Amazing Race MK IV

By Giga Bowser NS

Episode 1, continued...

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: Woooo!!! Yeaahhh!!!

They land.


Dribble: All right!! Let's get going!

Spitz: Clue!!


Dribble: Ride a pair of Yoshis and feed them Dash Peppers…

Phil: Teams must now hop on a pair of Yoshis and feed them these Dash Peppers. This will cause the Yoshi to turn orange and run at spectacular speeds. Teams must make it up to the top of this wall, where a Launch Star is waiting to take them to their next clue!

Dribble: All right! Excellent! Hop on one!

***Dribble: We were beginning the race in first place… We wanted to keep that lead.

Dribble: C'mon, man! Hurry!

They run over to the Yoshis and saddle up.

Dribble: Heh, a little small for me…

Spitz: Heh…

Dribble: All right! H'ya!

Spitz: Wooo!!

Dribble: There! Grab the peppers!

Yoshis: You got it!!

*Gulp gulp*

Dribble: Whoooaaa!!! Yeah, punch it!! WOO!!

Spitz: Wah!!

Peeka/Lahla-- Sisters
Peeka: All right, here we are! Wow, look at the falls!

Lahla: No time for sightseeing!


Peeka: Ooh, Yoshis!! Cuuute!

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilester: All right! Awesome!

Lakilulu: Wow… This place is amazing…


Lakilester: All right! Jump on a Yoshi!

Lakilulu: Um… Hahaha!

***Lakilester: Lakitus sitting on a Yoshi… Yeah, it looked funny!

***Lakilulu: But we were right there with the Boos, so it was all good!

*4 gulps*

Peeka: YEAAAHHH!!!

Lakilulu: Waaahhh!!!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Spitz: More teams!

Dribble: Just a bit more, Yoshi buds! Almost to the top!

Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends

Blue: Awesome! I love Yoshis!

Yellow: All right! Let's get this race underway!

Blue: Where we goin'? Up there?

DK Jr./Louie -- Childhood Friends
DK Jr: Right!! Let's go!


Louie: Yoshis!! Awesome!!

DK Jr: Hi!! Are you ready?

Yoshis: Let's go!!

DK Jr: All right!! Woo!! There! Grab the pepper!

Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends
Blue: Whooaaaa!!!
***Yellow: Those Yoshis could really move, man!! They were flyin'!!

Yellow: Dude! This is awesome!!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
***Dribble: We were running straight up a hill, man! It was pretty crazy!

***Spitz: Crazy!

***Dribble: We didn't want to fall off!!

Dribble: There's the Launch Star up there!! Just a bit more…

They run up to the platform and land on it as the peppers wear off.

Dribble: All right! C'mon, Spitz! Let's launch!

Spitz: Other teams!

Dribble: Yeah! Looks like some of the others are on our tails, so let's go!

They launch.

*Quick shots of other teams*

Peeka: Waaaahhh!!

Lakilester: Woo-hoo!!!

Blue: Waaaahhh!!!

Louie: Whooaaaa!!!

Merlon/Nolrem -- Dimensional Counterparts
Merlon: We have arrived.


Merlon: Excellent. Let us ride the Yoshis.

Nolrem: Great. Should be enjoyable.

The Yoshis eat the peppers and begin running.

Merlon: ……….

Nolrem: This is nice.

Shadow/Snow -- Dating

Snow: Oh, nice! We get to ride more Yoshis!

Shadow: Hahaha! That's a riot! Why don't we just eat the peppers? I love Dash Peppers!

***Snow: That felt… REALLY weird to be riding Yoshis… It was like Inception.

Shadow: C'mon! Let's go!

Peeka/Lahla-- Sisters
Peeka: Is that the Launch Star up there?

Lahla: Hurry! The Yoshis are slowing down!

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilester: Go, go, go!! Wooo!!

Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners
Shy Guy: Oh my gosh… We're here… That was a really fast flight…

***Shy Guy: Riding the Launch Star through space… kinda scared me.

Fly Guy: Wow… This place is beautiful…


Shy Guy: We need to get going over there…

Fly Guy: Ok…

They get on Yoshis.

Shy Guy: So, what do these peppers do exactly?

*Gulp Gulp*


Peeka/Lahla-- Sisters
Peeka: Ah! We made it!

Lahla: Thank you, Yoshis! That was fun!

Peeka: C'mon!

They launch.

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilester: Follow them!

Lakilulu: That was a blast! That was awesome!!!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Both: Wooooo!! *Land*

Dribble: All right!

