Survivor: Desert Land

By Loxo123

A Duplighost walks out of- wait, before we go on, if you see a line and before it there's 3 *s then that's a interview. Here's an example:

***Duplighost: Hello there...

Anyways, back to the show! A Duplighost walks out of a pyramid and impossibly bows.

Duplighost: Hello, my name is Loxo123. And I'm here today hosting a Survivor game in... Desert Land.

The camera pans out, showing that Loxo123 is in a vast desert

Loxo123, Duplighost Host: Our contestants will be dropping here about... now.

As soon as the Duplighost says ‘now’, the sand behind him bursts into a sand geyser, with 18 people falling onto the ground with all of them getting up.

Goomba, Evil Mushroom: Ouchouchouchouchouch...

Koopa Troopa, Foot Solder: Pain...

Lakitu, Race Car Referee: At least my cloud kept me from hitting the ground.

Dry Bones, Koopa Skeleton: I... feel... no... pain... .

Bob-omb, Walking Bomb: Easy for you to say! You're already dead!

Shy Guy, Masked Minion: Um... Cool down guys... Erm...

Koops, No Confidence Koopa: Ouch! That hurts as much as that time when Gloomtail did that Megabreath thing on me...

Geno, Star Spirit: As it seems to you. For me, it feels like that time when I got struck by Smithy's Sledge.

Nastasia, Secretary: I feel like when I got hit by the magic blast that one time...

Hammer Bro, Hammer lover: Speak for yourself! I feel perfectly fine!... not...

Toad, Mushroom Retainer: What did you say?

Snifit, Bullet Shooter: Where did my Bullet Bill go?!

Bandit, Thief: Heheheheheheheheh...

Spike, Spike Ball Chuckster: That's just low, Bandit!


Tutankoopa, Fake Pharaoh: At least my Chomp Rock is really heavy.

Waluigi, Cheater: Hey, Waluigi asks where is the Survivor game?

Wario, Greedy Person: You idiot! It's right here!

Loxo123: Settle down, everyone! I have chosen 2 leaders.

Contestants: Who?

Loxo123: Goomba.

Goomba: What?

***Goomba: I can't tell you how shocked I was to be a leader!

Loxo123: And Wario.

Wario: Whahahahahaha!

***Wario: I'm a-gonna win!

Loxo123: Leaders? Pick your tribemates.

Goomba: Koopa.

Koopa: Ok!

***Goomba: If I surround myself with weak people I MIGHT stand a chance at winning!

***Koopa: I'm going to do my best!

Wario: Waluigi.

Waluigi: Yes!

***Wario: My brother is sneaky, a cheater, and DOESN'T have every phobia. Perfect thing...

***Waluigi: I'm a-gonna cheat to-a win-You didn't hear that!

Goomba: Toad.

Toad: OK!

***Goomba: I just wanted to have Toad on my tribe because he can be easily agreeable.

***Toad: As long as I keep myself from being annoying then I'll win!

Wario: Lakitu.

Lakitu: Yes!

***Wario: Lakitu's cloud will be handy for us for spying.

***Lakitu: I've gotta watch my back, who knows what the rest of Wario's Tribe is plotting...

Goomba: Bob-omb.


***Goomba: Bob-omb will easily become annoying and will get himself voted out before long...

***Bob-omb: I can't believe it! I'm stuck on that weakling Goomba's Tribe!

Wario: Dry Bones.

Dry Bones: I'll... win...

***Wario: Dry Bones will be really helpful for fighting challenges because you can't really defeat him.

***Dry Bones: I'll... take...over... Wario's... Tribe... before long...

Goomba: Shy Guy!

Shy Guy: Um... I'll try my best...

***Goomba: Shy Guy will be awesome for my tribe because he'll be too shy to make any alliances after I make my alliance with him.

***Shy Guy: Um... Do I have to say something?

Wario: Koops.

Koops: I'll try my best! I hope so I win...

***Wario: Koops and his experience at fighting would make him helpful, if it wasn't for his confidence issues...

***Koops: I REALLY hope that I don't get eliminated so early...

Goomba: Snifit.

Snifit: I found my Bullet Bill!

***Goomba: Snifit's bullets will come to use when we have to do a shooting contest.

***Snifit: With my Bullet Bill I'll be next to unstoppable!

Wario: Geno.

Geno: As you wish...

***Wario: Geno and his Geno Whirl is extremely strong, and he's really fast. Just what I needed.

***Geno: My competition won't be too hard for me. Goomba's Tribe will probably be almost non-existent once we merge.

Goomba: Bandit.

