoshi goes up to vote.
Petey goes up to vote.
Waluigi goes up to vote.
Daisy goes up to vote.
Syrup goes up to vote.
Chompette goes up to vote.
Wart goes up to vote.

Wendy: We have...  1 vote for the Ribbertons, 3 votes for the Koopa Krew, and 5 votes for the Wendy Survivors. All right, Wendy Survivors it is.

Yoshi Dino, Gourmet Eater: Yoshi glad Wendy Survivors win.

Who voted for what?
Wendy: Koopa Krew (A Koopa)
Larry: Koopa Krew (Nominated it)
Yoshi: Wendy Survivors (Nominated it)
Petey: Koopa Krew (Larry voted for it)
Waluigi: Wendy Survivors (Afraid of ribbits and Koopas, but hopes he can survive)
Daisy: Wendy Survivors (Likes the idea of being the “survivors”)
Syrup: Wendy Survivors (Same as Daisy)
Chompette: Wendy Survivors (Same as Daisy)
Wart: Ribbertons (Nominated it)

Luigi Powers

Luigi: Yawn...  Wow, I slept great! Guess The King was too...  Oh, that’s right. (sighs)

Roy: I can’t believe it, but I kinda miss him.

Bumpty: I bouncin’ do too.

Bumpty Penguin, Bouncing Champion: Who would’ve thought we’d miss The bouncin’ King? (sighs)

Wario: Psst... Roy...

Roy: Hm?

Wario and Roy walk to the side.

Wario: I heard that you’re trying to get rid of Luigi too.

Roy: Yeah, what’s it to ya?

Wario: I thought we might work together until he’s gone.

Roy: ... Okay... but don’t we need more than two?

Wario: Yeah. Boo and Fawful don’t like Luigi either- If I talk to Boo, will you talk to Fawful?

Roy: Sure.

Wario goes over to talk to Boo while Roy goes to talk to Fawful.

Wario: Hey, Boo.

Boo: Yes?

Wario: I heard you want to vote for Luigi because he yelled at you.

Boo: That is correct.

Wario: Will you work with me and Roy?

Boo: Uh, why?

Wario: To get rid of Luigi. And, uh, anyone else we need rid of.

Boo: Um...  I guess. But why you and Roy? Why can’t I vote with someone else who wants to be rid of Luigi?

Wario: Because only four people wanted him gone, and we’re trying to get Fawful right now.

Boo: Hmmmmmm...  All right, I guess.

Wario: Thank you.

With Roy and Fawful...

Fawful: And why should I be of the agreement? Couldn’t we be of the same votes without being of a team?

Roy: Well, this way, we can always make sure that we vote for the same person.

Fawful: That is of the sense making...  Hrrrrrm...  I HAVE FURY!

Roy: ... Is that a yes?

Fawful: It is of the yes as I am of the furious mustard!

Roy: ... Erm... O...k... then...

Fawful: I HAVE FURY!

Roy Koopa, Boxer: Ok, so that was an... interesting... conversation. I think he’s becoming more and more insane.

Fawful Beanz, Evil Weirdo: I am the furious mustard of victory! MUSTARD FURY! WAHAHAHA! Ok I’m done.

Day 5
Luigi Powers

Wario Wario, Thief: So we had an alliance. Four votes for Luigi in an 8-person tribe. So we had a good chance. Only thing is, what if the rest team up too? Luigi, Toadette, Bumpty, and Koopa are pretty close...  We could be in trouble.

Fawful: Why are we of the here?

Wario: Because we only have half the tribe against Luigi.

Roy: ... So...?

Wario: Who in this alliance would Luigi trust?

Boo: He might trust me.

Wario: But he yelled at you- he’d expect you to get revenge.

Fawful: He would never be of the trusting me. I was of the trying to blow of the him up.

Roy: He doesn’t think I’m smart enough, I don’t think.

Wario: I’d never be trusted. Boo, can you try?

Boo: Yeah.

