Amazing Race MK IV

By Giga Bowser NS

*Wild Music*

Phil: I'm standing atop the massive mountain situated within the Freezeflame Galaxy! It is one of dozens of galaxies situated in the space surrounding this planet, home to the Mushroom Kingdom!

A harsh wind blows against him and he grits his face momentarily.

Phil: From this icy, frozen wasteland floating through the depths of space… twelve teams will embark on a race around the Kingdom for 1 million coins!

We see many Starshrooms of all colors flying through space.

Phil: Starshrooms are now transporting the teams to the starting line! The twelve teams are…

One Starshroom lands and the hatch bursts open. A Black Yoshi and a White Yoshi step out,

Phil: Shadow and Snow! Dating Couple from Yoshi's Island!

Shadow: We're a couple of unique characters. There aren't very many Black and White Yoshis, so I guess it's fate that we're together!

Snow: We've been dating for a while… he's a nice guy! I really like him.

They're sitting together under the moonlight.

Shadow: We're very much alike, but at the same time we're drastically different.

Snow: He loves being in the dark, but I prefer the daytime.

Shadow: Yeah, and I like it when it's warm, but she likes the cold.

They're walking across Yoshi's Island during the snowy winter.

Shadow: We're hoping that this race will bring us so close together. We want to build a strong relationship.

Snow: We love each other, but we want to see if it's going to work. It's going to be interesting, I'll tell you that much.

DK Jr. and his pink friend jump out, overly excited and unable to sit still.

Phil: Donkey Kong Jr. and Louie! Childhood Friends from Donkey Kong Island, who have only just recently returned to the Kingdom.

DK Jr: I am the son of Donkey Kong! I'm his own flesh and blood!

Louie: I met Jr. when he was practising his math skills with his papa, and we became great friends.

They're swinging on vines, racing one another.

DK Jr: I know my dad doesn't really talk about me very much…When I was young, I decided to leave the Mushroom Kingdom and live somewhere else. I haven't been around, although I did stop by for Tennis once.

Louie: He actually moved over to where I was from, and I moved back there not long after.

They're wrestling in the jungle, laughing and having a good time.

DK Jr: We're smart, and we're very fast! I think we're going to do extremely well with this race!

Louie: We're not going to be slow! We're going to do everything quickly! And we're strong too! We're a force to be reckoned with!

Dribble & Spitz step out, smiling smugly.

Phil: Dribble & Spitz! Employees of the world-renowned WarioWare, Inc., Taxi Drivers, and best friends!

Dribble: Let's get this show on the road! This is gonna be a snap!

Spitz: Yeah!!

They're driving in their taxi.

Dribble: Spitz and I are usually out in Diamond City driving in our taxi. We will drive you anywhere, as long as you can pay the price!

Spitz: Mhm! And WarioWare!

Dribble: Yeah! And we work at WarioWare, which is a real challenging job, but it's nothin' we can't handle!

They're working under the hood of the taxi, covered in grease.

Dribble: One of the facets of this race is riding in taxis, and it seems that a lot of teams have a lot of trouble with that… Since we are taxi drivers, I think that'll give us an advantage!

Spitz: Yeah! It'll be good!

Dribble: Heh… Spitz doesn't talk very much, but he's one heckuva competitor!

Lakilester and Lakilulu float out, hand in hand, with their own flavor of smiles on their faces.

Phil: Lakilester and Lakilulu, dating on and off from Flower Fields. One is a former companion of Mario.

Lakilester: I'm Spike…*grumbles*

Lakilulu: No you're not, silly! Haha!

They're exploring Flower Fields.

Lakilulu: Lester and I have been dating for a while now… We've broken up a couple of times, but I really think we're destined to be together!

Lakilester: She's cute! I like her, yeah! She's cool! But I think we're going to do awesome on this race. We're not losers… we just can't lose.

They're flying through Cloudy Climb.

