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This is my first page of spirit cheers. This page has 50 of my cheers on it. Feel free to read them and gain inspiration. If you are a DJester Royale like I am (yay!), you are welcome to use these on the Shout It Out page. You may also place them on your own spirit page, but I would like to be given credit if you do that.

Spirit Cheer 1:

DJesters Royales love to joke,
But here's one thing that's true:
They are truly spirited,
And they are never blue.

Spirit Cheer 2:

Although DJesters are real new,
They're professionals in cheering.
They're always ready to spread a laugh,
Their spirits always shine through.

Spirit Cheer 3:

All DJesters are royalty,
But that does not make them haughty.
They don't mind being pied or snowed,
And their spirits are overflowed.

Spirit Cheer 4:

(To the tune of The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers)

If all the world were Jesters, then there would not be sad.
Jesters are always happy, Jesters are never mad.
Jesters believe in spreading cheer and having lots of fun.
That's what makes us spirited, and makes us number one!

Spirit Cheer 5:

DJesters Royales are here to say,
"Have a great spirited day!"
And while you go about your way,
Be sure to spread some cheer today!

Spirit Cheer 6:

If you happen to pass a castle, be sure to step inside.
Go right down to the throne room, don't be scared, do not hide.
Just take a look around and you will find DJesters.
And you'll be witness to their cheer, and maybe a pie or two.

Spirit Cheer 7:

DJesters throwing snowballs, DJesters throwing pies.
DJesters doing transformations in a blink of an eye.
Wherever you look, the cheer hall or guestbook,
You'll always see DJesters taking time to spread spirit.

Spirit Cheer 8:

D is for diverting
J is for joking
E is for entertaining
S is for silly
T is for terrific
E is for enjoyable
R is for ridiculous
S is for spirited

Spirit Cheer 9:

DJesters have an urge to always spread some spirit.
So you'll be sure to see them shouting loud and quite a bit.
There's always bound to be one hanging out at the pie throw.
Signing guestbooks, tossing snow, that's the Royale show.

Spirit Cheer 10:

I am a DJester, my spirit's soaring high.
And if you get to know me, I might just throw a pie.
It's hard to escape a Jester while still being clean,
But at least you'll see our spirit, and the frosting is not lean.

Spirit Cheer 11:

Some say that us Jesters are addicted to chocolate pies. It's not true. But the banana cream sure is yummy.

DJesters Royale - For the spirited fighter who likes to throw pies.

Spirit Cheer 12:

I don't see anything wrong with our hats. They're pretty, they help you get found if you're lost, and they make great cat toys.

DJesters Royale - For the spirited fighter who is not afraid to make a fashion statement.

Spirit Cheer 13:

I am not afraid to show my true colors - red, blue, orange, yellow, pink...

DJesters Royale - For the spirited fighter who is multi-colored and multi-talented.

Spirit Cheer 14:

It's hard to get your feet on the ground when you're riding on a ball all the time.

DJesters Royale - For the spirited fighter who is not afraid to show it.

Spirit Cheer 15:

Some say that us Jesters can't write very good jokes. They're great jokes; they're just very sophisticated.

DJesters Royale - For the spirited fighter who is not afraid to read my jokes.

Spirit Cheer 16:

DJesters Royale are on their way.
jingle Jingle JIngle
DJesters Royale are on their way.
DJesters Royale have arrived.
DJesters Royale are here to stay.
They're ready to fight in a spirited way.
They tell jokes.
They throw pies.
It's no hoax.
I tell no lies.
DJesters Royale are here.
Come on, DJesters, cheer!

Spirit Cheer 17:

Our leader is DHarlequin
DJesters Royale are gonna win.
Our fairies dust and then they fly.
Our Wee Ones laugh when hit with pies.
Although DJesters are quite a new team,
We're filled with spirit and bursting at the seams!

Spirit Cheer 18:

If you come to say hello,
We'll always find a pie to throw.
We'll let you have it and give it to you.
You can have your pie and eat it too.
We have whoopee cushions and rubber chickens.
If you want humor it's no slim pickin's!
Come on in and laugh awhile,
We'll dress you up in the latest style.
(That would be a hat that rings,
Colorful clothes, and other things!)