Wario: All right. Here’s what I need you to do...

Wario whispers something to Boo.

Boo: Mmkay.

Boo floats over to Luigi.

Boo: Hey Weej.

Luigi: Don’t call me that. Oh, hi Boo.

Boo: I just overheard some alliance talking about eliminating you.

Luigi: Who was in it?

Boo: Wario, Roy, Fawful-

Luigi: I’d expect them. But three’s not enough.

Boo: Yes, there’s one more.

Luigi: Who?

Boo: Koopa.

Luigi: WHAT?! Why would Koopa vote against me?!

Boo shrugs.

Luigi: Oh, I know. Roy bullied him into it. So I’ll just talk with him.

Boo’s eyes widen.

Boo: Um, uh, yeah, but, uh, Koopa, um, seemed pretty angry at you for, er... some reason.

Luigi: I’ll ask him.

Boo: Oh, uh, ok.

Luigi walks away and Boo facepalms.

Boo Diddley, Ghastly Villain: Now what?

Boo returns to her alliance.

Boo: Guys... we got a problem.

Roy: Hm?

Boo: Luigi decided that Roy bullied Koopa into voting for him.

Roy: Yeah, that sounds like me.

Wario: So...?

Boo: He’s going to talk with Koopa.

Roy, Wario, and Fawful: GASP!

Fawful: But Koopa tell of the truthness!

Boo: Roy, what if you really bully Koopa?

Roy: I don’t know... This seems like a bad idea.

Wario: But we’re going to be ruined. Luigi, Bumpty, Koopa, and Toadette will probably vote for one of us, and if we vote for Luigi, it will be a tie, and then we have to vote again, and- Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey...

Boo: ?

Wario: Didn’t Bumpty feel useless last time because he got tired?

Roy: Yes.

Wario: Well, what if Luigi was talking about how useless Bumpty really was?

Boo: But he wasn- Oooooooh...

Wario: Who would Bumpty trust?

Boo: Again, probably me.

Roy: No, Bumpty used to work for Bowser. He’d trust me.

Wario: But didn’t Bumpty change sides to work with Yoshi?

Roy: ... Oh yeah. Go ahead, Boo.

Boo: Ok.

Boo goes over to Bumpty, who is obviously still upset.

Boo: Hey Bumpty.

Bumpty: Hi Boo.

Boo: Wassup?

Bumpty: Just thinking about who to vote for.

Boo: You know what I just overheard?

Bumpty: What?

Boo: Luigi’s not happy that you were so slow during the immunity challenge.

Bumpty: Hrrm?

Boo: He was talking with Toadette and Koopa about how useless you are. And how stupid your sport is.


Boo Diddley, Ghastly Villain: I should’ve brought that up earlier.

Bumpty: He had the bouncin’ nerve to insult my BOUNCING?!

Boo: Yeah! You gonna vote for him?

Bumpty: Duh! Of course-

Boo (quietly): Yes!

Bumpty: -not!

Boo: Wha?

Bumpty: I’m sure you just heard bouncin’ wrong. It was probably that bouncin’ Roy.

Boo: Oh... yeah.

Bumpty: So I’ll just bouncin’ vote for Roy.

Boo Diddley, Ghastly Villain: I am so dead. Again.

Boo: Yeah... Go ahead and do that...

Boo heads back to her alliance.




Boo: It looks like we’re the only ones who’ll vote for Luigi.

Jackster: TREEMAIL!

Boo: I got it!

Boo grabs the Treemail from Jackster.

Boo: “Return to World 4.” Ok, c’mon guys!

Everyone heads towards Sunset Beach.

Wendy Survivors

Yoshi: Ebbybody! We need return Sunset Beach.

Wendy: YAAAWN! What time is it?

Syrup: 3:00 PM.

Wendy: Yikes! Man I was tired.

Daisy: Let’s go!

They head to Sunset Beach.

Reward Challenge

???: Howdy, everyone!

Koopa: Who are you?

