Survivor: Yoshiís Island

By Iggy Koopa

Episode 1: Did He Say 1 Million?
Guest Host: None
Contestants Left: 18
Prizes Won: None
Characters Already Eliminated: None

Iggy K: Welcome to Yoshiís Island. This is where 18 characters are about to crash-

A cruise ship crashes behind Iggy K and Luigi, Wendy, Wario, Waluigi, Yoshi, Koopa, Roy, Larry, Petey, Boo, Chain Chomp (female from PiT), Daisy, Captain Syrup, Wart, Toadette, The King, Fawful, and Bumpty come out on rafts.

Iggy K: ... Whatíd I tell ya? Anyway, they are here to play Survivor-

Toadette: Survivor? Oh, I loooove Survivor! Whatís the prize?

Iggy K: -to win 1,000,000 coins-


Iggy K: ... *sigh* And a luxury cruise home.

Wendy: Booyah!

Iggy K: ... So, anyway-




Roy: Heh.

Iggy K: ... Anyway, Iíll pick two team captains-


Iggy K: ... Ugh. So, I pick Wendy-

Wendy: Yes!

Iggy K: -and Luigi.

Luigi: Okey-dokey!

Iggy K: Ok, weíll do this schoolyard style. Wendy?

Wendy: ... Petey.

Petey: RAWGH!

Wendy Koopa, Brat: Peteyís size advantage is sure to come in handy. And, he can fly. Score!

Petey Piranha, Plant Mutant: Graaaaagh!

Iggy K: Luigi?

Luigi: ... Bumpty.


Luigi Mario, Player 2: Bumpty is sure to come in handy. He can fly, slide around, and is very bouncy.

Bumpty Penguin, Bouncing Champion: I can bounce right to the bouncing championship!

Wendy: ... Daisy.

Daisy: Hoorah!

Wendy Koopa, Brat: Daisy is a tough gal type. Sheís sure to come in handy.

Daisy Toadstool, Tomboy: I can win for Wendy, then get rid of her at the last minute. Heh.

Luigi: ... Koopa.

Koopa: Iíll try...

Luigi Mario, Player 2: Koopaís size and weight should come in handy. Hopefully itíll help in upcoming challenges.

Koopa Troopa, Weakling: I hope that I wonít get eliminated. But Iím more afraid Iíll be squashed!

Wendy: ... Wart.

Wart: Ribbit, all right!

Wendy Koopa, Brat: Wart is big and tough. He can also spit bubbles, which will help in some challenges.

Wart Ribberton, Dream Controller: Ribbit, Iíll get, ribbit, rid of Wendy ASAP.

Luigi: ... Fawful.

Luigi Mario, Player 2: As annoying as Fawful is, he may come in handy...

Fawful Beanz, Evil Weirdo: I will be of the champion as a pancake is of the flat!

Wendy: ... Syrup.

Wendy Koopa, Brat: Syrupís skills to get money may come in handy.

Captain Maple Syrup, Pirate: Yar, I be as helpful as I can!

Luigi: ... Toadette.

Luigi Mario, Player 2: Toadette is short like Koopa. If I have the small guys on my side, itíll be easy to win agility contests.

Toadette Flowers, Gardener: I hope to be helpful.

Wendy: ... Chain Chomp.

Chain Chomp, Metallic Ball: I can be useful occasionally...

Luigi: ... Boo.

Boo Diddley, Ghastly Villain: Eeheehee... Luigi better watch out...

Wendy: ... Yoshi.

Yoshi Dino, Gourmet Eater: Yoshi hope be useful!

Luigi: ... Roy.

Roy Koopa, Boxer: Ha! I donít need no leader! Iíll get rid of Luigi real soon and show that Iím the best!

Wendy: ... Larry.

Larry Koopa, Spy: I thought Iíd be picked earlier. I mean, doesnít everyone want a spy on their team?

Luigi: ... Wario.

Wario Wario, Thief: Luigi may be the leader, but Iím the toughest. Iíll outlast him in no time! ... Especially if he has my vote.

Wendy: ... Waluigi.

Waluigi Wario, Scaredy-Cat: Iím afraid of Luigi! Iím glad Iím on Wendyís team... Oh wait... IíM AFRAID OF HER TOO!!!

