My spirit stick!The Site Fights, a great place to be.This is my new but spirited team, the DJesters Royale. Maybe you could even join...Made with spirit!

My days as a fighter in The Site Fights may be over, but my spirit and my involvement in TSF definitely are not. I have stopped fighting to help lead DJesters Royales, one of the seventeen teams, and also serve as DIceCream Fairy for DJesters. And hey, while I was fighting for three years, look at what I earned!

I was a Dome champion at The Site Fights!!!
 I won in DMan's Dome eight times and competed in The Site Fighter of the Year Tournament twice.
I was a Dome champion at The Site Fights again!!! Only four other sites have ever won the Dome more than once nonconsecutively!
I won the Dome a third time! It's not in a row, but only one other site has won like this. Thank you!
I won the Dome again! Thank you! That's two wins in a row, and one more to retire...
Five wins, and three in a row. I qualified for SFOTY 2000!
After a year, Lemmy's Land wins for its sixth time!!!
That's two in a row! I've won seven times!
Lemmy's Land retires undefeated for its second time!!!

This page contains all the spirit cheers I have personally written as well as various Site Fight pictures I have been given. Feel free to look around this page and the rest of my land, and may the spirit be with you!

If you would like to go see my spirit cheers, click here. Page 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

If you would like to go see my Site Fights pictures, click here. Page 2, 3, 4, 5.

If you would like to find out how and why to join the Site Fights, click here.

I would like to thank three very spirited individuals:

Princess Starla, my first Site Fight's friend, for getting me started and explaining SO much to me.
DQueen, my first team leader, for explaining the rest to me and for being very nice and understanding.
DHarlequin, my current team leader, for helping me whenever I needed it.

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The DJesters Royale
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