Spirit Cheer 19:

Jingle bells! Jingle bells!
Jesters are on their way!
They have come to Shout It Out and then they want to play! Hey!
Jingle bells! Jingle bells!
Jesters are on their way!
They have a lot of spirit and they're here to cheer today! Yay!

Spirit Cheer 20:

Someone once told me that a pie in your eye is better than an anvil from the sky. Isn't it?

DJesters Royale - For the spirited fighter who... uh... doesn't like anvils.

Spirit Cheer 21:

So what we're a brand new team? At least our jokes haven't been overused yet.

DJesters Royale - For the spirited fighter who isn't afraid to take the lead.

Spirit Cheer 22:

If a Jester throws a pie, but there is no one on the other end to receive it, does it make a splat sound? These are the questions!

Spirit Cheer 23:

Come on Jesters! Time to cheer!
Now's the greatest time of year!
Pies, pillows, snowballs too.
These are what DJesters do!
Signing guestbooks, shouting loud,
DJesters will form a crowd!

Spirit Cheer 24:

Why did DJester cross the road?
Was there a pie, a chicken, whoopee cushion or what?
Or was there something spirited untold?
Why did DJester cross the road?

Spirit Cheer 25:

What's black and white and red all over?
Well, an answer could be a sunburned penguin.
But that wouldn't make much sense, would it?
It could be a mime hit by a cherry pie.
I'm not sure how this ties into the spirit.
But it does make you wonder...

Spirit Cheer 26:

How many Jesters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Well, this is a problem of several steps.
First one Jester must pull one out of a pie.
Another Jester needs to plant a whoopee cushion on the laddar, because otherwise the event is boring.
A third Jester needs to spread the spirit, because how will others know that the lightbulb is being changed?
And 10 Jesters need to hold the bulb while turning it, because they always work together.
So I guess that's 13, but wait! There's one more!
13's unlucky, so they'll be 14 for spirit.

Spirit Cheer 27:

Knock knock.
Who's there?
A bonus!
Oh- wait, that's probably a trademarked commercial. Oh well, let's try again.
Knock knock.
Who's there?
DJester who?
I want to spread the spirit.
You didn't answer my question.
Tough darts.
Well, since you're spreading spirit, you don't have to pay.
Thanks. Here's a pie for you.
Hey! I'm covered in frosting!
Spirit is dangerous in the wrong hands... But it is so much fun! Right Jesters?

Spirit Cheer 28:

What would a Jester be without a pie? Is it anything like a Fairy without its wings? Or a Western without a horse? Or an Eagle without a nest? Or is it worse? You can't eat any of those other things. And pies make great spirit. Try throwing one sometime. But you'll never beat DJesters' aim!

Spirit Cheer 29:

There is no such thing as an unspirited Jester.
By definition, a Jester is lively and spirited.
They're always bouncing around and making jokes,
Brightening the lives of all around them.
This is the DJester Royale mission:
To spread the spirit and make others happy.
Of course, they love to laugh too,
They have lots of tricks, but they're spirited true.

Spirit Cheer 30:

If it's Monday, a Jester can throw a pie.
If it's Tuesday, a Jester can perform a transformation.
If it's Wednesday, a Jester can throw a snowball.
If it's Thursday, a Jester can send a smile.
If it's Friday, a Jester can spread some jokes.
If it's Saturday, a Jester can sign some guestbooks.
If it's Sunday, a Jester can Shout It Out.
DJesters Royale are spirited every day.

Spirit Cheer 31:

In medieval times, Jesters were servants, and kings threw pies at them.
Now, Jesters are Royalty, and they throw pies at friends.
DJesters Royale remember the pains of servitude,
So they spread spirit and fun, they're not mean or rude.
Plus, their pies are better than they used to be.
So no one will mind much being pied by me.
The pies frosting are yummy but thin,
So clean-up is easy, and everyone wins!

Spirit Cheer 32:

Jesters, it is time to shout!
Show them what we're all about!
Let's go on a spirit boom.
Don't worry, there's always room.
Make out way to the Shouting Hall,
Where we'll cheer better than them all.
Then after our cheers we've pried,
We'll go home and throw a pie!