Luigi: Aw man, that leaves The King.

King Toadstool, King: Oh, Iím on TV?


Luigiís Tribe:
The King

Wendyís Tribe:
Chain Chomp

Iggy K: Luigiís Tribe, head to Goonieton Mount, one of the four mountains from World 5 of the original Yoshiís Island.

Luigi nods and leads his tribe towards Goonieton Mount.

Iggy K: Wendyís Tribe, go to Birdo Forest. It was World 3 of Yoshiís Island and home to many Birdos and Grinders.

Wendy nods and leads her tribe towards Birdo Forest.

Iggy K: Well, letís go to Day 1.

Day 1
Luigiís Tribe

Luigi: Well, tribe, first order of business. Letís get an official name. Nominations?

Toadette: Ooh! Ooh! The Luigi Powers!

Luigi: Ok, anyone else?

Wario: The Sneakers!

Luigi: K... Anyone else?


Luigi: Ok, letís vote.

Koopa Troopa, Weakling: I like the Luigi Powers. If we get a new leader, like Roy, we can name it the Roy Powers!

Fawful Beanz, Evil Weirdo: We will be the Sneakers as I will be the champion! OR ELSE IíLL DOOM ALL YOUR MUSTARD!

Luigi: We have 5 votes for the Luigi Powers and 3 votes for the Sneakers. Then I had one for ďwakhabkuiuskenarsĒ...

Everyone stares at The King, who smiles widely.

Luigi: ... King, wanna revote?

The King continues smiling.

Luigi: Ok, weíre the Luigi Powers. Now, letís share comfort items!

Toadette: Ok! I brought a watering can.

Wario: Whatís the use in that?!

Toadette: Well, not really anything-

Wario: HA!

Toadette: -if it were just a watering can.

Wario: ... Errrr?

Toadette presses a button on the inside, revealing 9 king-size beds. Wario (well, everyone else too) is dumbfounded.

Wario: Wha... he... hu... whaaaaaaaaaa?

Toadette snickers.

Toadette: What about you?

Wario: I brought 1,000,000 coins.

Toadette: That would be helpful! IF THERE WERE ANY STORES!

Boo: I brought a Booís Cloak!

Luigi: Cool. I brought a GameCube and Luigiís Mansion.

Boo: And an outlet, right?

Luigi looks around, and facepalms.

Fawful: I have the bringing of a Health Bean!

Roy: Whatís that?

Fawful: It be of the Bowserís Inside Story item! It raises health of a point by 1.

Roy: ... Oh.

Luigi: Whatíd you bring, Roy?

Roy: I brought a punchiní bag!

Luigi: I shouldíve known.

Roy: Whatís that supposed ta mean?!

Luigi: Nothing... nothing...


Luigi: WhataboutyouKoopa?

Koopa: I brought a bicycle pump... so that if Iím squished I can reinflate myself...

Everyone stares at Koopa.

Koopa: What?

Luigi: Bumpty?

Bumpty: Bounciní iced tea!

Luigi: Ok... How much?

Bumpty: About 6 bounciní gallons.

Luigi: Hm. Should last a little whi-

The King: I GOT MILK!

Everyone looks at The King, seeing that there are white wet spots all over his pants.

Luigi: ... Well... he did bring milk...

Toadette: ... Now what?

Luigi: ... Well, we need shelter...

Wario: We have beds.

Luigi: But weíre on the tallest mountain. Itíll get really cold up here.

Roy: I can get some trees and we can build something with them.

Luigi: Ok, Wario, you help.

Wario and Roy nod and leave, soon coming back with two trees each.

Luigi: Lean those against that part of the mountain.

They do.

Luigi: Is that enough rooms for the beds?

Toadette slides the beds in, then shakes her head no.

Luigi: Get four more.

Wario and Roy nod and leave, soon coming back with two more trees each. They do the same thing, but this time the beds fit.

Luigi: That should do for now. Well, letís go on and settle down...  Itís getting kinda late...

Wario Wario, Thief: If Luigi thinks heís being all ďleader-yĒ, heís wrong. Heíll be out in no time.