Bandit: Heheheheheheheheh...

***Goomba: Bandit might help us by stealing something from the other tribe that's useful.

***Bandit: I'm going to easily steal leadership!

Wario: Nastasia.

Nastasia: K.

***Wario: I'm a-gonna get Nastasia to hypnotize everyone except for me to vote for whoever I don't want!

***Nastasia: With the fact that most of my tribemates are not extremely smart or strong-willed, I'm just going to hypnotize everyone. K?

Goomba: Wiggler.

Wiggler: Yay!

***Goomba: If Wiggler becomes really angry we'll definitely win most challenges.

***Wiggler: I'll do my best to help!

Wario: Hammer Bro.

Hammer Bro: Yo.

***Wario: Hammer Bro's hammers are going to be really useful.

***Hammer Bro: I'll just keep an act up that I like Wario until... BAM! I usurp his position!

Goomba: Tutankoopa.

Tutankoopa: fEaR MeEeEeE...

***Goomba: Once Tutan is in my alliance then I'll have an even bigger chance of winning.

***Tutankooopa: At least I don't have a lot of competition right now.

Wario: Spike.

Spike: I wonder why nobody chose me earlier, I mean, I chuck spike balls!

***Wario: I don't really have a choice now.

***Spike: Wario's gonna pay for not choosing me earlier...

Loxo123: Now that the tribes have been decided, LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

Goomba: Isn't that overkill?

Loxo123: Yes it is. Oh yeah, Goomba's Tribe? Go south, where you'll find a lot of sand geysers. Wario's Tribe? Go north, until you find the spot that's filled with sandstorms. Now then, to make sure you all can't go to each other's territory...

The ground suddenly rumbles, and a huge gaping sand canyon suddenly forms!... With Loxo123 on a sand geyser.

Contestants: Woah!

***Goomba: So much for my plan for Bandit...

***Bandit: So much for stealing the other Tribe's stuff...

Loxo123: What are you waiting for? Go!

Goomba's Tribe starts trudging towards 2-1 of World 2 in NSMBW, while Wario's Tribe starts the path towards 2-4 of World 2 of NSMBW, while the sand canyon is about where the NSMBW fortress is.


Goomba: How about we share comfort items? Mine is one of those spike hats from those Spiked Goombas.

Koopa: Cool! Mine are those Turtley Leaves that raise your defense.

Bob-omb: I have bombs to bomb people with.

Shy Guy: Can I speak? I brought my slingshot.

Toad: I brought a lot of Max Mushrooms.

Bandit: I brought a sack of random stuff.

Toad: Wouldn't that count for more than 1 comfort item?

Camera Guy: Don't insult Loxo123's logic, otherwise he'll beat you up, or at least that's what I'm told.

Snifit: I brought a Bullet Bill!

Goomba: Where in the world did you get that?!

Snifit: Bowser's Castle.


Koopa: You... stole... a... Bullet Bill?

Snifit: Yup!

Everyone: ...

Wiggler: Anyways, I brought some veggies with me!

Goomba: That'll be helpful, because we have no food here.

Tutankoopa: I brought a Chomp Rock.

Bandit: Is it heavy?

Tutankoopa: Yeah.

Bandit: Aww...

Goomba: By the way, what should our tribe name be? I say Goomba Masters.

Tutankoopa: Egyptian Survivors!

Wiggler: Veggies!

Goomba: Let's vote...

Everyone writes their vote and gives them to Goomba.

Goomba: I've got 1 vote for Goomba Masters, 7 votes for Egyptian Survivors, and 1 vote for Veggies. Egyptian Survivors it is.

Who voted for what name?

Goomba: Goomba Masters (Thought of the name)
Wiggler: Veggies (Thought of the name)
Bandit: Egyptian Survivors (Didn't like the thought of being "veggies" or "Goombas")
Toad: Egyptian Survivors (Likes the idea of being "Egyptian" and being "Survivors")
Snifit: Egyptian Survivors (Same as Toad)
Tutankoopa: Egyptian Survivors (Thought of the name)
Koopa: Egyptian Survivors (Same as Toad)
Bob-omb: Egyptian Survivors (Thought Goombas were weak and didn't like veggies)
Shy Guy: Egyptian Survivors (Same as Toad)

Toad: Guys! I just got mail!

Koopa: For what?

Toad: ... We need to get to the sand pit in the original Desert Land from SMB3.

Snifit: We need to get there now!