Lakilester: I've journeyed with Mario before, so I've travelled a bit.

Lakilulu: Yeah, and I've never really left Flower Fields… so I'm going to be relying on him.

Lakilester: But she's got the brains! So we make a good team! We're gonna do awesome, I just know it!

Lakilulu: Look out everyone!!

Peeka and Lahla float out. Lahla is wearing her cat ears, while Peeka is wearing the bunny ears.

Phil: Peeka and Lahla! Sisters and employees of Don Pianta's syndicate in Rogueport.

Peeka: Ooh, spooky, yet cute!

Lahla: A stunning combination! We're dangerous!

They are performing their jobs.

Peeka: Lahla and I work for Don Pianta. I run his store, the Westside Goods, and Lahla works the counter at the Pianta Parlor.

Lahla: We take our jobs very seriously. Without us, the whole organization would crumble.

They're flying through Rogueport, taking in the sights.

Peeka: But at the same time, we're sisters and we're very close!

Lahla: We can tell what the other is thinking. We're very in tune with one another.

Peeka: We're a strong combination. I doubt we'll be losing.

Lahla: It would bring shame to the Don!

Frankie and Francesca clamber out, hand in hand and ready for adventure.

Phil: Frankie and Francesca! Don Pianta's daughter and his right-hand man, whose engagement to each other caused a stir in the organization.

Frankie: Ey, we're on da Amazin' Race! Ain't dat somethin'?

Francesca: Yes! It's going to be Amazing!

They're sitting in Don Pianta's office.

Frankie: We work for Don Pianta, and she's his daughter, so we've been through our share of trouble!

Francesca: Oh yes… Daddy was furious when we tried to elope…

Frankie: But I love her! She's my angel in da stahs! She's an amazin' woman!

Francesca: Oh stop! You'll make me blush on national TV!

They're in the back of the Pianta Parlor, counting tokens.

Frankie: Now, I ain't sayin' what we do is da… "nicest" business, but ‘ey! Stuff's gotta get done, and as long as we have our love, everythin's fine!

Francesca: Win or lose, we're still engaged to be married, and that's a victory in my book!

Dull Bones and Dry Bones climb out, almost falling apart.

Phil: Dull Bones and Dry Bones… Skeletal members of Bowser's army!

Dull Bones: Gr…greetings…

Dry Bones: We're what you call… the undead team…

They're patrolling one of Bowser's fortresses.

Dull Bones: We're… members of Bowser's army… We can be defeated, just like any… other member… But we can just… rebuild ourselves…

Dry Bones: That's our strength! That's our little advantage!

They're laying as a pile of bones, but suddenly return to life.

Dull Bones: We… may not be… the strongest… or the fastest…

Dry Bones: But we're intelligent, and we know how to get ahead using our mental skills.

Dull Bones: We can't lose… because we can't… be defeated…

Smithy walks out in his bearded form, carrying a shrunken version of Exor in his hand.

Phil: Smithy… and Exor. Diabolical beings from another dimension, whose exploits against the Mushroom Kingdom eventually became a Legend.

Smithy: Me and my gang tried to takeover the Kingdom… We did a ton better than that Browser guy ever did, but we still failed…

Exor: I was a crucial part of Smithy's plan… I was the gateway, and I was nearly indestructible.

Smithy: But…?

Exor: But I… accidentally left myself vulnerable to Geno Whirl. *closes eyes in shame*

They are working in the Factory realm.

Smithy: A million coins would really come in handy to fund my next attempt… so I shrunk down Exor so he could be my partner, and here we are!

Exor: We may not be the most orthodox racers, but we'll win this race in our own special way!

Smithy: Waahahaha!

Blue Koopa and Yellow Paratroopa walk and fly out, excited to begin.

Phil: Blue Koopa and Yellow Paratroopa… partners in Bowser's army, who feel underused, and have a desire to prove themselves.

Blue: Yo! We're the better versions of Koopas and Paratroopas!

