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This is my third page for my spirit cheers. Right now, I have 50 cheers on this page.  Feel free to read them and gain inspiration. If you are a DJester Royale like I am (yay!), you are welcome to use these on the Shout It Out page. You may also place them on your own spirit page, but I would like to be given credit if you do that.

Spirit Cheer 101:

DJesters just keep rolling along, up to the Warzone and up to the Dome.
But they never mind taking a detour, not when the destination is causing a smile.
So Jesters Royale are not rare in this Hall, nor are they on the boards.
The only thing is, they can't be pinned down. By the time they finish one task, they're onto the next!

Spirit Cheer 102:

Jesters have no quams with showing their spirit, as long as they don't have to clean it up.

DJesters Royale, for the spirited fighter who's not afraid to get a little messy.

Spirit Cheer 103:

Jesters didn't do it! What's that? Oh, the corny jokes? Yep, that was us.

DJesters Royale, for the spirited fighter who doesn't fear the audience.

Spirit Cheer 104:

In case you're wondering why I've never written a Jesters marching cheer, it's because, with the ball riding, the bouncing around, and the incessant laughing, we don't do it well.

DJesters Royale, for the spirited fighter marching... er, I mean rolling off to show it.

Spirit Cheer 105:

Sure Jesters jingle, but it's not like we compose them. It's sort of a mandatory reflex.

DJesters Royale, for the spirited fighter who's spirit rings around them.

Spirit Cheer 106:

If Jesters were any more excited when they came to the Shout Hall, they'd bounce right through the ceiling.

DJesters Royale, for the spirited fighter who should really take decaf.

Spirit Cheer 107:

I am proud to be a Jester!
Of all the teams there is none better.
This is a team that's not afraid
To show the spirit; they parade!
And that bundle of cheer makes DJesters so much fun;
That's why I've been one since their day one!

Spirit Cheer 108:

When visiting DJesters, there is nowhere to turn
Where a place to spread spirit can not be learned.
Try to run and hide if you dare;
DJester spirit will find you anywhere.
Take up the spirit and come on back.
DJesters will have you, and that's a fact!
Take up a part and help spread the cheer.
It would be hard to with DJesters near!

Spirit Cheer 109:

DJesters Royale have the best leaders.
Of spirit these Family members have liters!
There's DHarlequin, atop of it all.
When I'm around her, I just have a Ball!
Right beside her is DCavilier.
He can not help but spread the cheer!
And who can forget D Lunatic or Mayhem?
I'd have to search hard for better assistants than them!
I'm glad to have such spirited people on the staff,
And not to mention, they're always good for a laugh!

Spirit Cheer 110:

When I think of DJesters, a tear comes to my eye.
But it's not 'cause I'm sad! No, not I!
I have all of these great memories
That extend from May 1999, and they come with great ease.
All of the good times I've had with the team-
What'd you expect? They have a great theme!
I know that DJesters will continue long on.
Nothing can stop them; the spirit will never be gone!
Through good times and bad, DJesters will stelve.
For we'll get over misfortune, to the happiness shelf!

Spirit Cheer 111:

Quit laughing! Is there a sign on us that says to laugh? Oh, there is? Ok then, carry on!

DJesters Royale, for the spirited fighter who can't help but stand out.

Spirit Cheer 112:

To write a grade A spirit cheer you have to get in tune.
Once your mind is clear those ideas will come really soon.
Let the ideas flow from your mind and right down to your pen.
You'll find that your mind is actually a spirit den.

Spirit Cheer 113:

When you love to shout the cheers will come.
Your heart is where the spirit will come from.
Write about a friendship or write about a team,
But in either case your spirit will be sure to gleam.

Spirit Cheer 114:

Cheers come in many shapes.
So from your mind throw back the drapes.
When the mood strikes just write some lines.
It's the content that counts, not the rhymes.

Spirit Cheer 115:

Even though my words always match,
Each word a part of a perfect batch,
That's not the way a shout has to be.
When you write a cheer, you can be free.
So say what you think until you are done.
It doesn't matter as long as it's-

Spirit Cheer 116:

A cheer's about feeling, not just poetry.
A cheer is about the content inside.
And, if you've written one, I'm sure you'll agree;
Shouting is fun so it's great to abide!

Spirit Cheer 117:

DJesters Royale are here to shout.
They've too much spirit to be left out.
Though small in number they make lots of noise,
Enough for quota times ten in girls and boys.

Spirit Cheer 118:

Day in, day out, DJesters come to cheer.
Each and every day they look to spread the fun.
Why rest when there is so much to do here?
When it comes to sharing spirit, Jesters are never done!

Spirit Cheer 119:

It's getting late, but do not worry:
DJesters are here to show their spirit.
No need to rush, no need to hurry;
DJesters will shout so all can hear it.

Spirit Cheer 120:

I'm a Jester, here tonight.
I hope your day has been alright.
Whether your day's held fun or fear,
We'll gather here and raise some cheer!

Spirit Cheer 121:

Give me an F!
Give me a U!
Give me an N!
What does that spell?