Spirit Cheer 33:

My hat, it has three jingles.
Three jingles has my hat.
And if it not three jingles.
It would not be my hat.

Spirit Cheer 34:

DJesters Royale are long on pies,
So help yourself to all you need.
We act real silly but we tell no lies.
We're smart clowns and we can read.
So don't be shy, come to the Ball,
We don't care if you dance bad.
We'll help you up if you fall.
We'll make a joke, but we won't be mad.

Spirit Cheer 35:

Don't be offended if hit by a pie.
Jesters don't want to make anybody cry.
We tell jokes and think they're fun.
If you don't like them we won't do them again.
DJesters are fighters, but also they're friends.
And they always have some spirit to lend.

Spirit Cheer 36:

DJesters aren't all fun and games, you know. We CAN vote loyally and get scores that aren't as bad as our jokes. If you don't distract us with a whoopee cushion.

DJesters Royale - For the spirited fighter who is more spirited than fighter.

Spirit Cheer 37:

Even when you're in a rush,
There's always time to cheer.
Take a quick stop by the Shouting Hall,
Think of a rhyme or two
Type in your name and your Email address
(That is the hardest part!)
Go write a line, 'cause spirit's divine!
Congrats! You have written a cheer!

Spirit Cheer 38:

Today is Monday!
So what does that mean?
A whole new week of cheering's begun!
A new week of fighting and friendship's begun!
A new chance to sign guestbooks, a new chance to cheer!
A new chance to vote for friends and make new ones!
A new week at The Site Fights!
I like Mondays.

Spirit Cheer 39:

Jesters love to spread spirit
And cheer to those who need it
Jesters are always there
To lend a helping cheer
Jesters would prefer to cheer
For people who are happy
Jesters do not like the idea
Of something going wrong
But Jesters are always sure
To cheer for some one down
Jesters will continue their cheering task
Until the one is up

Spirit Cheer 40:

Spirit increases exponentially
To how many cheerers are present
If there's one cheerer, that's one to the first: one
Two cheerers is two to the second: four
Three is three to the third: nine
And so it goes on and on
Jesters always go cheering together
In a very spirited way
When all the Jesters get together to shout
That is quite a lot of cheer!

Spirit Cheer 41:

Every Jester is full of spirit.
That's fighter, leader, and all.
Nothing can stop each Jester
From shouting out loud every day.
Whenever a Jester comes down to this hall,
They always have something to say.
That message can change as the days move on,
But the Jesters will always spread cheer.

Spirit Cheer 42:

I have to get this off my chest:
DJesters spirit is the best!
Look left, look right, look any way,
DJesters show spirit every day!

Spirit Cheer 43:

Ten, six, twelve, seven!
Jesters cheers are heard in heaven!
Why did I count incorrectly?
I made a Jester joke; it was no oopsie!

Spirit Cheer 44:

Jesters cheer! Jesters shout!
Jesters know what spirit's about!
Be on guard, or you'll get pied!
On spirit our minds are occupied!

Spirit Cheer 45:

Jesters are always balancing on a ball,
With juggling friendship, fighting, and all.
But I've never seen a Jester fall yet;
It's proof! DJesters pass the spirit test!

Spirit Cheer 46:

DJester spirit overflows.
Boundaries no Jester knows.
With so many ways to show your spirit,
It's no wonder that you can always hear it!

Spirit Cheer 47:

After a hard day, I like to relax,
And showing my spirit lets me do that!
It's just as fun to shout and cheer
As it is to be Fighter of the Year!

Spirit Cheer 48:

Writing poetry's hard, but cheering is not.
That's because spirit flows right from the heart.
Take a moment to collect what you're feeling inside,
And then you'll be ready to spread the cheer wide!

Spirit Cheer 49:

So many fighters and so many Wees.
So many spirits and so many Ds.
With so many people in The Site Fights,
You can't help but make friends, try as you might!

Spirit Cheer 50:

Though Jesters are not as young as they used to be,
They'll always seem like brand new to me!
There's always new teammates or something else new.
At each turn, they offer novel things to do!

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