This is my second page for Site Fights pictures. This page has 50 pictures on it. Put your mouse arrow on each of the pictures to see the message behind it.

Wee One Opal made this borthday graphic just for me. I am honored, to say the least!

Yup, I sure did, thanks to all my supporters!

This is actually supposed to be for the Warzone, but I guess April got carried away. Thanks April

I won my team shout award July 23! I love my team.

Wee One Amicitia made this for me because... she's very spirited.

April made me yet another picture for reaching the Dome. Thank you!!!

My team gave this to me for reaching the Dome. I hope to show off for my team there.

I was so happy, what a cool award!

Do the awards never end? This is great!

I am lucky to have such spirited supporters like April. Her spirit overflows!

Lookie lookie! Another Warzone graphic! Thanks Amicitia!

My friend Amicitia gave me thsi pressie the following week. Thanks!

I got thhis for cheering during my team's shout competition. We lost, but it was a lot of fun!

If I had a graphic for every time I eached the Warzone... wait a second, I do! Thanks April :)

Guess what? It's another Dome graphic from April! She's running out of pictures to use (LOL)!

And here's a Dome graphic from my good friend Amicitia. I do love awards :)

I got this award for cheering when my team, the Jesters, challenge the Pharaohs. We lost, but it was still a lot of fun.

My team won this for great spirit. Yeah!!!

Wait, don't run away! I've been freed, thanks to my friends. It was very heartwarming.

Wee One Giggles gave me this great globe. Isn't it lovely?

Yeah! DJesters won a shout competitin against DRingmasters, and I helped!

Very cool, and I got to answer quesitons!

I was the Jester's fighter of the month! What an honor!

I can't believe it, but I was Dome champ! My trophy is shining on the main page! Just as good, I was the first Jester to do it!!!

Darn it, I guess I must have cheered ahain. Yeah, we won!

I got a Santa Baby! Er... I think it's hungry...

I am a Wee One of the new millenium!

I won this spirit award on January 25, 2000! I'm not sure why, but I'll take it :)

Here's a gift from Dine of the Web Junkie Zone! Isn't it pretty?

Aw, how lovely! Thanks Kat!

Well, I guess a got a little wild and I got tossed into the Rubber Room by Wren. Thanks Wren! Now, how many times is that?

I'm not good at finding stuff, but I did find this special clover!

It's a gift from Wren! It looks like she's the one with the spirit here.

I got the team spirit award! Cool!

I found the fairy the Dark One captured! But I wasn't strong enough to open the jar.

This is from my friend Dinogirl, with love!

Again with the gift-giving! Thanks Dinogirl!

I run the Laudacious Loonies, and we won an award. Yay!

Yay, my team won the spirit award! No doubt they were powered by me, LOL!

What I did I have no idea, but this is the best thing for many a year, LOL!

I just became DIceCream Fairy, but I'm still in training!

DFairy Star gave this to me for reaching the Dome as a Fairy, yay!

I got my wings! Woohoo! Now, who can teach me Calculus?

I've been a Spirit Fairy for three months!

Ah man, I've been enchanted. Well, it could be worse... maybe :)

I was lucky enough to get bubbled!

This lovely gift is from Lady Rashka for my third Dome win.

Ay, the server went down, but ahm ok!

Yup, but just look at the next graphic!

Yay! Even if it is probably a mistake, it's still cool :)

Thanks! This is also for being Fairy of the month.

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