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This is my  second page for my spirit cheers.  Right now, I have 50 cheers on this page.  Feel free to read them and gain inspiration. If you are a DJester Royale like I am (yay!), you are welcome to use these on the Shout It Out page.  You may also place them on your own spirit page, but I would like to be given credit if you do that.

Spirit Cheer 51:

Jesters have a large toy box,
And in it are jokes of knocks.
Why would we have this, you might say?
They'll be great for spirit some rainy day!

Spirit Cheer 52:

Spirit is like blank verse.
There is no particular rhyme or reason to it.
Except for cheer.
Which is always accompanied by spirit, to make others happy.
It is an uplifting force.
But also mysterious.
Very few rules govern it.
It is a free, yet terrific entity.

Spirit Cheer 53:

Go! Go Jesters!
We are the bester!
We're better than the rester!
Even if our grammar's worster.

Spirit Cheer 54:

Jesters follow Harlequin, D.
Our spirit can not beaten be!
No spirit quest's too great or small.
DJesters will do them all!

Spirit Cheer 55:

DJesters Royale are here to play.
And to spread their spirit thoughout the Fights.
They model spirit, just like clay.
And Jesters cheer through days and nights!

Spirit Cheer 56:

Where 'tis it, where could it be?
Where is the spirit for you from me?
Wait! I see it! It's right over there!
It's nestled between Jesters' hats and hair!

Spirit Cheer 57:

In order to beat the Dark One, let's try to shed some light.
We'll study our opponent, and then the best we'll fight.
Everyone! Come together! Unite our forces one!
We will free that fairy, and make sure the job gets done!

Spirit Cheer 58:

Let's pool all our strength today!
Cheer our loudest, a great hooray!
Our spirit shall lead us to victory!
The light around us is for all to see!

Spirit Cheer 59:

One, two, three, four!
We won't sit here any more!
Five, six, seven, eight!
To beat the Dark One is our fate!

Spirit Cheer 60:

Let's all shout, let no one bend!
We'll break the glass that holds our friend!
That source of evil, banish him!
Our great spirit, his power will dim!

Spirit Cheer 61:

The fairy's pounding on the glass jar's walls, screaming loud as she can.
How far will the evil get, will it conquer the Land?
No! Our force is way too strong, with us the Dark One stops.
From here on in, all that He does, will be a set of flops.
Nothing can stop our great spirit, once it gets full blown.
Our cheers have done wonders before, and again it will be shown!

Spirit Cheer 62:

The Dark One's gone to His gloomy hut.
He thinks he's safe, with the iron door shut.
But our spirit knows not boundaries.
We will shout loud until He frees!

Spirit Cheer 63:

There are twenty-four teams in the whole Site Fights.
To beat the Dark Ones, all of us must unite.
Rehardless of our team or our own spirit troop,
We're here on the same quest, and we're part of the same group!

Spirit Cheer 64:

What could He want with one so fair?
He must think it's important if He brought her to His lair.
So few things are known about this dangerous foe,
Yet, cheering our very loudest is the way to win, I know!

Spirit Cheer 65:

The word around The Site Fights is the Dark One has a helper.
Nothing is known about this fiend. I hope it is not stealthier!
How large is the Dark One's force? I do not wish to learn.
So NOW's the time to shout out loud, if victory we yearn!

Spirit Cheer 66:

Who is this new "Dark One"? Let's recall the tale.
Before she was captured, the Fairy knew His stail.
Could it be that the Dark One is some one we thought true?
Or is it some one else who has previously caused blue?
The Dark One's true identity is kept in mystery,
But everyone who cheers can shout, "I've proved it isn't me!"

Spirit Cheer 67:

What the Dark One has done makes me mad.
The things He has done are nothing but bad.
In order to stop Him, cheer loud we should.
That's because He is evil, but all of us are good!

Spirit Cheer 68:

The anger caused by evil causes me to melt.
That's why the Dark One with cheers I pelt!
We must do our best to free that trapped Fae.
Dark One! I implore you to free her today!

Spirit Cheer 69:

It is a lucky thing that I was not caught.
Those in a jar can not cheer a lot.
We must shout extra, to make up for what's lost.
The Dark One will pay for what He has cost!

Spirit Cheer 70:

All was going smoothly at The Site Fights.
But all of a sudden, something wasn't right.
The Dark One showed up and gave us all a fright.
Now we must shout our best, day and night!