They've landed amongst the bridges and walls that Yoshi can run across.

Dribble: Come on! Let's not lose this lead!

Spitz: Clue!


Dribble: Roadblock!

Phil: A Roadblock is a task that only one person may perform! In this Roadblock, teams must reach this Launch Star at the top of this immense wall. In times of Mario's adventure, he would've ridden on Yoshi's back and used Dash Peppers. However, in this task, teams must ascend to the top of the wall using Mechanical Ascenders. If teams can find the strength to reach the top using these physically demanding devices, they may take the Launch Star to their next clue, while their partner may take this Launch Star on the ground and meet up with them.

Dribble: Who wants to ascend? Me! I got it, right Spitz?

Spitz: Yeah!

Dribble: No problem!!

DK Jr./Louie -- Childhood Friends
DK Jr: Wooo!! This is awesome!!!

Louie: This is like a thrill ride!!! Yeaahhh!!!

DK Jr: All right!! Faster! Faster! Faster!!

Shadow/Snow -- Dating
Shadow: Wooo!! Go, go, go!! Nice job!

***Shadow: It was fun, but nothing new. I've had Dash Peppers before…

Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends
Blue: Oh my gosh!! It's inconceivable!!

Yellow: How can something move so fast?!

Blue: Woo, woo, wooo!!!

Merlon/Nolrem -- Dimensional Counterparts
Merlon: This is quite enjoyable.

Nolrem: Just make sure you hold on.

Merlon: I understand…

Nolrem: You do not want to fall off of a quickly-moving Yoshi running up a vertical hill

Merlon: Indeed.

Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners

***Shy Guy: … Um… Yeah, that was very scary.

***Fly Guy: Very scary!

***Shy Guy: We're nervous… 'cus it's only going to get scarier and tougher!

Shy Guy: Ahhh!! Stop stop!! Whooaaa!!! AHHH!!!

Fly Guy: This is too scary!! Gaaaahhh!!!

Shy Guy: *whines*

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: Okay!! This isn't so hard!

***Dribble: Man, check these muscles! *Flexes* I'm definitely not the weakest person here!

***Spitz: Haha! Yeah!

Dribble: Urrghh!! Haa!! Gotta feel the burn!!

***Dribble: So I started goin' up that wall really quickly!

Peeka/Lahla-- Sisters
Peeka: Woo! We're here! That was fun!

Lahla: Ohmigosh, Sis! There's the cat and the dog!!


Peeka: Who wants to ascend?

Lahla: I want to ascend!

***Peeka: Lahla is the one who has the slightly more dangerous job. She works in a casino, basically.

***Lahla: So, I'm a little stronger than she is.

Peeka: All right, good luck!

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilester: Man! We're here! I love those Launching things!


Lakilulu: Roadblock! You want to do it?

Lakilester: I got it!

Lakilulu: Good luck!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Spitz: Teams!!

Dribble: I know, man! Don't worry about it!

Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends
Blue: Here we are! We made it!

Yellow: That was fun, thanks Yoshis!!

Blue: That was awesome!!

Yellow: C'mon!!

They launch.

DK Jr./Louie -- Childhood Friends
DK Jr: Woo, woo, woo!!

Louie: That was absolutely awesome!

DK Jr: C'mon, bud! We gotta get over there!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: Oh, man! This is higher than I thought it was… This is tough, but it ain't nothin' I can't handle!

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilulu: Are you okay? Can you make it?

Lakilester: I got it!

***Lakilester: I had to get out of my cloud to do that… It was waiting over by Lulu…

Lakilester: Ughh… Okay…

***Lakilester: I don't like being out of my cloud… I feel naked, but you gotta do what you gotta do!

Lakilester: Oh my gosh, how tall is this thing?

Peeka/Lahla-- Sisters
Peeka: You got it!!

Lahla: Ugh… This is annoying…

***Lahla: It's kinda hard to use a mechanical ascender if you don't have legs… But I can still do it.

Lahla: Oh man, this isn't gonna be easy!

Peeka: You can do it!

Lahla: I got it!

Shadow/Snow -- Dating
Shadow: Okay, you ready to launch?

Snow: That was awesome! Thanks a lot!

They launch.

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: Uaaghh… URGHHH… Oh maann…

Spitz: C'mon!!

Dribble: Ugh, feel the burn!!

Frankie/Francesca -- Engaged
Frankie: Here we are!

Francesca: Oh wow! It's beautiful!


Frankie: Wut's a Dash Peppah?