???: My name is Mario Hudson. I’m Iggy Koopa’s best friend. He hired me to be guest host for this episode!

Toadette: Oh, ok.

Mario H: So, anyway, today our Reward Challenge is the Goomba Shuffle.

Wendy: What’s the Goomba Shuffle?

Mario H: Well, Goombas on Yoshi’s Island are special- when you jump on them, they simply flatten and begin to waddle. Your goal is to get every “shuffling” Goomba that matches the color of your team, and bring them to Flutter and Fly over here.

Two Flutters, probably named Flutter and Fly, wave to the contestants.

Yoshi: What our color?

Mario H: The Wendy Survivors are red. The Luigi Powers are blue.

25 Red Goombas and 25 Blue Goombas enter the area. Flutter and Fly take out bags to hold the Goombas.

Mario H: Ready... set... go!!!

Everyone runs towards the Goombas. Yoshi eats three and carries them to Fly.

Fly: I can’t take these! They need to be squished.

Yoshi quickly squishes one, but the other two escape. Luigi throws Koopa’s shell, squishing 5 Goombas, which begin to waddle. Luigi grabs 2 while Koopa grabs the other 3, and they take them to Flutter.

Wendy Survivors: 3
Luigi Powers: 5

Toadette traps 10 in her watering can and brings them to Fly, but Wart trips her and the Goombas scatter. Bumpty slides around, squishing them with Boo following, picking them up. They deliver 12 to Fly. Wendy poisons 12 with makeup and takes them to Flutter.

Wendy Survivors: 15
Luigi Powers: 17

Bumpty and Koopa each squish 5 that are blue, but also 10 that are red. Waluigi gathers the red ones while Boo gathers the blue ones.

Wendy Survivors: 25
Luigi Powers: 22

Mario H: Wendy Survivors win!

Luigi Powers: NO!

Wendy Survivors: WOOHOO!

Mario H: Here’s your reward. Luigi Powers, return to your shelter.

Wendy: Huh?

Luigi Powers leave.

Mario H: Wendy, can I see you for a second?

Mario H and Wendy walk to the side.

Mario H: Your reward is to pick one member of your tribe and exchange them for one of these five.

Tayce T, Tap-Tap, Mona, Dixie Kong, and Flutter come up.

Wendy: ... Do I have to?

Mario H: Yes.

Wendy examines the five replacements, then examines her current 8 members.

Wendy: Ok, I know who I want to get rid of.

Mario H and Wendy return to the tribe.

Mario H: I am here to announce that Wendy has picked one of you to replace with Tayce T, Tap-Tap, Mona, Dixie Kong, or Flutter.

Everyone gasps.

Mario H: And she picked... Wart.

Wart: WHAT?!

Larry: No way!

Mario H: Wart, Wendy said that you haven’t been helping, yet you still want everyone to make you leader. She picked Tayce T. to replace you.

Tayce: Hi.

Wart: Not fair! I’m so much better than THAT shorty!

Tayce: Hey!

Wart burps up a poison bubble. Tayce takes out a knife and pops the bubble, then takes out some turnips and throws them at Wart. Wart falls over.

Wart: Ugh... Uncle... uncle...

The rest of the Wendy Survivors clap for Tayce.

Mario H: Wart, please leave.

Wart: This is so unfair... Hmph...

Wart leaves.

Mario H: Wendy, take your tribe back to the shelter. I hope Tayce is helpful.

Tayce Toad, Professional Cook: I hope Wendy is glad she picked me. After Bowser attacked, I trained myself to fight more. So I should be helpful.

The tribe returns.

Wendy Survivors

Wendy: Well, welcome to the tribe, Tayce.

Daisy: Psst... Tayce... Yoshi...

Daisy, Tayce, and Yoshi walk to the side.

Daisy: So Tayce, Yoshi and I were planning on voting for Wart.

Larry: So was I.

Daisy: Larry?

Larry: Yeah, I spied on you and decided to vote along with you.