Wendyís Tribe

Wendy: Letís share some comfort items!

Wart: I, ribbit, brought a pillow, croak.

Wendy: Cool... I think. Syrup?

Syrup: A blanket, fer cold night at seas.

Wendy: Daisy?

Daisy: I brought flowers from my garden. And theyíre edible!

Daisy Toadstool, Tomboy: Maybe if Iím helpful enough, Wendy will allow me into an alliance!

Wendy: Ok, thatís helpful! Chain Chomp?

Chain Chomp: My name is Chompette Chained.

Wendy: Oh, ok.

Chompette: I brought a bone to distract me. So I wonít chew on anyone.

Everyone is a little nervous now.

Wendy: O-o-ok...  Petey?


Wendy: What?

Larry: He said he brought goop balloons, to keep his glunk stored inside of him.

Wendy: Ohhhhh. You?

Larry: Errrrrr...

Larry Koopa, Spy: I brought night-vision goggles. But if anyone knows, I canít spy with them.

Larry: I brought, um...

Larry secretly snatches one of Daisyís flowers.

Larry: An edible flower, too. I didnít know Daisy would bring a whole bunch.

Wendy: Oh, ok. Yoshi?

Yoshi: Yoshi bring watermelons!

Wendy: Great! ... Where are they?

Yoshi: Oh, Yoshi ate them already.

Wendy: ... Oh.

Wendy Koopa, Brat: If Yoshiís trying to be cute, all itíll get is a couple of votes.

Wendy: Waluigi?

Waluigi: I brought my teddy bear. It keeps me safe!

Wendy: Cool. Well, weíre done then-

Yoshi: What about Wendy?

Wendy: O-oh. Um, um...

Wendy Koopa, Brat: I donít want anyone to know... Itís embarrassing...

Wendy: I... lost it.

Yoshi: Oh.

Wendy: Do we have anything to use as a shelter?

Larry raises his hand.

Wendy: Yes?

Larry: How about...

Larry lifts a tarp off of an unknown object, which is revealed to be a huge hut.

Larry: ...this?

Wendy: WHOA. Whereídja get that?!

Larry: Eh. I made it while you were thinking about your comfort item.

Wendy: ... Oh. Well, itís getting late. Letís go on to sleep.

Everyoneís sound asleep, but Wart finds a way to get an alliance...

Wart: Larry... listen... Larry...

Larry: Huh? Wait, am I still asleep? I donít remember waking up...

Wart: You are.

Larry: Oh, so you arenít really talking to me?

Wart: No, Iím inside your dream.

Larry: Errr?

Wart: Itís my pillow.

Larry: Ooooh... ok. So, whatcha want?

Wart: An alliance.

Larry: ... Ok, who do you want to vote for?

Wart: Waluigi.

Larry: Makes sense. But two people arenít enough in a 9-person tribe.

Wart: I know. Can you get Yoshiís vote?

Larry: Uh... yeah, I think. And I bet he can get Daisyís vote.

Wart: Sounds good. Seeya tomorrow...

Larry: Okeydoke.

Day 2
Reward Challenge

The contestants wake up in a different surrounding.


Contestants: Aaah!

Iggy K: Hee hee, that was fun. Welcome to the... Drumroll please...


Iggy K: REWARD CHALLENGE! For this one, you are on Sunset Beach, World 4 of the original Yoshiís Island. This is where Baby Mario discovered the Superstar, which turned him into Superstar Mario. This reward challenge will be using the Superstar. You must go through the maze collecting coins for your team before you run out of power. Five stars are hidden throughout the course, but unlike the coins, they will not regenerate. Everyone ready?

Contestants: YEAH!

Iggy K: In 3... 2... 1... GOOOO!

The contestants run forward, with Koopa, Toadette, Yoshi and Waluigi arriving first. They each grab 5 coins and jump over an extra star, though Waluigi doesnít manage to avoid it. Yoshi grabs 3 more coins and another star while Larry runs in and grabs 12 coins before running out of power.

Wendyís Tribe: 25 Coins
Luigi Powers: 10 Coins

Wart collects 5 coins with a bubble and then collects 10 coins and a star as well. Toadette and Koopa team up and grab 15 coins before Toadette runs out of power.