Francesca: Well let's just get on the Yoshis and find out!

They hop on and direct them to Dash Peppers. *Gulp Gulp*


Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends
Blue: Roadblock!

Yellow: Looks like climbing! I'll do it!

***Yellow: On The Amazing Race, you're not allowed to use wings when in any sort of climbing task, but I figured I could still do the task really well.

Blue: Good luck!!

Yellow: No prob!

Blue: Go get'em!!

DK Jr./Louie -- Childhood Friends
DK Jr: All right! Looks like we caught up to some other teams!


DK Jr: Ooh, climbing! Just my specialty!

Louie: Go!!

DK Jr: This will be pathetically easy!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Spitz: Hurry!!!

Dribble: I'm hurryin'!! This thing is tall, man!

Spitz: 4 teams!

Dribble: I know… but I'm almost there! I can taste it!

Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners
Shy Guy: Ugh… I'm glad that's over…

Fly Guy: That was way too fast…

Shy Guy: And now we have to take another Launch Star.

Fly Guy: *whine* All right…

They launch.

Both: Waaaahhhh!!!

Peeka/Lahla-- Sisters
Peeka: Lahlaaa!! You got it!!!

Lahla: Ughh… Hoo…

Peeka: You're a master!!!

Merlon/Nolrem -- Dimensional Counterparts
Merlon: Are you ready to launch across the cosmos again?

Nolrem: Indeed… Let's go.

They launch.

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilulu: Great job, hon!! You climb that thing!!

Lakilester: Oh man… How tall is this thing?

Lakilulu: Keep going!! Wooo!!!

Shadow/Snow -- Dating

Shadow: All riiight!


Shadow: Roadblock! I got it!

Snow: Good luck!

Shadow: Awesome!

Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends
Yellow: Woo!! No problem!!

Blue: You're doin' awesome, dude!

Yellow: I got it!!

DK Jr./Louie -- Childhood Friends
DK Jr: Ha! Ha! Ya!

Louie: Dude!! That's amazing! Way to go!

DK Jr: This is easy!!

Louie: You're going to pass the Paratroopa!

Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends
Blue: Watch out, Bro!! He's trying to pass you!

Yellow: Yeah, well too bad! He's a monkey!

DK Jr./Louie -- Childhood Friends
DK Jr: Yeahh!!

Louie: Nice job!! Nice pass!!

Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends
Blue: Don't worry! It's just one team!!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: One… more… meter… Haha!! Here we are!!

*Shot of the view*

Dribble: Simply amazin'! Okay, unhook me! I gotta launch!

Spitz: Woo!!!

Dribble: Go ahead and take the other Launch star!!

Spitz: Got it!!

He runs over and launches.

Dribble: All right, thanks man! That was a blast!

He also launches.

Dribble: Wooo!!!

Peeka/Lahla-- Sisters
Peeka: Okay, one team done!! You can do this, Sis!

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: Okay! We're here… Looks purdy…


Smithy: *hops on a Yoshi* Okay! Grab a pepper and let's go.

Exor: What's going to happen?

***Smithy: *snicker* He was strapped into the Yoshi's saddle. It looked funny.

*Gulp Gulp*


Smithy: Heh heh… Wooo!!!

Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners
Shy Guy: Oog… No more launching, please…

Fly Guy: Yeah…


Fly Guy: Oh no, a Roadblock…

Shy Guy: You do it. You're used to flying high.

Fly Guy: Okay…

Shy Guy: Woo hoo…

*Landing sound*
O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
O'Chunks: All right, lassie! We'd better get goin', we're in last now!

Mimi: No problem! Just open the clue and let's get going!


Mimi: Ooh! Yoshis! Yoshis are cool!

O'Chunks: Right, whateva. I jus' hope you can handle meh!

Yoshi: No problem!

O'Chunks: Now he has to eat a pepper? Over there!




Merlon/Nolrem -- Dimensional Counterparts
Merlon: Roadblock… I shall do this one.

Nolrem: Good luck.

He gets hooked up.

Merlon: Hopefully, it should be no problem.

***Merlon: We're not the strongest competitors, but we'll try our best to get by!

Merlon: Ugh… It's quite difficult… but I'll persevere…

Nolrem: Excellent work.

Shadow/Snow -- Dating
Snow: Woooo!!! Great job, hon!!! You're doing so well!

Shadow: Ha…Ha!! No big!! Just a little wall!!

Snow: You're amazing! I couldn't do that!