Wario: I-a brought garlic, which can turn me into-a Wario Man!

Waluigi: I brought my tennis racket.

Lakitu: My cloud.

Spike: Wait, we're sharing comfort items? Well, I brought a spike ball.

Nastasia: I brought my glasses, these are part of my hypnosis magic. K?

Hammer Bro: My hammers! What did you expect?

Geno: My star gun from SMRPG.

Koops: A courage shell, this boosts my courage!

Geno: Actually Koops, a courage shell halves all damage you take.

Koops: Oh...

Dry Bones: I... brought... my... bone...

Lakitu: Wait, does that even count as a comfort item? I mean, it's part of your body!

Dry Bones: Loxo123... counted... that... as... an... item...

Lakitu: ... I'm gonna question his logic.

Camera Bro: Don't.

Lakitu: Why?

Camera Bro: Just, don't.

Lakitu: ...

Wario: Anyways, we-a need-a tribe name. Wario is leader and I say our team name is the Super Wario. So that's our tribe name.

Hammer Bro: ... Well that isn't fair...

Wario: Life's not fair for you chumps!

***Hammer Bro: Wario is already getting on my nerves...

Waluigi: ... Sand mail!

Wario: There's no such thing as sand mills, Bro!

Waluigi: No, look at this! We need to go to that sand pit place from the original Desert Land in SMB3!

Geno: Probably the reward challenge. Anyways, we need to go there, now!

Wario's Tribe-er, the Super Warios rush towards the sand pit.


Both tribes rush into the sand pit, with Loxo123 waiting with an Angry Sun next to him.



Bandit (whispering): He sure has a knack for drama.

Goomba (whispering): Let's see... there's sand, sand, and MORE sand!

Loxo123: Anyways, today you'll be playing a game. I call it: Angry Sun Dodge. Basically, you have to avoid getting burned by Angry Sun using any means EXCEPT for knocking out Angry Sun. You can attack others. Last one standing wins for their tribe. Ready?

Contestants: YEAH!

Loxo123: THEN GO!

The Angry Sun immediately rushes forward, burning Bob-omb in the process.

Egyptian Survivors: 8 members left
Super Wario: 9 members left

Shy Guy shoots a rock from his sling shot and blinds Wario, who gets burned by Angry Sun. Meanwhile, Lakitu drags Toad onto his cloud and drops Toad, who lands on the Angry Sun.

Egyptian Survivors: 7 members left
Super Wario: 8 members left

Waluigi takes out his Tennis Racket and smashes Bandit into the Angry Sun, but not before Bandit tosses a metal badge onto Waluigi and takes out a magnet to take Waluigi down with him.

Egyptian Survivors: 6 members left
Super Wario: 7 members left

Shy Guy trips Geno, who Koops trips over, and Geno and Koops get tackled by the Angry Sun.

Egyptian Survivors: 5 members left
Super Wario: 5 members left

Goomba attempts to tackle Dry Bones, who just makes himself fall apart, making Goomba tackle the Angry Sun instead.

Egyptian Survivors: 4 members left
Super Wario: 5 members left

Koopa eats a Turtley Leaf and blocks Hammer Bro's hammers and then he shell-spins into Hammer Bro and Nastasia, and both of them are made crispy by the Angry Sun

Egyptian Survivors: 4 members left
Super Wario: 4 members left

Dry Bones knocks Koopa out with his bone and tosses Koopa into the Angry Sun. The Angry Sun, however, is moving so fast that Dry Bones misses, and gets smashed into the Angry Sun by Snifit riding on his Bullet Bill. Snifit, however, is also burned.

Egyptian Survivors: 3 members left
Super Wario: 3 members left

Lakitu grabs Goomba and rams himself and Goomba into the Angry Sun. Meanwhile, Dry Bones and Spike double team Wiggler and knock Wiggler out with spike balls and bones. Snifit then gets burned by the Angry Sun.

Egyptian Survivors: 1 member left
Super Wario: 2 members left

Shy Guy skillfully dodges the spike ball Spike chucks, and blocks Dry Bones's bone, then he carefully aims a rock and blinds Spike, who accidently runs into the Angry Sun.

Egyptian Survivors: 1 member left
Super Wario: 1 member left

Shy Guy skillfully dodges both Angry Sun and the bones, then he shoots a few rocks at Dry Bones, who deflects those rocks, and then he charges at Shy Guy but trips in the process. He's about to get burned by the Angry Sun when he collapses his body, dodging the Angry Sun. Finally, Dry Bones grabs Shy Guy and puts Shy Guy in front of him, right before getting burned by the Angry Sun, resulting in Dry Bones getting burned a SECOND after Shy Guy.

