Lemmy’s Mario Cartoons

By Fungiman

I remember when long ago I was on TV. Really! The adventures that my family and I had with (or against) Mario were put on the air in the from of "The Super Mario Super Show", "The Adventures of Super Mario 3", and "The Super Mario World Show".

One of my tourists, Mary Beyer, reminded me of the series by sending me some information. She is responsible for this area of my Land. Now on with the show!


King Mario of Cramalot
- After Mario pulls the golden plunger from the (also golden) bathtub, it starts spewing coins. When it zooms in on Mario, the bathtub is no longer golden. Spotted by MammaMia64.

- When Bunsen tells Robo-Koopa to push a red button, he pushes a yellow button. Spotted by MammaMia64.

Stars In Their Eyes
- When Moon-Man Koopa turns on the giant magnet at the quark factory, he is no longer wearing a helmet when it zooms out to show everyone being pulled onto it. Spotted by MammaMia64.

The subsections
1. Koopa Bios
2. Episodes Summaries and Scripts
3. Sounds
5. Fake Cartoon Episode Scripts
6. Background and Historical Info
7. Oddities

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