***Snow: I just love him. He's amazing, he's always impressing me… He's awesome!

Snow: Wooo!!!
Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends
Blue: Watch out, bud! Don't let him pass you too!

Yellow: He ain't gonna pass me! Don't worry!

Shadow/Snow -- Dating
Snow: Haha, watch out! He just might pass him!

Blue: No way! GO, DUDE!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: All right!! Looks like we're heading to another Galaxy!

Spitz: Yeah!

Dribble: We should be landing soon, hopefully!

Peeka/Lahla-- Sisters
Peeka: Great job, Lahla! You made it!!!

Lahla: Hoo… That was tough…

Peeka: I'm gonna take the launch star! Don't waste time!

Lahla: I got it!

They both launch.

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilulu: You're done! Wow!

Lakilester: No… problem!

Lakilulu: You really caught up to the ghost sisters there! Okay, go launch yourself! I've got your cloud!

Lakilester: Got it!

They also launch.

Frankie/Francesca -- Engaged
Frankie: Woo! All right, dis must be da Launch Star!

Francesca: Yeah. Now come on! We're behind!

Frankie: Don't'cha worry ‘bout it! We'll catch up and den we'll win dis whole thing!

Francesca: Oh, I hope so! That would be wonderful!

Frankie: Let's go, den!!

DK Jr./Louie -- Childhood Friends
Louie: Dude, wow! You practically ran up that wall!!

DK Jr: That was too easy. Give me a real challenge!

Louie: Okay, I'm gonna go launch now!

Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends
Blue: Are they done already?!

Shadow/Snow -- Dating
Snow: Well, they are monkeys… I guess climbing is their forte…

Blue: Yeah… But that's annoying, because they passed us…

DK Jr./Louie -- Childhood Friends
DK Jr: Woo!!

They launch.

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: Wahaaa! This is awesome! I love this!!

Exor: Gah! Whoaa…haaa…

***Exor: Smithy was having the time of his life on the Yoshi… Me? Not so much.

Exor: Ohh… ughh… This is like a wild amusement park ride…

Smithy: Just hang on! We're almost there!

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
Mimi: Woo!! This is too cool!

O'Chunks: These Yoshis can move surprisingly fast!

Mimi: That's great news, since we're in last!

O'Chunks: Are we goin' up a hill? Good lord!

Mimi: Not a hill! A WALL!

O'Chunks: Waaah!!

Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners
Shy Guy: Um… Come on! You can do it…

Fly Guy: Ughh… This is too hard… I don't know if I can…

Shy Guy: You can, um… do it!

Fly Guy: Uugghh…

Shy Guy: … Yay…

Merlon/Nolrem -- Dimensional Counterparts
Merlon: Ugh… This is more difficult than I imagined… but I shall persevere.

Nolrem: Do not surrender.

Merlon: Do not fret.

Nolrem: You are doing well, keep it up.

Merlon: It's tough… That's for sure…


Frankie/Francesca -- Engaged
Francesca: Roadblock!! You do it!

Frankie: All right, no problem!

Francesca: Woo! You can do it! Good luck!!

Frankie: Who needs luck when you're as amazin' as me?!

Francesca: Haha!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: Wooo-hooo!!!


Dribble: All right! Wow… It's like a jungle out here!

Spitz: Birds! *angry cat noise*

Dribble: Don't maim the birds, Spitz.


Dribble: Okay… "Make your way to the Pit Stop".

Phil: Teams must now grab onto the talons of one of these large Jibberjays, the same species as Fluzzard, and glide their way through this Galaxy to this plateau at the end. This is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race! The last team to check in here… may be eliminated!

Dribble: Heh heh, sorry Spitz, ol' buddy! You gotta ride the bird!

Spitz: Grrr…

Dribble: Hey, anything to win a million coins, eh?

Spitz: Fine…

***Dribble: They was pretty big birds, but I was still surprised they could carry me!

Dribble: Okay, ready? All right… Here we GO!

***Dribble: Then I hopped off the ledge and we were gliding. It felt really cool! The scenery was nice, and I didn't have to do very much to keep him steady.

Spitz: Wooo!!

***Dribble: And Spitz enjoyed it too!

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: Hurry up! I don't want to fall off!

Exor: We're here!

Smithy: Oh man. *picks up Exor* That was pretty wild.

Exor: Indeed. Now take the launch star!

Smithy: We're off!

They launch.

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
O'Chunks: Gah! I saw the teams ahead of us! Catch them!

Mimi: C'mon, Yoshis! Go faster!