Wendyís Tribe: 40 Coins
Luigi Powers: 25 Coins

Yoshi and Koopa race each other towards the star, as they are both low on power. Yoshi gets it and Koopa disappears. Yoshi then grabs 10 coins while Wart and Waluigi each get 3 coins. Wendy and Luigi each grab 15 coins for their tribes.

Wendyís Tribe: 71 Coins
Luigi Powers: 50 Coins

Wendy and Wart disappear while Waluigi gets 2 coins and does the same. Luigi and Yoshi each grab 15 coins, and Yoshi grabs the last Star. Everyone dashes (except the King, who falls asleep) and Luigiís tribe get 21 more coins while Wendyís tribe gets 22.

Wendyís Tribe: 95 Coins
Luigi Powers: 86 Coins

Iggy K: Wendyís Tribe wins! Their prize is 9 sleeping bags! But tomorrow, one of them will be useless.

Wendyís tribe cheers, not caring about the last note. Everyone leaves.

Toadette Flowers, Gardener: Good thing Iím here. We still have beds. Yay!

Wendyís Tribe

Wendy: Great win, guys!

Yoshi: Yoshi glad we have sleeping bags tonight. Yoshi back ache.


Syrup: Yar, I call the blue one!

Daisy: Orange!

Wendy: Pink!

Yoshi: Yoshi want green!

Wart: Ribbit, black, ribbit.

Larry: BLUE!

Petey: Grah!

Larry: He wants red.

Chompette: Iíll take... white.

Wendy: Waluigi, you get purple.

Waluigi: Iím afraid of purple.

Wendy: Why do you wear it everyday then?

Waluigi: I donít know. Iím afraid of clothes too, so...

Wendy: Fair enough.

Larry: Did you notice the remark Iggy made?

Chompette: About one of them being useless? Yeah, I did.

Wart: Itís creepy to think that one of us wonít be here tomorrow night.

Yoshi: It something we go through on show.

Yoshi Dino, Gourmet Eater: Yoshi scared...

Syrup: Yar. We need ta try our best so itís not us.

Larry: (gulp)

Wendy: (gulp)

Yoshi: (gulp)

Waluigi: Aah! Iím afraid of gulping!

Larry pulls Yoshi aside.

Larry: Yoshi. I need your help.

Yoshi: Yoshi willing.

Larry: Me and Wart are trying to eliminate Waluigi. Can you help?

Yoshi: Yoshi think that ok. Waluigi smell bad.

Larry: Good. Can you get Daisyís vote?

Yoshi: Yoshi think so...

Larry: Ok.

Larry Koopa, Spy: Letís hope Daisyís agreeable. Waluigi stinks.

Yoshi Dino, Gourmet Eater: Waluigi helpful in challenge. Yoshi think Wart and Larry unreasonable.

Luigi Powers

Luigi: Ugh! That was awful!

Bumpty: It was nine bounciní coins...

Luigi: But we lost.

Toadette: Luigi, we didnít even need the prize. We have my beds.

Luigi: Yeah. Until some random event comes up and we lose them.

Boo: Youíre being unreasonable.

Luigi: Oh yeah. And you were no help whatsoever.

Bumpty: She got fifteen of the 21 coins we got in the end!

Luigi: But thatís all she got.

Boo Diddley, Ghastly Villain: Luigiís racking up votes by the milisecond. Heís being a jerk.

Luigi Mario, Player 2: Booís useless. Even her Booís Cloak is useless.

Bumpty Penguin, Bouncing Champion: Luigiís got my bounciní vote right here.

Roy: Hey. Itís gettiní late. Better go ta bed.

Luigi glares at Boo one last time before everyone climbs into the shelter.

Day 3
Wendyís Tribe

Jackster: Ding, ding! Treemail!

Jackster, Useless Mailman: Yeah, Iím in this.

Yoshi: Yoshi take that. Thank Jackster!

Jackster: Seeya Yoshi!

Jackster leaves as Yoshi returns to his tribe.

Yoshi: Treemail say we need be in Koopa Valley at 1:30 PM.

Wendy: What time is it now?