Yellow: And how many of Bowser's plans have we been in?

Both: ONE!

They're patrolling the Special Zone.

Blue: We each have special skills that you don't see in normal troops. I can turn invincible for a while when I hop in my shell.

Yellow: Yeah, and I'm very good at jumping. Plus, I can sometimes make money appear.

Blue: We're a force to be reckoned with. Koopas and Paratroopas are already strong, but we're better!

They're lounging in Bowser's Castle, bored.

Blue: I dunno why Bowser doesn't employ us very much… We're criminally underused…

Yellow: We want to win this race so we can prove to Bowser that we are awesome and that we can be amazing if he would just use us in his plans!

Blue: And then maybe he'd actually win, for a change…

Shy Guy and Fly Guy walk out slowly, looking around.

Phil: Shy Guy and Fly Guy, partners who have been in both Bowser's and Wart's army.

Shy Guy: Umm…

Fly Guy: Uh…

Shy Guy: Yeah…

They're patrolling Yoshi's Island.

Shy Guy: We're not the bravest people… We're a little meek.

Fly Guy: But the meek shall inherit the earth, as they say… And we're really smart.

Shy Guy: Yeah… Real smart…We aren't going to be making mistakes…

They're practicing their tennis on a court.

Shy Guy: We don't like to fight… We prefer to just have fun.

Fly Guy: If we have to bungee jump or something, then… that will be a problem…

Shy Guy: But anything else, we'll do fine! We'll make it… I hope…

O'Chunks and Mimi step out, feeling very excited.

Phil: O'Chunks and Mimi, high-ranking members in Count Bleck's army. They've become friends since his plans came to a close.

Mimi: Mimimimimimimimi… We're going to win!

O'Chunks: Yah, lassie! You'd best be watchin' yer backs, other teams, ‘cus ye'll be flattened if ya get in me way!

They're walking around Flipside.

Mimi: I'm still not sure how we became friends… I'm a little princess and I like things to be regal and elegant…

O'Chunks farts.

Mimi: And he… can be described as a Ruffian.

O'Chunks: But fate moves in strange ways, and somehow we enjoy each other's company! As long as we dun't get on each other's nerves, I think we'll be doing awesome through the race.

They're walking atop the Flopside tower, looking where the void used to be.

Mimi: I can transform into anything, and the illusion is absolutely perfect! This power will be sure to get us far in the race!

O'Chunks: And I'm stronger than any of these pea-brained, wee little babies on the race. I can lift an 18-wheeler over mah head! So ya'd better watch it! Dun't get on mah bad side!

Mimi: Yes… I know it's kinda cliché, but he's going to be the bodyguard who will help lead us to victory!

The last Starshroom touches down and Merlon and Nolrem walk out.

Phil: Merlon and Nolrem… dimensional counterparts from Flipside and Flopside, respectively.

Merlon: Greetings, fellow competitors.

Nolrem: We wish you all a successful race… but us too…

They're studying in Merlon's house.

Merlon: I live in Flipside, while Nolrem is my counterpart in Flopside… Normally, flip-flop counterparts do not meet face to face, but we have.

Nolrem: He's the perfect friend, because he is myself. We agree on absolutely everything.

Merlon: I think that will be to our advantage.

They're studying in Nolrem's house.

Nolrem: We might appear to be bookworms, and we might appear to be old… but looks can be deceiving.

Merlon: We're going to be strong in this race. We're going to try our best, and we aren't going to lose…

Both: It has been foretold…

The teams walk double-file down a slope of the mountain.

Phil: Will these teams be able to stand up to the stress of travelling together across more than 42,000 miles? Who will be able to come up with the right combination of brains, brawn, and teamwork… to win the 1 million coins?! Stay tuned as we get ready to begin… The Amazing Race MK!

He walks off.

We fade to the teams standing in the middle of the freezing pond, near the fountain.

Phil: Welcome, everyone!!