Loxo123: And... Say, Wario, do you have a name for your tribe?

Wario: Of course-a! It's-a Super Wario!

Loxo123: Ok... Anyways! The Super Warios win! And they get this tent as a reward!

The Super Warios cheer while the Egyptian Survivors slowly walk back to there camp...


Goomba: Ugh, that was HORRID.

Koopa: It wasn't all THAT bad- Hey, what are we gonna eat?

Egyptian Survivors: ...

Goomba: Erm, nothing? Well, it IS dark... Let's just get some sleep.

The rest of the tribe nod and start to dig out small holes to sleep in...


Wario: Waha! We CREAMED those losers-a! And now we-a got this tent-a!

Waluigi: What are we gonna eat?

Super Warios: ...

Dry Bones: I... don't... eat... I'm... the... undead...

Waluigi: ... We're gonna starve, aren't we?

Wario: Yes-a, we are gonna...

Lakitu: Anyways, it's getting dark, let's sleep in our tent.

Super Warios: Ok!


Wario wakes up early, and wakes up Waluigi.

Wario (whispering): Get up!

Waluigi: What...

Wario: Hey Bro, I say we should make an alliance.

Waluigi: To eliminate who?

Wario: ... Hammer Bro, I once overheard him planning to eliminate me.

Waluigi: Hm... I wanted to eliminate Spike, but sure. Wait, we'll need to get 3 others to help us.

Wario: How about Geno, Koops, and Lakitu?

Waluigi: I'll wake them up then.

Waluigi goes and shakes Geno, Koops, and Lakitu

Waluigi: Hey guys!

Lakitu: What?

Waluigi: Me and Wario want to make an alliance with you 3.

Geno: For who?

Waluigi: Hammer Bro.

Koops: Well... he WAS pretty useless in the reward challenge.

Geno: Well, I'll vote for him.

Lakitu: I might as well also.

Waluigi: Thanks guys... Not...

***Hammer Bro: Heh, I was fake-sleeping and overheard their conversation, heh. I'll need to make sure everyone else is on my side, and I need to convince Geno or Koops to join my alliance. Why one of those 2? Heh, because I know I can't trust Lakitu, I mean, he can easily backstab me.


Koopa: MPH! MPH!

Goomba: What's that noise- erm, Koopa? Do you have something in your mouth?

Koopa opens his mouth to reveal it's chock-full of sand.

Goomba: I'll just kick the back of your head and that'll do it... HI-YAH!

Goomba kicks Koopa hard, and Koopa coughs all of the sand out.

Koopa: Ack, stupid sand...

The rest of the tribe wakes up.

Bob-omb: What happened? I just heard a lot of coughing.

Koopa: Sand was stuck in my mouth.

***Bob-omb: More proof I'm the strongest one here.

Goomba: Hey, Shy Guy, Koopa, can I have a private talk with you?

Koopa and Shy Guy: Sure.

The trio walk off into some sand dunes... then Goomba turns around and talks.

Goomba: Say, how about we form an alliance against Bob-omb?

Shy Guy: Why?

Goomba: Well, he's irritating, AND he was REALLY useless in the reward challenge.

Koopa: Well that IS true...

Shy Guy: But... a 3-man alliance isn't gonna do it for us!

Goomba: That's where you 2 come in. Shy Guy, go and see if you can get Snifit in our alliance. Koopa? Try to get Toad.

Shy Guy: I'll try my best...

Koopa: I'll go get Toad right now!

Koopa races back to the camp, and bumps into Toad.

Both: Ouch!

Koopa: Sorry-oh! Toad! Just who I was looking for!

Toad: What is it, Koopa?

Koopa: Me, Goomba, and Shy Guy have an alliance for trying to vote Bob-omb out, wanna help?

Toad: OK! ... But first tell me why.

Koopa: Well, Bob-omb brags a lot, AND was out as soon as the reward challenge started.

Toad: That makes sense... I don't see why not.

Koopa: So you'll join?

Toad: Yup.

Koopa: Ok!


Shy Guy: Um... Snifit?

Snifit: Yeah?

Shy Guy: Can I talk to you for a second?

Snifit: Sure.

Shy Guy: Um... Where do I start? I know! Snifit, me, Goomba, and Koopa have formed an alliance for voting out Bob-omb, can you please help?

Snifit: Well, Bob-omb IS pretty annoying and is useless at the same time... Sure!

