Mario Meets the Grim Reaper

By Goya

Author’s Note: The following story was written by me in a 9 year old body about 5 years ago... I was inspired to write this story after watching numerous episodes of “The Super Mario Brothers Super Show”.

Plumber’s Log Number 905

Mario: We were searching for a magic scythe that would stop Koopa from taking over the Mushroom Kingdom. The only place it could be found was in the Under World, the home of the Grim Reaper, who was actually one of Toad’s old friends.

Toad: Ok, guys, we’re almost there.

Princess: What’s that over there?

Toad: That’s the Grim Reaper’s Castle! We’re here!

Mario: Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go get that scythe!

(Mario knocks on the door. As the door opens we see King Koopa, who is poorly disguised as the Grim Reaper; but Mario and the gang are too stupid to realize it’s him.)

King Koopa: Eh… Come in, my good friend… uhhhhh… fungus face.

Toad: Reaper, we came to ask you for your magic scythe, we heard King Koopa is planning a big invasion on the Mushroom Kingdom.

King Koopa: Sure thing, but my scythe must, ummmm… recharge overnight in order to get full use out of it. So if you don’t mind I will show you your rooms for the night.

Toad: Um, ok.

King Koopa: Toad, you can go in room 1, Mario and Luigi in room 2, and the Princess in room 3.

Luigi:  Ok, that works I guess.

(Mario, Luigi, Toad, and the Princess all enter their rooms and go to sleep.)

King Koopa: Hehehehe. Those pesky plumbers are so stupid! They will never suspect that I captured the real Grim Reaper and took his scythe to takeover the Mushroom Kingdom! Now Mouser, go get the Princess!

Mouser: Yes sir!

King Koopa: The rest of you, prepare to get rid of the plumbers and that fungus!

(Soon, Mario and Luigi hear a cry for help in the distance.)

???: HELP!!!

Mario: Luigi, did you hear that?

Luigi: Yeah, it sounded like the Princess.

Mario: Let’s go check it out.

(Mario and Luigi see Mouser carrying the Princess away.)

Mario: Hey, it’s Mouser! I bet Koopa was behind this whole thing!

(King Koopa comes out of his room.)

King Koopa: Well well, if it isn’t the pesky plumbers! Koopa Pack, attack!

Mario: What do we do, Luigi?

(Luigi looks at the ceiling.)

Luigi: Hey Mario, look! It’s a Fire Flower on the ceiling!

Mario: C’mon, Luigi! Patty cake, patty cake, pasta man, give me pasta power as fast as you can!

(Mario gains the pasta power to jump up and grab the Fire Flower.)

Mario: I love when that happens!

(The Koopa Pack flees as Mario shoots fireballs at them.)

Mario: Luigi, you go get Toad and find the real Grim Reaper, while I go save the Princess!

(Mario finds the room where Koopa and Mouser have the Princess.)

Mario: Hold it, Koopa!

King Koopa: Koopa Pack, you were supposed to kill them you, useless weaklings!

(Koopa kicks one of his pack members, who flies out the window and dies.)

Mario: Koopa, you are one disgusting reptile!...

(In the middle of Mario’s monologuing Luigi and Toad show up. Together they defeat Koopa in an epic battle scene that cannot be portrayed in words. They then manage to find the real Grim Reaper.)

Grim Reaper: Thank you, Mario, Luigi, and Toad for saving my life. If there is anything I can do to repay you, please ask.

Toad: Well Grim, we came here to ask to borrow your scythe, but I don’t think we will need it anymore.

Mario: Yup, Koopa got more burnt then overcooked linguini!

All: Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

The End

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