Phil: Soon, you will be leaving on the journey of a lifetime. And as you travel, you will encounter every conceivable type of obstacle and challenge. Your first clue is waiting in the envelope on top of the luggage you brought with you.

*Shot of the bags sitting on the next platform*

Phil: When I give you the word, you can hop over to your bags, read the clue… and begin your journey!

*Excited looks*

Phil: There are 12 legs in this race! Eight of these legs end with an elimination, so you need to be on top of your game at all times! The first team to cross the finish line will win 1 million coins!

*Intense cheering*

Phil: …But there is something else I need to tell you, and I don't think you're gonna like it… There is a challenge that takes place right here in the Freezeflame Galaxy, and it will have a devastating impact on one of the teams. For this one team… it will be a very short race! The details of this challenge are in the clue! The last team to complete this challenge will be eliminated… right here!

*Incredibly shocked expressions*

Phil: That's correct. One team will not even get past the starting line! Everybody understands that? All right, the world is waiting for you! Good luck… Travel safe…

Phil: GO!

The teams dash off in a massive rush, slipping on the ice. Frankie, O'Chunks and Spitz all slip.

Lahla: Oh my gosh!

Lakilulu: Go, go! Come on!!

They hop over the gap in the platform one by one.

Smithy: Yeah! Haha!!

Yellow: C'mon, man! Step it up!!

Mimi: This way, dang it!

Frankie: I'm all right, jus' go!

*Riiiiiiiip* *Riiiiiiiip* *Riiip*

Peeka: Launch yourselves to the…

Shadow: …Hightail Falls Galaxy!

Dribble: But first, you have to get to the Launch Star!

DK Jr: Unlock the box containing a pair of Ice Flowers!

Phil: Teams must approach these boxes with Ice Flowers locked inside. To unlock the boxes, they must look at this computer screen, which contains a map of the Mushroom Kingdom. They must then pick a total of 10 locations that have been featured in a Mario Grand Prix. With seven grand prix to his name, there are more than 10 locations to choose from. However, an incorrect guess will result in a two-minute time penalty! The last team to complete this task… will be eliminated!

Lahla: Oh my gosh, come on then!

Peeka: We don't want to be eliminated here! We want to see the world!!

Snow: Let's hurry!

They all rush over to the boxes.

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Dribble: All right, Spitz! Work your magic!

Spitz: On it!

***Dribble: Spitz is the navigator… He's always tellin' me where we need to drive the taxi!

Dribble: Here!

Shadow/Snow -- Dating
Snow: Okay hon… Where was there Mario Kart?

Shadow: Well I know for sure it was on Yoshi's Island… That much is a given… and it's obviously here.

Snow: What's that?

Shadow: The Kart Tracks near Peach's Castle

Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners
Shy Guy: Umm… Do you remember Mario Kart?

Fly Guy: … You were in two…

Shy Guy: Oh, right…

DK Jr: On DK Island! Yeah!!

Louie: Definitely! Click it!

Dribble: Man, Spitz! You know all of these places!

Spitz: Seven… eight…

Dribble: I think we'll be first out!

Merlon/Nolrem -- Dimensional Counterparts
Merlon: Just remain calm… We'll think of some.

Nolrem: Yes…

Shadow/Snow -- Dating
Shadow: They're done already?!

Dribble/Spitz -- Co-workers / Best Friends
Spitz: Yeah!!

Dribble: Great job, Spitz! Excellent geography work!!

They touch the Flower and turn to ice.

Dribble: And we're off!! C'mon!!

Spitz: Wooo!!!

*The opening plays*

Episode 1
Title: Yeah, it's all beautiful and junk, but let's not dawdle!

Shadow/Snow -- Dating
Shadow: C'mon! We have to get through this!

Snow: I know, but I don't want to make a mistake!!

Shadow: Don't worry…

Dull Bones/Dry Bones -- Undead Partners
Dull Bones: Do… you know?