Syrup: I say itís... noon.

Wendy: How do you know?

Syrup: I be used to nights at sea without clocks. I can tell from the Sun.

Wendy: Interesting.

Wendy Koopa, Brat: Despite the fact sheís kinda being a showoff, that skill is useful.

Wendy: How far away is Koopa Valley?

Larry: Koopa Valley was World 6, weíre in World 3... uh...  Iíd say about an hour.

Chompette: We should get going. You know, in case Larryís wrong.

Larry: Hey!

Yoshi Dino, Gourmet Eater: That not nice of Chompette. She not careful.

Wendy: Well, letís get goiní then!

Luigi Powers

Luigi is reading the Treemail.

Luigi: Guys, we need to hike down the mountain in a few minutes. Gotta get to Koopa Valley.

Fawful: How long of the timeness?

Luigi: We have about 5 minutes. I think I hear Wendyís tribe down there.

Boo: Yeah, I can see them down there.

Boo Diddley, Ghastly Villain: ĎCause I can fly.

Luigi Mario, Player 2: Showoff.

The King: Zzzzzzzz...

Luigi: Almost time...  Someone grab The King.

Roy does so and they head down the mountain.

Immunity Challenge

Iggy K: Welcome, one and all. Tonight, all may change for one tribe... and for one person.

Everyone gulps.

Waluigi: Wah! Iím afraid of gulping... Still.

Iggy K: This... is Koopa Valley. World 5 of YIDS, World 6 of YI. Baby Bowser made his home here until Yoshi came. Also living here was Tap-Tap the Red Nose, a beast who fought Yoshi three times; originally as Tap-Tap the Red Nose, then again as Tap-Tap the Golden, then finally in YIDS as Super Big Tap-Tap. Here, there are three doors: Each of them has a form of Tap-Tap behind it. Since Wendyís tribe won the reward challenge, the Luigi Powers pick first.

Toadette: Do 1! Cuz if itís in order, that would be Red Nose!

Koopa: I say 2! Itís least likely.

The King: 5572107321840179403!

Bumpty: 2, for bouncinís sake!

Luigi: Uh, 2.

Iggy K: Wendy? 1 or 3?

Wendy: Letís go with 3.

Waluigi: WAH! IíM AFRAID OF 3!

Iggy K: Everyone... enter.

The tribes enter their doors...

Luigi Powers

Bumpty: Lots of bounciní dirt in here...

Luigi: Dirt? Wait! Thatís Super Big Tap-Tap! RUUUUUN!!!

They do so, with Roy carrying The King.

The King: WHEEEEEEE!!!

Super Big Tap-Tap appears behind them and they begin to run, with Toadette and Koopa in front.

Luigi: Hurry! Run!

Wario: Iím getting tired!

Bumpty: Me too...

Koopa: I got it!

A second later, Koopa is shell-sliding while tied to a sled with all of the players on it. Bumpty jumps off and ties himself to it too, then begins belly sliding.

Roy: Thereís the door!


Luigi: Jump in 3... 2... 1... NOW!

They all jump and enter the door.

Wendyís Tribe

At the same time, Wendyís Tribe has discovered their opponent...

Wendy: Ok, who is this? Lava... uh oh...

Tap-Tap the Golden jumps in.

Waluigi: AAAAAAAAAH!!!

Waluigi flees from Golden, accidently running into everyone else, dragging them forward. All 8 of the others are dragged very quickly by Waluigi all the way to the door,.

Wendy: Whoa. That was helpful.

Waluigi: Iím afraid of being helpful...

Both Tribes

Luigi: No! Itís Wendyís Tribe! Theyíre almost to Baby Bowserís room! RUN!

Koopa: Iím too... too tired... to run anymore...

Bumpty: Same...

Luigi: Roy! Wario! Grab them!

Roy: I already have The King.

Wario: I got them...

They begin to run.

Yoshi: Wendy! Luigi Tribe coming!

Wendy: Uh oh...  Guys! Run!


Wart grabs Waluigi and they run forward. The scene cuts to Baby Bowserís Room.

Iggy K: Here they come...

A tribe enters.

Iggy K: Congratulations...  WENDYíS TRIBE! You are immune!

