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This is my seventh page for my spirit cheers. Right now, I have 59 cheers on this page.  Feel free to read them and gain inspiration. If you are a DJester Royale like I am (yay!), you are welcome to use these on the Shout It Out page. You may also place them on your own spirit page, but I would like to be given credit if you do that.

Spirit Cheer 301:

It's hard to whistle while you cheer,
Cuz you can't pucker with your mouth open wide.
But when your spirit's been heard all around,
Then, with heart high, you'll find whistling a breeze.

Spirit Cheer 302:

Gotta go! Jesters really gotta go!
Gotta shout! Jesters really gotta shout!
Spread the spirit! That's what we have to do!
Can't rest! Not until everyone hears it!

Spirit Cheer 303:

To "Do the Mario"

Spread your cheer! Throughout the Fights!
Come on, it's time to shout! Time to shout it out!
Make your voice, heard loud and clear!
Come on, it's time to shout! Time to shout it out!
Cheer! Send that spirit around! Come on now!
Shout! Send your voice far and wide! You've got it!
Spread that great spirit throughout the whole Site Fights!

Spirit Cheer 304:

It's time to spread the spirit!
Come on! I want to hear it!
Let everyone know we're here,
DJesters Royale!

Spirit Cheer 305:

Jesters gotta cheer! Gotta show that spirit!
Jesters gotta shout! Gotta show that spirit!
Gotta let everyone know just how good it is to catch TSF spirit!
When you catch it you'll never want to go without it!

Spirit Cheer 306:

Come on over to Circus Land,
Where between telling jokes we're lending a hand.
The place is kind of noisy, not so friendly for your ears.
But the rest of you will love it, for spirit's what you'll hear!

Spirit Cheer 307:

DJesters Royale are here for the fun!
We love showing spirit, and we're never done!
Spirit shines in many colors, so pick your favorite one.
There's plenty to go around, we've got spirit by the ton!

Spirit Cheer 308:

Showing the spirit is truly great!
That's why Jester spirit will never abate!
Having spirit is a most important trait,
Jesters have an extra helping on their plates!

Spirit Cheer 309:

This week marks the end of this year's FOTY,
And all want to know who the winner will be!
Four sites remain, only one can win the prize,
But all of them are winners as they reach for the skies!
So when voting closes the end of Saturday,
Regardless the outcome, let's all shout "HOORAY!"
These sites all worked hard, their spirit rings true,
Each one is a winner, and hey, so are you!

Spirit Cheer 310:

The Fighter of the Year has come to an end.
We have our winner, my congrats I send.
But all the Champs did well, it's easy to tell,
As far as I can see, none's spirit did quell.
These sites are all great, all among the best,
And it's just a few votes splitting one from the rest.
Great job to all, for all that you've done,
And remember, with spirit, you've already won!

Spirit Cheer 311:

Today's an historic day for DJesters Royale!
For Megan's Page is the third Jester to capture the Dome!
Great spirit, dedication, and hard work clearly made this site special!
Congratulations, Megan! We're all proud of you at home!

Spirit Cheer 312:

Your cheer's come through loud and clear!
Now all will know DJesters are hear!
So thank you, Luvchil, and keep it going!
For Jesters just cannot stop from shouting!

Spirit Cheer 313:

Oh no! DJesters can't help it!
Oh no! DJesters can't stop!
It feels so good we can't resist it!
That's why DJesters gotta show the spirit!

Spirit Cheer 314:

DJesters Royale has a secret.
I'll tell if you promise you won't.
Just come real close quiet as you can:

Spirit Cheer 315:

My little dog is oh-so-cute when she looks up at me.
And the local cat just grabs my eye although he looks angry.
I'd rather watch them than any TV show, no matter what about.
But even they can't keep me when it comes the time to shout!

Spirit Cheer 316:

I shout for DJesters, but let's not forget
The Dragons and Forest; these teams are the best!
We shout out together, right here in this hall;
For sharing the spirit we are winners all!

Spirit Cheer 317:

Oh it's time to shout, so don't stop me now!
For the spirit's bubblin', gotsta come out somehow!
I'm not sure what I'll say 'til my mouth's open wide!
But that's A-ok cuz I've got Jester pride!

Spirit Cheer 318:

It doesn't take a large team to show a ton of spirit!
DJESTERS! Let's get out there and shout so all can hear it!
Raise your voices to the sky and let your spirit ring!
It may not be melodic but I nev'r said we could sing!