Shy Guy: Thanks!... Oh yeah! Snifit! We need to find some food!

Snifit: I know, but where?

Shy Guy: I've heard that there are a few trees that have small fruits in them, I can use my slingshot and you can use your mouth bullets to shoot them down!

Snifit: That sounds fun! Let's do it!

Snifit and Shy Guy run off for food.


Hammer Bro: Hey! Nastasia, Dry Bones, Spike, can I speak to you all for a second?

Nastasia, Dry Bones, Spike: Why?

Hammer Bro: I'll talk about it when we get outside the tent.

Nastasia: I don't see why not,

Dry Bones: Me... neither...

The 4 people gets out of the tent, and Nastasia looks at the other 3, then adjusts her glasses and brainwashes Hammer Bro, Dry Bones, and Spike.


Nastasia: You'll all help me now, K?

Hammer Bro and Dry Bones: Yes... Miss Nastasia...

The 4 quickly disperse.

***Nastasia: I'm gonna have to hypnotize the tribe one-by-one to win... Now that I've revealed my strategy, I'm gonna have to make you forget about all of this, K?


Wario comes out of the tent.

Wario: Hey! Nasty-a! Do you know where all of the food is?

Nastasia quickly adjusts her glasses, but Wario just looks at her questioningly.


Nastasia: Wait! No! I-

Wario tackles Nastasia and walks away, walking to Waluigi

Wario: Bro! Tell the others that after we eliminate Hammer Bro we eliminate Nastasia-Wait, isn't Hammer Bro in this room?

Wario turns and sees Hammer Bro, who just has a blank look on his face.

Wario: ... WA HA! HE'S DEAF!

Wario falls onto the floor laughing, not knowing that Hammer Bro is just in a struggle to regain his own will and didn't hear Wario.

Waluigi: ... Hey Bro! Look at what I found right under the tent entrance!

Waluigi brandishes some fruit that he found.

Waluigi: We at least won't starve for a while, or at least us, no way we're gonna share!


Lakitu: Did I just hear something about not sharing?

Waluigi: Whoops...

Wario: No.

Lakitu: Really? Because I swear I see some fruit in Waluigi's hands right now.

Waluigi: It's just a joke!

Lakitu: Oh, ok...

***Waluigi: That was a CLOSE save...

Wario: Anyways, let's eat!


Voice from the sand (shouting at the top of lungs): SAND MAIL!

The Super Warios wake up with a jolt.

Voice from the sand: GO TO THE PYRAMID FROM SMB3! PRONTO!

The Super Warios begin to stagger to the pyramid from SMB3.


Voice from the sand: SA-

Goomba: DON'T!

Voice from the sand: Already a wake?

Koopa: You screamed so loud we heard it ALL the way from here. We're going right now.

The Egyptian Survivors run towards the pyramid from SMB3.



Bandit: You haven't changed one bit, have you?

Loxo123: ... Shut up. ANYWAYS, see that pyramid behind me? It's been revamped a bit. Anyways, today you'll be doing something I call: Pyramid Thieves.

Goomba: So... what are we stealing?

Loxo123: Gems. BUT there'll be more then 1 gem in this pyramid. Most of these are normal gems and are only 1 point, but if you find one of the 2 golden gems you'll get 3 points. If you want your gems to count then you'll have to bring those gems to me. Attacking opponents is perfectly allowed. You'll be doing this for an hour. Ready?

Contestants: YEAH!!!

Loxo123: Then... STEAL!

The contestants immediately charge into the Pyramid. Wario quickly chucks Waluigi at a chest hanging by a chain and gets disappointed that it wasn't the golden gem.

Super Warios: 1 point
Egyptian Survivors: 0 points

Snifit shoots his Bullet Bill, which Shy Guy is riding on, and Shy Guy jumps onto the treasure chest and finds a normal gem. Bob-omb accidently drowns in quicksand while Waluigi, who got back from delivering the gem, gets his tennis racket stolen by Bandit and finds himself knocked out by the same tennis racket.

Super Warios: 1 point
Egyptian Survivors: 1 point

Tutankoopa pushes his Chomp Rock and crushes Wario. Meanwhile, Toad finds 2 gems and runs off to give them to Loxo123.

Super Warios: 1 point
Egyptian Survivors: 3 points

Dry Bones finds a Golden Gem, but Bandit steals the gem, then gives it to Loxo123.

Super Warios: 1 point
Egyptian Survivors: 6 points

Lakitu finds a Golden Gem and leaves the pyramid to give it to Loxo123.