Dry Bones: Well it was definitely at Bowser's Castle… Pick that one.

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: Mario Kart?! I don't know this…

Exor: Lord Smithy, just pick the obvious ones. Like Yoshi's Island and Bowser's Castle.

Smithy: You're right!

Merlon/Nolrem -- Dimensional Counterparts
Merlon: … Mario Kart took place there, did it not?

Nolrem: Yes… on Cheep Cheep Beach… and over there… in Riverside Park.

Merlon: Excellent…

Peeka/Lahla-- Sisters
Peeka: All right, we got this! We've got seven!

Lahla: You're so smart, Sis!

Peeka: Hey! I like watching TV!

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating
Lakilulu: Wow, very nice, Lakilester!

Lakilester: I've watched a couple of Grand Prix.

Lakilulu: I guess they never came to Flower Fields?

Lakilester: No…

Frankie/Francesca -- Engaged
Frankie: We got's ta hurry, others are done already!

Francesca: Sorry… Look! It was on Delfino Island once, wasn't it?

Peeka/Lahla – Sisters (Currently in 2nd Place)
Peeka: All right! We're off!

Lahla: Great job, Peeka! Great job!

Peeka: Woo!!

Lakilester/Lakilulu -- Dating (Currently in 3rd Place)
Lakilulu: Great! Let's go!

Lakilester: No problem!

Blue Koopa/Yellow Paratroopa -- Partners / Best Friend (Currently in 4th Place)
Blue: Niiice!

Yellow: I know a few things about Mario Kart!

Blue: I wanna try Mario Kart!

DK Jr./Louie -- Childhood Friends (Currently in 5th Place)
Louie: Nice job, man!

DK Jr: Thanks! That wasn't too hard!

Shadow/Snow -- Dating
Shadow: Okay, a bunch of teams are leaving… What do you think?

Snow: I've picked all the ones I know off the top of my head… but we've only got 8.

Shadow: What's this place? Grumble Volcano?

Snow: Why does that sound familiar?

Shadow: Something tells me that they raced there… Pick it!

Snow: …… Yes! Okay, great!

Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners
Shy Guy: Umm… Pick that one.

Fly Guy: Okay… Yeah, I guess that's right.

Shy Guy: Our Beach…

Merlon/Nolrem -- Dimensional Counterparts  (Currently in 6th Place)
Nolrem: Excellent job.

***Merlon: When it comes to mental tasks, we will surely come out on top.

Shadow/Snow -- Dating  (Currently in 7th Place)
Shadow: All right! Grab the Ice Flower and let's go!

Snow: Yaaayy!!! I love this!!

***Snow: I loved using the Ice Flower to become all ice… I love cold things!

Shy Guy/Fly Guy – Partner (Currently in 8th Place)
Shy Guy: Umm… I'm not sure… That water is really cold…

Fly Guy: Are we supposed to just walk across it?

Merlon/Nolrem -- Dimensional Counterparts
Merlon: Now look. We are passing someone.

Nolrem: Very good.

Shadow/Snow -- Dating
Shadow: C'mon, you guys! It's no problem! The water turns to ice, see?

Snow: Yeah!

Shy Guy/Fly Guy -- Partners
Shy Guy: Oh… well… Let's go!

They all launch.

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: Here?


Smithy: Augh! That's a two-minute penalty!!

Exor: That isn't good…

Frankie/Francesca -- Engaged
Frankie: Yo, Frannie, I think I got dis!

Francesca: How many more do we have to pick?

Frankie: Just two! Now I got dis one up on DK Island, but what's dis?

Francesca: Ooh! DK Mountain! That's somewhere they've been! Pick it!

Frankie: You got it! ... Hey look! Didn't dey go dere?

Francesca: Yes! Yes, oh honey, we did it!


Frankie: Let's blow dis joint!