Daisy: Well, all right. Anyway, we need a new target, and thought you might want to join our alliance.

Tayce: I’m not good with stuff like this. So I don’t know.

Daisy: Well, all you have to do is promise to vote for whoever we want to. And if you disagree, you can just leave the alliance.

Tayce: Um, ok, I guess.

Yoshi: Who we vote for?

Larry: Let me think...  How about... Chompette?

Daisy: Why?

Larry: She hasn’t done anything. I’m sure the author is tired of her.

Tayce: Author?

Larry: Uh, never mind.

Chompette Chained, Metallic Ball: I heard what they were saying. I’m going to be useful this immunity challenge.

Day 6
Luigi Powers


Luigi: YIPE! Eesh, what was that for?

Jackster: Well, it’s only 2:30 in the morning, so I was making sure you were awake.

Luigi: Well, now we are.

Jackster: Seeya!

Luigi reads the treemail.

Luigi: C’mon, guys. Gotta get back to Bowser’s Castle.

They all leave.

Wendy Survivors

Wendy: Man, that was some wake-up call.

Jackster: DING! TR-

Wendy: We heard you while you were at Luigi’s tribe! Shaddup!

Jackster: Sheesh. Ok, here ya go.

Wendy: “Go back to Bowser’s Castle.” Ok, c’mon tribe.

Immunity Challenge

Mario H: Yaaaaawn. Do I have to do this now?

Jackster: The tribes are arriv- OH LOOK gotta go.

Jackster flies away as the tribes arrive.

Mario H: Anyway, welcome to Bowser’s Castle, this is our Immunity Challenge, blah, blah, blah. You must go through the Cave of the Bandits just outside of this castle with an entire treasure chest that takes all 9 of you to carry it.

Luigi: But we don’t have 9 members.

Mario H: Tap-Tap is here to help you.

Luigi: Oh, ok.

Tap-Tap: Let’s a-tap this thang!

Mario H: If you can get at least half of the treasure through the cave, you will win immunity.

Wario: If both teams make it?

Mario H: Both teams go to the Tribal Council.

Tribes: Gulp.

Mario H: Ready... set... go!

The tribes both grab a treasure chest.

Luigi Powers

Luigi: Wario! You’re a professional thief! What’s the best way to avoid- WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! LAVALAVALAVALAVA!

Tap-Tap: I got a-tappin shoes that keep me safe. A-tap-tap!

Wario: The Bandits? Take a right here.

Toadette: AAAAAAIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Mouse mouse mouse!!!

Wario: Just step over or on him! He won’t bother you! Ok, up ahead are some Baseball Boys. They’ll try to use our jewels as baseballs. Turn right here.

Tap-Tap: A-tap attack! Help! Help!

Bumpty: It’s a Toady! He’s trying to take Tap-Tap!

Luigi: Koopa! Use your shell!

Koopa: I’ll try...

Koopa flings himself up to the Toady, causing it to drop Tap-Tap.

Boo Guy: BOO!

Boo: Hey, get away from here!

Boo Guy: (whimpers) Ok...

Boo: C’mon, c’mon...

Wario: Ok, turn right to avoid the-

Boo, Tap-Tap, and Bumpty: Yaaaaah!

Wario: ... Blowhard.

Luigi: Boo! Tap-Tap! Bumpty! Hurry!

Wario: Ack! Bandits!

Bandit: Heehee...

Tap-Tap: I got ‘em!

Tap-Tap begins kicking the Bandits away. They land in the lava and bounce away.

Luigi: We’re almost out... How much treasure’s left?

Tap-Tap: Um, about three quarter- YAH!

A Coin Bandit rams himself into Tap-Tap and steals some treasure.


Roy punches the Coin Bandit away.

Luigi: We’re done! Yes!

Wendy Survivors

Meanwhile, Wendy’s tribe has been going through as well.

Petey: Graaargh!

Larry: Great idea! Everyone, climb onto the chest!