Wendy: YEAH!

Wart: We, ribbit, did it!

Waluigi: Woohoo! I think.

Larry: Yay!

Luigiís Tribe enters.

Luigi: No...

Iggy K: Luigi Powers? Come with me to the lava pits.

Bumpty: Iím bounciní sorry...

Luigi: Itís not your fault.

They enter the lava pits.

Tribal Council
Luigi Powers

Iggy K: Welcome to the lava pits. This is where one of you will be eliminated.

Tribe: Gulp.

Iggy K: Luigi, how do you think your tribe has been doing?

Luigi: Well, we lost both challenges. Itís not good. But we did our best, so thatís all that counts.

Iggy K: Wario, do you think Luigiís a good leader?

Wario: Heís ok. I think Iíd be better, but heís fine for now.

Iggy K: Tribe, time to cast your votes.

Luigi goes up to vote.

Luigi Mario, Player 2: Seriously, this is kinda obvious.

Bumpty goes up to vote.

Wario goes up to vote.
Wario Wario, Thief: Maybe he is a good leader.

Fawful goes up to vote.

Boo goes up to vote.

Toadette goes up to vote.
Toadette Flowers, Gardener: Lazy.

Roy goes up to vote.

Koopa goes up to vote.

The King goes up to vote.
King Toadstool, King: Oh, Iím on TV?

Iggy K: Ok, Iíll tally the votes.

Iggy K comes back.

Iggy K: First vote... Bumpty.

Bumpty doesnít pay any attention.

Iggy K: Second vote...  Luigi.

Luigi is slightly surprised.

Iggy K: Third vote... The King.

The King smiles.

Iggy K: Fourth vote... Luigi.

Luigi is slightly worried.

Iggy K: Fifth vote... The King.

The King smiles.

Iggy K: Sixth vote... Roy.

Roy looks angry.

Iggy K: Seventh vote... The King.

The King smiles.

Iggy K: Eighth vote... Roy. Ninth vote... Wendy? Wendy isnít on this tribe!

The King smiles.

Iggy K: Iíll count that for Luigi, since Luigi and Wendy are both leaders. Which means we have a tie between The King and Luigi. Everyone but The King and Luigi revote. But first...  Luigi, why do you think you should be spared?

Luigi: Iím trying my hardest. I may have had an outburst after the Reward Challenge, but Iíll try to be kinder.

The King: Hi!

Iggy K: Revote.

Bumpty votes.

Wario votes.

Fawful votes.

Boo votes.

Toadette votes.
Toadette: I think you all know my vote.

Roy votes.

Koopa votes.

Iggy K: Iíll tally again.

He comes back.

Iggy K: First vote...  The King.

The King smiles.

Iggy K: Second vote...  Luigi.

Luigi is scared.

Iggy K: Third vote...  Luigi.

Luigi hides his face.

Iggy K: Fourth vote...  The King.

The King smiles.

Iggy K: Fifth vote...  Luigi.

Luigi is sobbing.

Iggy K: Sixth vote...  The King.

The King smiles.

Iggy K: Seventh vote and first person voted off of Survivor: Yoshiís Island... The King. I will now extinguish his flame...

Iggy K does so.

Iggy K: Whack whoever you think is responsible.

The King whacks Iggy K.

Iggy K: Hey! That hurt! All right, leave.

The King leaves.

Who voted for who?
Luigi: The King (thought he was useless)
Bumpty: Bumpty (felt guilty for being so tired), The King (thinks Luigiís trying his hardest)
Wario: The King (thinks The Kingís useless), Luigi (still wants to take over a little)
Fawful: Luigi (doesnít like Luigi), Luigi
Boo: Luigi (Luigi yelled at her), Luigi
Toadette: Roy (would only carry The King instead of Koopa or Bumpty), The King (useless, also thinks Luigiís a good leader)
Roy: Luigi (wants to take over), The King (upset that he had to carry The King)
Koopa: Roy (same as Toadette), The King (same as Toadette)
The King: Wendy/Luigi (too dumb)

Whoís left?
Luigi Powers:

Wendyís Tribe:
Chain Chomp

Read on!

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