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Smithy: There are three teams left… Two are leaving…

Dull Bones/Dry Bones -- Undead Partners
Dry Bones: I'm sorry, that's all I can remember…

Dull Bones: We still… need 3… more…

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
O'Chunks: Mimi, fer cryin' out loud! Yer s'posed ta be the brains ‘ere!

Mimi: ExCUSE me for not watching sports on television!

O'Chunks: Well we still got 4 ta find!

Mimi: I don't want to make a mistake! Then we'll get a penalty!

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Exor: Our penalty is over…

Smithy: Great, now help me figure out two more!

Exor: What about that place over there? … "Cheese Land"?

Smithy: CHEESE Land?

Exor: Yes… It sounds like something someone made up just for the grand prix.

Smithy: You want me to pick that one?!

Exor: Yes.

Smithy: ………… Well… you're right about that one.

Exor: Trust my instincts.

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
Mimi: Wait, pick that one!

O'Chunks: This wun?

Mimi: Yeah! It's Mushroom City… and I think there was something or other there…

O'Chunks: Okay… Aha! Tha's right! Now what about this, ‘ere? Mushroom Bridge?

Mimi: Ooh! Yes! Yes! That one too!

O'Chunks: … Excellent!

Mimi: We are not going to be eliminated!

Phil stands silently nearby on a Pit Stop mat.

Smithy/Exor -- Evil Doers
Exor: Just pick it! Do it!

***Exor: I'm going to be slightly handicapped on this race because… well, I'm just a sword. But I can use a bit of magic to do some things on my own.


Smithy: All right! We're outta here! Great job!

Exor: Yes, yes… Grab the Ice Flowers and let's launch!

*Tense music*

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
O'Chunks: It's just us two now!

Mimi: Uh oh…

Dull Bones/Dry Bones -- Undead Partners
Dull Bones: Still… two more… to find…

Dry Bones: This is harder than it appears…

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
O'Chunks: Tha' wun! Just pick it, lassie!

Mimi: No, no, no! That's not right! I'm sure of it!

O'Chunks: I though' you didn't watch this!

Mimi: Well, I have SOME common sense… Here! This one's one of them!

O'Chunks: Oh…

Dull Bones/Dry Bones -- Undead Partners
Dull Bones: Pick… it!

Dry Bones: Great! Just one left!

All: …

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
Mimi: What's this up here?

O'Chunks: Not sure…

Dull Bones/Dry Bones -- Undead Partners
Dry Bones: Aha!! I think I remember that one!

Dull Bones: You… do?

All: …

Phil: ….


Dull Bones/Dry Bones -- Undead Partners
Dull Bones: That's… wrong!

Dry Bones: No… no!!

***Dry Bones: At the very worst possible time, we picked a wrong answer…

***Dull Bones: And we got a penalty.

O'Chunks/Mimi -- Friends
Mimi: Pick it! Pickitpickitpickit!!!

O'Chunks: I got it!!


Mimi: Excellent! We got it!! WE GOT IT!!!

O'Chunks: Grab the Flower and let's get out of 'ere!

***Mimi: You have no idea how happy that made us feel!

O'Chunks: We're off!!

They launch.

Dull Bones/Dry Bones -- Undead Partners
They slowly walk over to the mat.

Dull Bones: Not… possible…

Phil: … Dull Bones & Dry Bones?

Both: …

Phil: You are the last team to complete this challenge.

Dry Bones: Unbelievable…

Phil: I'm sorry to tell you that you've been eliminated from the race.

Dry Bones: It's shameful… We've been eliminated before our race could even begin.

Dull Bones: I… am so… sad…

Dry Bones: We weren't the strongest team, but we were going to use our other skills…

Dull Bones: Now… it's all over…

***Dull Bones: Our race… has come… to an end… before it… began…

***Dry Bones: And even though it was really short, I'm really proud of us… We did our best, we never gave up…

***Dull Bones: But this… is it…

***Dry Bones: Oh well… You win some, you lose some…

*Fade to black*

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