Spirit Cheer 319:

Well it's cheering time, here at The Site Fights!
And here comes DJesters; we're feeling alright!
Everybody come 'round cuz the fun's about to start!
Get ready for some spirit coming straight from the heart!
DJesters Royale know just how to spread some cheer!
And if I didn' know better I'd say that's why you are here!
So sit back, relax, and get ready for a blast!
Because we DJesters are a spirited cast!

Spirit Cheer 320:

There's a ton of sites on the Internet.
Big, small, and intermediate.
But the best one of all is named The Site Fights.
All this spirit here shows we got something right!

Spirit Cheer 321:

It's not always easy to come up with good words.
But cheering's easy when your spirit soars with birds.
DJesters already spend little time on the ground,
And now you can't help but hear their cheerful sound!

Spirit Cheer 322:

Well it's Tuesday night, not a lot to do,
But I've got some spirit and I want to show you!
Just listen up and I think you'll find,
That DJester spirit is one of a kind!
Jesters Royale! Shouting it out!
Jesters Royale! Shouting it out!
We've got some spirit and we want you to see...
So come on down, and I'll share some with thee!
Yeah! Yeah! Show some spirit with thee! Yeah...

Spirit Cheer 323:

Do you hear a jingle and you're not sure what it is?
Then take a look 'o this way and I'll show you if you please.
It's a band of Jesters spreading spirit left and right;
If today's your lucky day you'll get a pie to help you fight!

Spirit Cheer 324:

OH... gotta rumble in my tummy!
OH... and I'm thirsty too!
Gotta fill 'er up, gotta fill 'er up now!
So serve me up a batch of DJester spirit!

Spirit Cheer 325:

Come on Jesters, why don't you show me what you got?
Come on to the Shout Out Hall; this spirit thing is hot!
We'll boogie to the beat as we spread the spirit wide,
We'll crank the volume up 'til they can hear us from outside!

Spirit Cheer 326:

Just looked around the cheering hall, just for to see,
And don't you know there's a Jester shouting out with me!
Her shouts are clearly masterpieces, treasures to behold;
Keep it up, Spirit Elven Magick, your spirit's solid gold!

Spirit Cheer 327:

DJesters' sense of humor just can't be beat!
Well keep you rolling and off your feet!
Now we can settle down and show spirit too,
But we prefer to do both, as we throw a pie at you!

Spirit Cheer 328:

I've come to heed the spirit call!
I got here fast cuz I rode my ball!
And now that I'm here it's plain to see:
Many TSFers had the same thought as me!
I shouldn't be surprised, we're one of a kind,
For all at TSF have a spirit-filled mind!

Spirit Cheer 329:

Here come DJesters, funniest team there is!
You could say throwing pies and cracking jokes' our biz!
But 'tween the laughs we show some cheer, and here is some right now:
Site Fighters have the spirit, all the others will be wowed!

Spirit Cheer 330:

Come on Jesters, are you ready to shout?!
Let's show 'em what it's all about!
Come on down 'n get ready to shine!
Cuz unless I miss my guess it's spirit time!

Spirit Cheer 331:

DJesters want to thank all those who rise to meet the spirit test!
The spirit's found all around this place, that's why The Site Fights is the best!
Everyone's helping one another, there are friendships all around;
This is what makes this so fun and got us off the ground!

Spirit Cheer 332:

Little Jester with a great big heart,
Once went down to the spirit supermart.
But as the spirit supply'd run dry,
She opened her mouth and cheered to the sky!
Now there was spirit for all, and everyone was thrilled;
And so the marketmaster asked just how much he'd be billed.
But the little Jester said she'd done the deed for free;
DJesters spread spirit so there's some for all to see!

Spirit Cheer 333:

Let's go to the spirit table and see what we've got!
A serving of spirit cheers is right here fresh and hot!
There's a side of Fairy dust and some confetti too!
Spirit feasts are hard to make, but this is what we do!

Spirit Cheer 334:

I've, been cheering with DJesters, all the livelong day!
I've, been cheering with DJesters, gonna send some cheer your way!
I've, been cheering with DJesters, and I never plan to quit!
For I've, been cheering with DJesters, and I like it more than just a bit!

Spirit Cheer 335:

You never know what life will next throw,
Can never be sure things will go just so.
But at The Site Fights, spirit is certain.
So relax and take comfort where everyone wins!

Spirit Cheer 336:

It's Friday night and the week's about to end,
But before it does I've got some cheer to send!
The weekend is a-comin', gonna be here real soon,
So Jesters are spreading spirit underneath a great full moon!
Can't let a little thing like weekends slow us down,
We're here right now to shout, gonna rock this whole town!
The sun's about to set and soon we'll have to go,
But we'll be back tomorrow, the same place or don't you know?
Yeah! DJesters! Alright! Wooh!