They do so. Petey eats the chest and begins to fly over everything.

Daisy: Ew, ew, double ew!

A Baseball Boy throws a baseball at Petey, causing him to spit the tribe back out.

Petey: Gaaaargh...

Chompette: I got it!

Chompette ties herself to the chest and charges forwards, carrying everyone else to the end. However, several Bandits steal treasure.

Mario H: Welcome back! Everyone, allow me to check your chests.

Mario H does so.

Mario H: All right. Luigi Powers...

Luigi Powers: (gulp)

Mario H: ... go on...

Luigi Powers: (sighs in relief)

Mario H: ... and follow...

Luigi Powers: (gulp)

Mario H: ... the path...

Luigi Powers: (sighs in relief)

Mario H: ... that I will make to lead you to the Tribal Council.

Luigi Powers: No!!!

Wendy Survivors: Yes!

Mario H: The Luigi Powers had a quarter of the chest full and the Wendy Survivors had half of it. Come.

Tribal Council

Mario H: Welcome back to Bowser’s Castle, where we have our second Tribal Council. Luigi, what do you think of coming here twice in a row?

Luigi: It’s sorta scary. I just hope that this time we get rid of the problem.

Mario H: Boo, do you know who you’re voting for?

Boo: Um, yeah, I think.

Mario H: Let’s start.

Luigi goes up to vote.
Bumpty goes up to vote.

Bumpty Penguin, Bouncing Champion: Bouncing is so bouncin’ awesome!

Koopa goes up to vote.
Fawful goes up to vote.

Fawful Beanz, Evil Weirdo: You be of the annoyingness!

Toadette goes up to vote.
Boo goes up to vote.
Roy goes up to vote.
Wario goes up to vote.

Mario H: I’ll tally the votes.

Mario H returns.

Mario H: First vote... Luigi.

Luigi is slightly surprised.

Mario H: Second vote... Roy.

Roy is panicked.

Mario H: Third vote... Luigi.

Luigi is surprised.

Mario H: Fourth vote... Roy.

Roy tries to fake a smile.

Mario H: Fifth vote... Luigi.

Luigi’s eyes widen.

Mario H: Sixth vote... Roy.

Roy hides his face.

Mario H: Seventh vote... Roy.

Roy peeks out between his fingers.

Mario H: Eighth vote... Luigi. It’s a tie!

Roy and Luigi are both nervous.

Mario H: Everyone, revote.

Bumpty goes up to vote.
Koopa goes up to vote.
Fawful goes up to vote.


Toadette goes up to vote.
Boo goes up to vote.

Boo Diddley, Ghastly Villain: It’s not right. I’m sorry.

Wario goes up to vote.

Mario H: First vote... Luigi.

Luigi jumps up and down in panic.

Mario H: Second vote... Roy.

Roy is inside his shell.

Mario H: Third vote... Roy.

Roy is moving as if he’s sobbing.

Mario H: Fourth vote... Roy.

Roy pokes his head out.

Mario H: Fifth vote... Roy. The other one is for Luigi, but it doesn’t matter because Roy is eliminated. Roy, hit whoever you think is responsible.

Roy smacks Boo.

Boo: I’m sorry!

Mario H: Roy... goodbye.

Who voted for who?
Luigi: Roy (Thought he bullied Koopa)
Bumpty: Roy (Thought he insulted bouncing), Roy (Same, also likes Luigi)
Koopa: Roy (Just hates Roy), Roy (Same)
Fawful: Luigi (Part of an alliance), Luigi (Wants him to be the “mustard” of his “French fries of victory”)
Toadette: Roy (Same as Koopa), Roy (Same as Koopa)
Boo: Luigi (Yelled at her, part of an alliance), Roy (Realized it was wrong to vote for Luigi)
Roy: Luigi (Part of an alliance)
Wario: Luigi (Hates Luigi, part of an alliance), Luigi (Same)

Who’s left?
Luigi Powers:

Wendy’s Tribe:
Tayce T.

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