O'Chunks: A'm not sure they can, otherwise we'd break th' sound barrier!

Mimi: I don't care! Anything to get out of last place!

O'Chunks: Heh heh…

***O'Chunks: We were in last place and were startin' to get worried.

***Mimi: We didn't want to be eliminated.

O'Chunks: Okay! We made it!

Mimi: Great! Let's launch already!

O'Chunks: Ya go' it!

They launch.

Frankie/Francesca -- Engaged
Francesca: Ohh, be careful, Frankie!!

Frankie: Ugh… This is kinda hard to use…

Francesca: Don't fall!!

Frankie: Don't worry, hon! I'll be fine!

Francesca: Ooh, be careful!!!

Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends
Blue: Ugh, does she ever shut up?

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: Spitz! Spitz, be careful!! Watch where you're going!

Spitz: Wah!!!

Dribble: These are birds, not airplanes! You don't want to crash!

Spitz: Ugh!!!

***Spitz: Hard to control…

***Dribble: Yeah, a little bit…

Spitz: Whhoaa!

Dribble: Spitz, be careful!!!

Spitz: Gaaaah!


Jibberjay: Uuuughhhh…

***Dribble: Spitz hit a wall and he fell down…

Dribble: Spitz!

***Dribble: So we had to start the course again…

Dribble: C'mon, bud! They're gonna take us back to the start.

Spitz: Man…

Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends
Blue: There you go! There you go!! Excellent!

Yellow: Hoo… That was harder than it looked…

Blue: Get going! We gotta launch!

Yellow: Okay! Let's go!

They launch.

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: Okay, we're back… Let's do it right!

Spitz: Look!!

Peeka/Lahla-- Sisters
Both: Wheeeee!!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: Oh man, we have to leave!

Peeka/Lahla-- Sisters
Peeka: There's another team!

Lahla: They're going! Let's catch up and we can pass them!

Peeka: Okay!!


Peeka: Oh, how fun!!

Lahla: Okay!!

Peeka: Let's go!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
***Dribble: So we got back on our big bird and went to try again, but the two sisters caught up to us! They took off as well!

Dribble: All right! Let's beat them!!!

Peeka/Lahla-- Sisters
Peeka: Oh woo!! This is funn!!!

Lahla: Yeahhh!!!

***Peeka: That was fantastic! What a ride!

Peeka: Woo!!

Lahla: Be careful! Don't crash!

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilester: Wooo!!


Lakilulu: That flying is a little wild for me… Ugh…

Lakilester: C'mon!


Lakliester: Oh wow! We get to glide through this beautiful place!

Lakilulu: Awesome! Let's go, then!

Shadow/Snow -- Dating
Snow: Shadoowwww!!! You're almost there!!!

Shadow: Haaa!! I'm not… gonna… quit!!! Wooo!!!

Snow: You're so amazing! You're impossible! Wow!

Shadow: Ugh… Woo!! What a workout!

Snow: You made it? Okay! Let's launch!

Shadow: Go, go! We're off!

They launch.

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: Whoa! We're here! Look! Other teams!

Exor: Well hurry up and open the clue!

Smithy: I got it!


Smithy: Roadblock. It's climbing, so I'm doing it.

Exor: Good luck.

***Smithy: I think the most difficult part of the race will be figuring out which Roadblocks Exor will be able to take… 'cus I can only do six…

Exor: Are we last?

Smithy: No, there's a team behind us, remember?

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: Yeaaahhh! C'mon, Spitz!

Spitz: I'm being careful!

Dribble: I know… but there's teams here! Ugh!

***Dribble: I was gliding slower than some of the others because I'm a little heavier…

Dribble: C'mooonnn!! Uuuughh!!!

Spitz: Hey!

Peeka/Lahla-- Sisters
Peeka: Woo! C'mon, Lahla!

Lahla: Woo! This is amaaaazing!!

***Lahla: The scenery was gorgeous, and the gilding was exhilarating!

***Peeka: Yeah, and we weigh practically nothing… so we flew really quickly!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Spitz: Yo!

Dribble: Don't let them pass! Ahh! Dangit!!

Peeka/Lahla-- Sisters
Both: Woooo!!!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: I hope they crash too…

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilulu: Wow… It's amazing!

Lakilester: Just watch out for the walls!

Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners
Shy Guy: Um… Are you gonna make it?

Fly Guy: I… I think I can do it… It's not so bad…

Shy Guy: Well keep going… You're doing great…

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
Mimi: Okay! C'mon, ya big lug! We're in last, so let's hurry it up!