Super Warios: 4 points
Egyptian Survivors: 6 points

Geno and Koops both get 2 gems but drop them when Shy Guy shoots his sling shot, then Shy Guy gets those gems.

Super Warios: 4 points
Egyptian Survivors: 10 points

Snifit finds 2 gems but is hypnotized by Nastasia and gives the gems to her.

Super Warios: 6 points
Egyptian Survivors: 10 points

Spike chucks a spike ball and almost knocks Wiggler out, but Wiggler returns the favor by tackling him. Meanwhile, Hammer Bro finds 5 gems and rushes to Loxo123, but doesn't reach him in time as 1 hour passes RIGHT before he gets out of the pyramid.

A loud bell rings in the Pyramid.

Loxo123: Time’s up, everyone! Now wait here while I revive everyone who was knocked out.

Loxo123 does so.

Loxo123: Now then, I'll tell you all the results: the Super Warios got... 4 points. The Egyptian Survivors got... 10 points.

The Egyptian Survivors cheer while the Super Warios look at them dejectedly.

Loxo123: Egyptian Survivors? You can go back to your camp. Super Warios? Come with me.


Loxo123 and the Super Warios walk back into the Pyramid and into a room filled with torches. Loxo123 hands 1 torch to each of them.

Loxo123: In Survivor, fire means life; if your torch is extinguished, you die.

Koops: We don't actually die, right?

Loxo123: Nope. Wario, how do you feel how your tribe has been going?

Wario: WA HA! Awesome! We found some fruit!

Loxo123: Ok… Geno, do you think Wario is a good leader?

Geno: No, he thought of an egotistical tribe name and thought about not sharing food.

Loxo123: Is that so... Anyways, here's some paper, and here's some pencils. Now start voting!

Wario gets up and places his vote.

Wario: You're the most useless person I've ever seen!

Waluigi gets up and drops his vote.

Waluigi: I-a have an alliance, I'm keeping it.

Spike walks over to the ballot, then turns around

Spike: You tried your best, but you failed HORRIBLY. I'm helping our tribe here by voting you off.

Koops walks to the ballot.

Koops: I'm keeping my alliance.

Geno teleports next to the ballot.

Geno: I have an alliance. Period.

Lakitu floats to the ballot.

Lakitu: I have an alliance to vote you off, you know who you are!

Hammer Bro: You are a bad leader, period.

Dry Bones walks to the ballot

Dry Bones: I... feel... like... you're... the... worst... leader... we... can... have...

Nastasia walks up.

Nastasia: I'm making sure you won't make a stupid decision for our tribe, K?

Loxo123: Let's see these votes! Vote 1!
Loxo123: ... Hammer Bro.

Hammer Bro looks at Wario, who grins.

Loxo123: Vote 2! ... Hammer Bro.

Hammer Bro is secretly worried.

Loxo123: Vote 3! ... Hammer Bro.

Hammer Bro looks worried now.

Loxo123: Vote 4! ... Wario!

Wario gets a shocked look.

Loxo123: Vote 5! Wario!

Wario glares at all of the tribe.

Loxo123: Vote 6! Wario!

Wario clenches his fist.

Loxo123: Vote 7! Hammer Bro!

Hammer Bro thinks about running away.

Loxo123: Last vote and the first person eliminated from Survivor: Desert Land - Hammer Bro.

Hammer Bro glares at Wario, and then walks towards Loxo123.

Loxo123: Hammer Bro, the tribe has spoken, but first, whack whoever you thinks is responsible for your lost.

Hammer Bro smashes his stick on Wario, HARD. Loxo123 extinguishes the torch Hammer Bro was holding, and then a spring from under Hammer Bro activates, bouncing him all the way out of the Pyramid to Dark Land.

Loxo123: Well, that's that. Go back to your camp, Super Warios!


Wario: Hammer Bro (Heard Hammer Bro was trying to usurp leadership)
Waluigi: Hammer Bro (Had an alliance with Wario.)
Lakitu: Hammer Bro (Same as Waluigi)
Geno: Hammer Bro (Same as Waluigi
Koops: Hammer Bro (Same as Waluigi)
Nastasia: Wario (Didn't want Wario to make possible stupid decisions)
Hammer Bro: Wario (Wanted to usurp leadership)
Dry Bones: Wario (Felt like was a horrible leader)

***Hammer Bro: This is a rigged ballot! WARIO! I'LL BE BACK!!!!

Read on!

For information on Survivor: Desert Land, visit:

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