Spirit Cheer 122:

Take a trip to Circus Land,
Where Jesters joke and lend a hand.
We're here for fun, of this there's no doubt.
But we've got serious spirit, and we'll always shout.

Spirit Cheer 123:

DJesters Royale show their spirit even when they're tired.
It's no chore to spread the cheer; Jesters do it for fun.
All day long you'll find them bringing smiles to many faces.
Until each of them has one, Jesters will not be done!

Spirit Cheer 124:

Look up high into the sky,
And you'll see Jesters flying by.
No, these clowns do not have wings,
But they have so much spirit, it's like the same thing!

Spirit Cheer 125:

I'm getting ready for the fireworks, on this great holiday.
But first I thought I'd stop on by to do my daily cheering.
It may be a day off for most of those who usually work,
For Jesters though it's just another day of spirited shouting!

Spirit Cheer 126:

They may not got milk, chocolate or otherwise,
But there can be no doubt that JESTERS GOT THE SPIRIT!!!

Spirit Cheer 127:

DJester spirit's impromptu.
They never know just what they'll do.
But somehow or another way.
They're sure to brighten someone's day!

Spirit Cheer 128:

Jesters come from all around,
So they can spread a joyous sound.
When there's laugher in the air,
You know a Jester's been there!

Spirit Cheer 129:

I have the time,
To make a rhyme,
Cuz Jesters are divine.

Can't you hear it?
The Jester spirit,
For everyone a little bit.

Spirit Cheer 130:

DJesters Royale are on fire!
Of spreading spirit, they'll never tire.
They know how it's done, they're in the groove,
It's time to go cheer so let's move!

Spirit Cheer 131:

Jesters are here, here to stay.
They love coming to shout their cheers.
Whether they're dusting or throwing a pie,
Jesters make sure that all are having fun.
It's no problem; they have spirit by the ton,
And they can share it as easily as some just sigh.
So don't try to run when a Jester nears;
They're only here to brighten your day!

Spirit Cheer 132:

Here come the Cheer Champs once again!
They rise to the occassion, just tell them when.
Though small in number, they're great in spirit;
They're Jesters, they're champions, and they'll shout so all can hear it!

Spirit Cheer 133:

DJesters have the power!
DJesters have the desire!
They are here to SHOUT IT OUT!
And the spirit has never been higher!

Spirit Cheer 134:

DJesters Royale stand on trial.
The verdict comes, a guilty call!
DJesters are guilty of showing the spirit!

Spirit Cheer 135:

Though unconventional, DJesters have a certain grace. It's in the wrist when they throw a pie.

DJesters Royale - For the spirited fighter who's proud to be special.

Spirit Cheer 136:

Here come DJesters, partying today.
You bring the ice cream, I'll bring the cake.
They're... gonna celebrate the cheer,
So let's all gather around here!

Spirit Cheer 137:

Hurry now, we must not delay;
Jesters got a lot of spirit to spread today!

Spirit Cheer 138:

Who but DJesters can hit a target with a pie a football field away?
Who but DJesters can take any frown and turn it upside down?
Who but DJesters can have an instant party?
And who but DJesters can spread the spirit all Site Fights wide?

Spirit Cheer 139:

The stock market may rise and fall,
But not DJesters' spirit.
It's high as it has always been,
And never will decrease.

Spirit Cheer 140:

Who's got the spirit?
Jesters! Jesters!
Who's got the spirit?
Jesters! Jesters got the spirit!

Spirit Cheer 141:

Jesters come to show spirit,
Hoorah! Hoorah!
Jesters come to show spirit,
Hoorah! Hoorah!
DJesters want ev'one to know
Just how much fun the spirit's to show
And they all come Shout it Out!

Spirit Cheer 142:

We'll CHEER!
Because we love to!
Because we're spirited!
CHEER CHAMPS! Coming 'round again.
Come on! Let's all cheer!

Spirit Cheer 143:

Come on Jesters, one and all!
Let's come shout and have a ball!
You bring the ice cream, I've got the cake.
We've got a party and lots of noise to make!

Spirit Cheer 144:

DJesters want to send a shout,
To Enchanted Castle, the newest team about.
Their fighters start today on their quest to the Dome,
And the team's a great addition to The Site Fights' home.

Spirit Cheer 145:

When the rounds close for the day,
DJesters come; they're ready to play.
Their fighting's just a rouse;
Instead they're always making spirit news!

Spirit Cheer 146:

Go, Jesters! Go!
Cheer, Jesters! Cheer!
Joke, Jesters! Joke!
Win, Jesters! Win!

Spirit Cheer 147:

Jesters are hungry for the spirit, the best taste far and wide!
So sit down to some pie, with some spirit tucked inside!

Spirit Cheer 148:

I love to cheer and I love to shout.
This is what the Fights are all about!
Sure, in the ring we all compete,
But it's the friendships that make this place complete!

Spirit Cheer 149:

DJesters Royale are on a ball,
Each one heeding the spirit call.
That's why we come down to this Hall,
Our cheers careeming off the walls!

Spirit Cheer 150:

We cheer and we dust;
Spreading spirit's a must.
Why do we do this?
We're Jesters Royale!

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