O'Chunks: Ah'm doin' the Roadblock!

Mimi: Yeah, definitely!

O'Chunks: This'll be no probl'm at all!

Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners
Shy Guy: Oh no…

***Shy Guy: I saw O'Chunks land and… well, look at his arms! He was going to pass us all…

Shy Guy: Um… If you could, hurry up?

Fly Guy: Am I almost there?

Shy Guy: I guess so…

Merlon/Nolrem -- Dimensional Counterparts
Nolrem: Excellent job, Merlon. You have reached the top of the behemoth.

Merlon: Phew… That was difficult…

Nolrem: Great job. Get into the Launch Star and let's go.

Merlon: Okay.

They launch.

Peeka/Lahla-- Sisters
Peeka: Wheee!! Hahaaa!!

Lahla: Woooo!!!

***Peeka: Oh, that was way too much fun!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: C'mon, c'mon! Go!!

Spitz: Go!

Dribble: Can't you fly faster?!

Spitz: They're passing…

Dribble: Ahhh! Aww, mann!!!

Peeka/Lahla-- Sisters
Lahla: Look! There's Phil! I see him over there!

*Shot of Phil standing at the mat with a normal-sized Jibberjay*

Peeka: Well let's go, Sis! C'mon!

Lahla: Woooo!!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Both: …

Peeka/Lahla-- Sisters
They land and let go of their birds.

Peeka: Thank you! That was a lot of fun!

Lahla: Hahaha!!! Come on!

They float over to the mat.

Jibberjay: Welcome! To the Wild Glide Galaxy!!

Peeka: Thank you! It was pretty wild!

Phil: … Peeka & Lahla?

Both: …

Phil: You're team number one!!

Both: *Screaming*

Peeka: Yeaaah! Yes, yes, yess!!!

Lahla: Oh my gosh! Wow! Amazing!! Woo!!

Phil: And I have some good news for you! As winners of this leg of the race you have won tickets to the National Gliding championships!

Peeka: Oh wow! Thanks Phil! We had a blast today, and we never stopped! When it counted, that's what led us to first!

Lahla: Wooo!!!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: Darn it… Well c'mon! Let's check in!

They land.

Phil: Dribble & Spitz? You're team number two!

Spitz: Woo!

Dribble: That's still pretty dang good!

Spitz: Yay!

Phil: Great job! And I know you were running at the front for most of the leg…

Dribble: Yeah… We just had a little mishap…

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Both: Wooo!

Phil: Lakilester & Lakilulu? You're team number three!!

Lakilester: Woooo! Yeah!

Lakilulu: That was so much fun! I had a blast!

Lakilester: It's only gonna get tougher… but we can handle it!

Lakilulu: Yeah!

DK Jr./Louie -- Childhood Friends
DK Jr: Woo! C'mon!


Louie: Okay! Let's glide!!!

DK Jr: Wow! Pretty cool!

***DK Jr: That was really cool, we got to hang on to big birds and fly!

Louie: Take off!! WOOOO!!!

Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends

Blue: Yo, man! C'mon!


Yellow: Oh boy! Gliding!

Blue: Yeaaaahhhh!!!

***Blue: As you must know, it's a Koopa Troopa's dream to fly like a Paratroopa!

Blue: Okay! Okay, let's go!! C'mon!

***Blue: I was so excited!

They take off.

Both: Woooooo!!!

Frankie/Francesca -- Engaged
Francesca: Frankie!!! Keep going! You're gonna pass the Fly Guy!!!

Frankie: Hey bud! See ya at da end!

Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners - Currently in 9th place
Fly Guy: Aw… man…

Frankie/Francesca -- Engaged - Currently in 8th place
Francesca: Yeah! You're almost done now!!

Frankie: I'm gonna give it one big push!

Francesca: Wooo!!

***Francesca: Frankie is amazing me! He's spectacular!

Frankie: Ugh!! Yeah!! Feel da burn!!

Francesca: Wooo!!!

Frankie: Ugh… Dere! I made it! Let me launch!

Francesca: Are you ready? Okay! Let's fly!

Frankie: See yous on da other side!

Francesca: GREAT JOB, HON!!

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Exor: Smithy! Hurry up!

Smithy: This is tougher than it looks…

Exor: Come onnn….

Smithy: That Chunks guy is gonna pass me…

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
O'Chunks: All right, ya slowpokes! I'm comin' for ya!

***O'Chunks: Tha' climbin' task was pathe'ically easy.

O'Chunks: Haa!!