Spirit Cheer 337:

It's late on Saturday and almost time for bed,
But first I gotta get this cheer out of my head!
I can't hang on to this spirit just for me,
Gotta send it cross the Fights because the spirit's free!

Spirit Cheer 338:

It seems the Shout Hall's a bit empty today.
I can still see signs of my last cheer foray.
It's a little unusual, but no need to worry:
Monday's coming; shouters will be back in a hurry!

Spirit Cheer 339:

It's Monday everyone, time for this party to start!
It's time to show that spirit, everyone do your part!
There's no right way to do it, how you show it's up to you!
That's what makes it special; why don't you show us what you do?
The floor is yours, we're listening, ya got ev'one's eye!
But there's no need to worry, so come on, do not be shy!
We're here to help each other have ourselves a blast!
Oh this is how the fun at TSF is sure to last!

Spirit Cheer 340:

I wanna hear you cheer! I wanna hear you shout!
This is what TSF's all about!
I wanna hear you laugh! I wanna hear your delight!
Then I'll know we're doing this right!

Spirit Cheer 341:

I wanna see my name up in flashing lights!
This is why I came and joined the Site Fights!
Cuz I know showing spirit makes you number one,
And even if it didn't it's a whole lot of fun!

Spirit Cheer 342:

Jesters are always on the go,
Spreading cheer to all they know!
It's a hard task; they know more than a few,
But that's ok 'cause it's a ton of fun too!

Spirit Cheer 343:

Jesters are always on the go,
Spreading cheer to all they know!
It's a hard task; they know more than a few,
But that's ok 'cause it's a ton of fun too!

Spirit Cheer 344:

DJesters coming so better make way!
For we've got spirit and we want to play!
DJesters coming so better make room!
Gotta share that spirit 'fore we go boom!

Spirit Cheer 345:

Come one, come all, to the Shout Out Hall!
Where we are sure to have a ball!
Come on out, each and everyone!
So we all can have a ton of fun!

Spirit Cheer 346:

This morn' I had trouble getting out of bed;
"It's too early!", at least so I said.
But showing spirit's not hard, in fact the hard thing,
Is keeping it inside rather than let my Jester spirit ring!

Spirit Cheer 347:

DJesters Royale can, and DJesters Royale do!
DJesters Royale are gonna spread some spirit right to you!
DJesters Royale may, and DJesters Royale will!
DJesters Royale won't stop until everyone has had their fill!

Spirit Cheer 348:

I don't know but thought I heard:
Not sharing spirit is obsurd!
I'm not sure but might have seen:
Jester spirit's very keen!

Spirit Cheer 349:

Come on Jesters, represent!
We won't rest 'til our spirit's spent!
But since our spirit has never run dry,
It'll be quite some time 'fore we get some shut eye!

Spirit Cheer 350:

Shout it to the left!
Now shout it to the right!
Hope you're not too tired,
Cuz we're gonna shout all night!
Go Jesters!

Spirit Cheer 351:

It's cheering time!
Yes it's cheering time!
Oh it's cheering time today!

So come on down!
Make some sound!
Let's have a spirit partay!

Spirit Cheer 352:

Don't got much time!
Just enough to make a rhyme!
So save some spirit until I return,
As quick as can be; for TSF I yearn!

Spirit Cheer 353:

Gimme a J!
Gimme an E!
Gimme an... aw forget it, just give me a STERS!
JESTERS can't wait to finish this cheer,
So we can post more for all to hear!

Spirit Cheer 354:

Can't help it!
I gotta shout it!
You're gonna hear it!
So come share it!

Spirit Cheer 355:

DJesters are a spirited band!
We learn to walk - but on our hands!
And if you see us marching by,
Come join us! We won't ask why.

Spirit Cheer 356:

Here at The Site Fights, things are going fine.
There's Fairy Dust in the air, lots of spirit on the mind.
There's just one thing that's missing, now just what could that be?
Why, there's still room in the Shout Hall! So come on and cheer with me!

Spirit Cheer 357:

DJesters DJesters, come out and play!
Let's put the icing on this spirit-filled day!
I've seen a lot of fun, lots of smiles too,
But it won't be complete until we hear from you!

Spirit Cheer 358:

It's a little hard to think when I've had no food to eat.
But a little thing like hunger will not my spirit beat!
The spirit's like the heart, which you don't need to control.
And so too my spirit works, even if I'm far less than full.

Spirit Cheer 359:

DJesters! I'm shouting, for you to hear!
DJesters! I'm cheering, so come all near!
When we are together, we Jesters can't be beat!
So come shout it out and send up a spirit treat!

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