***O'Chunks: And then I was passing the Smithy guy!

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: Ugh!! No!

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
O'Chunks: Haha!! I'm gonna win this competition with me strength!

Shadow/Snow -- Dating
Snow: Wow! This is amazing!

Shadow: It's pretty! Just like you!


Shadow: Okay! Let's get gliding! The Pit Stop is just around the corner!

DK Jr./Louie -- Childhood Friends
Phil: DK Jr. & Louie? You're team number four!!

DK Jr: Yeaaahh!! Thanks a lot!

Louie: That was tough, but fun!

Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friends

Yellow: Flying is automatically awesome. Duh!

Phil: Blue & Yellow? You're team number five!!

Blue: Yes! That's pretty good!

Yellow: Woo!!

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
O'Chunks: I'm gonna pass ya too, li'l red thing!

Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners
Fly Guy: Uggh… Uuuugghhh…

O'Chunks: Yeah! You're all pathe'ic!

Mimi: Don't get cocky!!

O'Chunks: Wha'ever!

Shadow/Snow -- Dating
Snow: Wooowwww! This is amazing!

Shadow: Careful! You're drifting close to that wall!

Snow: I'm fine!

Merlon/Nolrem -- Dimensional Counterparts
Merlon: Let's go to the Pit Stop.

Nolrem: Ah, this should be quite peaceful.

Merlon: Indeed…

***Merlon: We have been racing in a very calm way, and it seems to be working to our advantage.

***Nolrem: So we shall continue to race like this.

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
Mimi: Woo! You passed him too!!

O'Chunks: Excellent! Just a few more meters to go!

Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners - Currently in 10th Place
Shy Guy: Fly Guuyyy… Come on… You can do it…

Fly Guy: This… is too tough… and too scary… I… I can't…

Shy Guy: You're still ahead of one team! C'mon! Keep going!

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Exor: Smithy!

Smithy: I'm going! But they have a headstart on me!

Exor: We had better not be eliminated…

Frankie/Francesca -- Engaged
Francesca: Oh wow! It's such a beautiful place and we get to glide through it!

Frankie: Yeah, it's all beautiful and junk, but let's not dawdle! We're in a race!

Francesca: Oh, yes, of course! Let's hurry, hon!

Frankie: You got it!

Shadow/Snow -- Dating
Both: Wooo!

Phil: Shadow & Snow? You're… team number six!!

Shadow: That's not bad, eh?

Snow: Not bad at all! Woo!!

***Shadow: We're going to run this race flawlessly… We might not always be the fastest, but we won't be making any mistakes!

***Snow: That's important in this game!

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
O'Chunks: Get in the launch star, lassie! I'm done!

Mimi: Great job!

They launch.

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Exor: C'mon, Smithy! You can pass that doofus!!

Smithy: Haaa!! Uggghhh!!!

***Smithy: I put out all of the strength I could to get us out of last place… We did not want to be eliminated.

Smithy: Ughh!! Haaa!!

Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners - Currently in 10th Place
Shy Guy: Oh no…

Fly Guy: This… is too high!! Waaahhh!!! Plus I'm tired!

***Fly Guy: The task… was just so tough…

***Shy Guy: I could see he was struggling…

Shy Guy: Oh no! Oh no!!

Merlon/Nolrem -- Dimensional Counterparts
Phil: Merlon & Nolrem? You're team number seven!

Both: Excellent.

Phil: You proud of that placing?

Merlon: We're just excited since seven is our lucky number.

Nolrem: Indeed.

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Exor: Yess!! YESSS!! You're passing him!! Wooo!!!

Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners - Currently in Last Place
Fly Guy: Ohh… I was almost there!

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers - Currently in 10th Place
Smithy: And I'm at the top! Woo! What a task! Let's go! Let's launch!

Exor: Right! Hey, can someone throw me over?

A guide comes over, picks up Exor, and flings him, spinning, at the Launch Star.

Exor: Thaaannk yoooou!!!

They both launch.

Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners
Both: ………….

Fly Guy: Sorry…

Shy Guy: It's okay…

Frankie/Francesca -- Engaged
Phil: Frankie & Francesca? You're team number eight!

Frankie: Dat's not bad! Not bad at all!

Francesca: Yaaaay!

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
O'Chunks: All right! Let's go glide to the Pit Stop!

Mimi: Mimimimimi… This looks fun!

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: Oh look! There's the arm-dude up there!

Exor: Great! What are we doing?

Smithy: Gliding! Looks like you're strapped to an animal again! Haha!

Exor: Fine…

Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners
Fly Guy: Ughhh… I… I made it…

Shy Guy: Good job… You did your best!

Fly Guy: Okay… I'm ready… Let's launch.

Shy Guy: Man, I don't like Launch Stars… but let's just go!

They launch.

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
O'Chunks: Guhh… Wah!!

Mimi: Chunks!!


O'Chunks: Owww…

***Mimi: O'Chunks was having trouble controlling the jibberjay because he was so big...

O'Chunks: Get back to the beginnin'! We can't lose now!

***Mimi: Smithy wasn't doing very well either… He was heavy.

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: Whoa!! Gosh, this is hard!!

Exor: Go back there! You're gonna crash!

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
O'Chunks: All right, I think I got it now!

Mimi: Good! Let's go!

*Landing sound effect*

Mimi: Hurry! *takes off*

O'Chunks: I'm comin', lassie!

Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners

Shy Guy: There they go… "Glide down to the next Pit Stop."

Fly Guy: *sigh* Okay…

***Fly Guy: Neither of us was very keen on heights… but we were in last place.

Fly Guy: You ready?

Shy Guy: I… I guess.

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
O'Chunks: All riiight! Woooo!

Mimi: That's the way! You got it now!

They fly past the slow-moving Smithy.

O'Chunks: Smell ya later! Yaaaaa!!!

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: Okay… I don't care, as long as we stay ahead of the Shy dudes!

Exor: … Where is he?

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
O'Chunks: BYE!

Mimi: Woo hoo!!

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Exor: Gah!! Darn it! I thought they were back there crashing!

*Shot of Phil on the mat*

Phil: *Eyebrow raise*

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
O'Chunks: Wooo! That was pretty awesome!

Mimi: Yeah, yeah…

Phil: O'Chunks & Mimi? You're… team number nine!

O'Chunks: Great job, lassie! As long as we ain't last, we're golden!

Mimi: I hate to admit it, but I didn't really do anything this leg… It was all his strength!

O'Chunks: Well thank you! We're gon'ta power through this race!

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: Ex! How you holdin' up?

Exor: It's hard to steer… but I can handle it!

Smithy: Haha! Good job!

***Smithy: Exor has already surprised people… even me. Who knew a sword could do so much?

Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners
Fly Guy: H…hey! This isn't so bad…

Shy Guy: Wah!

Fly Guy: This… is kinda fun!

Shy Guy: Wait! Wait up! I don't wanna crash!

Fly Guy: But we don't want to be last!

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: Let's hurry! They're falling behind!

Exor: Yeaahh!

Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners
Fly Guy: Shy Guy! Come on… We can still make it!

Shy Guy: I...

Fly Guy: Go faster! Please!

Phil: …

*Sound of someone clambering onto the mat*

Phil: Smithy & Exor?

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: Heh… What ya got?

Phil: You're… team number ten!

Exor: Yes!

Smithy: Man! The others are thinking that because I have to carry him everywhere… and he doesn't have any limbs… that we're going to fail… But that's not true!

Exor: We'll find a way to win!

Phil: Congratulations, you two!

Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners
Fly Guy: C'mon man…

Shy Guy: …

Phil: … Shy Guy & Fly Guy?

Both: *Sad looks*

Phil: You're the last team to arrive…

Shy Guy: I knew it…

Fly Guy: It's okay, Shy Guy, we tried our best…

Shy Guy: I was crazy to think we could do this…

Phil: … Well, I'm sorry to tell you that…

Both: …

Phil: You will be leaving in last place. This… is a non-elimination leg!

Shy Guy: … You're kidding me…

Fly Guy: Ohhh, man! We get to keep going!

Shy Guy: Great… Another chance for us to fail…

Fly Guy: Hey! Stop it! We're gonna win! We can still do it!

Phil: There is a catch though. On the next leg of the race, you will encounter a Speed Bump. This is an extra task that only your team must perform. This could put you behind, other teams could pass you, and you could ultimately be eliminated.

Shy Guy: We probably will…

Fly Guy: No we won't!

***Fly Guy: I know that we were both really shy and nervous… Shy Guy still kinda is, but I think I've braved myself up…

***Shy Guy: *mumbles*

***Fly Guy: I just have to hope that my new bravery… what little there is *chuckles*… will carry us through this Speed Bump and into the end! Where we'll win!

***Shy Guy: Well… it'd be nice!

***Fly Guy: *laughs* Yeah… it would!

The credits roll…

Read on!

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