Spirit Cheer 71:

A twisted maze of strange events.
None of this seems to make any sense!
What fault could the Dark One find?
To the truth, he must be blind!
We must show him what is true.
Now I've cheered, but what about you?

Spirit Cheer 72:

-----------------------Dark One--------------------

Spirit Cheer 73:

Do you know any enemy without a weakness?
All the ones I know have some strength they miss.
Perhaps the Dark One is similary weak.
If we can find what that is, than the evil will leak.
What could that be? Does anyone know?
I am not sure but some cheers I will throw!

Spirit Cheer 74:

The Dark One came to chat last night, or so I have been told.
DMan was at the chat as well; the Dark One must be bold!
He must think He's powerful, so we must stop Him cold.
If our cheers have not worked yet, then we must cheer two-fold!

Spirit Cheer 75:

Wakey wakey! Time to cheer!
The Dark One must not stay here!
Has it been a week, or a whole year?
Either way evil I fear!

Spirit Cheer 76:

What more can be said against the Dark One?
What could one do that hasn't yet been done?
This is not just a joust of originality,
But of uniting the voices of everybody.
We are all here to free His prisoner,
So let's all shout. Let none be a listener!

Spirit Cheer 77:

Who would have guessed that one little Wee
Would learn of the Dark One while high in a tree?
Our assignment is clear, so let's get to it!
If we all shout it out, it will be a great hit!

Spirit Cheer 78:

We will not let the Dark One ruin the fights.
He's a rough in a diamond, a still beautifil sight.
To make that gem sparkle, the Dark One we'll perge.
On perfection, again, the Fights will converge!

Spirit Cheer 79:

The Dark One and His friend have stolen some wands.
Now those who still have one must join and form bonds.
He took our magic but He can't take our minds.
Sooner or later, we'll come from behind!

Spirit Cheer 80:

The Dark One continues on His newest rampage.
There must be some way to end His crazed rage!
Maybe some spirit could get through to His heart.
But we'll need to shout loud for the evil to part.
But that's no problem, we've done that before.
So let's give a flourish of great cheers galore!

Spirit Cheer 81:

Here comes the Dark One!
But wait! Don't you run!
Just cheer and we've won,
Cuz it's lots of fun!

Spirit Cheer 82:

DJesters are here to give a cheer
But there is no reason to fear!
The clowns are going to spread some smiles.
They've been doing it for quite a while!
When you're down, just come around
To our place, that's friendly ground.
Whatever's wrong, we'll cheer you up.
You'd wag your tail ifen you were a pup!

Spirit Cheer 83:

Everyone come gather 'round
And listen to the joyful sound
That Jesters make when they spread cheer.
It's among the best sounds of the year!
So listen up and hear the glee
That radiates from you and me.

Spirit Cheer 84:

DJester spirit never slows,
But like that pink bunny always goes.
Wherever of some cheer someone's in need,
Jesters will be their to spread joy for the plead.

Spirit Cheer 85:

White flag? What a boring color! But I got lots more to choose from.

DJesters Royale, for the spirited fighter who never quits.

Spirit Cheer 86:

The spirit here is in great abundance.
Everywhere I go I see the spirit flow.
Isn't it great to see all this cheer at no expense?
It's so easy to get caught in the stream of joy, so
I've decided The Site Fights is the best place to be.
It's one big happy family working for the same cause.
And since that goal is for the spirit to run free,
As long as we keep it, the victory is ours!

Spirit Cheer 87:

Just as ice cream fills the cracks in the tummy,
The spirit of the Fights fills the cracks in the soul.
Like it or not, the spirit is contagious,
So you can't be in long before you feel it in you.
But don't fight it, it's not a disease.
Well, maybe it is, but not a bad one!
You'll get caught in the friendship with no escape route,
But hey, making friends is what the Fights are about!

Spirit Cheer 88:

Jesters can rise to meet any quest.
We have already proven that we are the best!
Who else can juggle friendship and loyalty,
And a healthy dose of spirit but we?
'Course, sometimes we let fall our act on purpose.
Keeping the spirit to ourselves could make things worse.
No, we throw it around so that everyone gets some.
You won't mind getting hit; it's a pie, not a drum!

Spirit Cheer 89:

Spirit is like a boomerang.
When you throw it, it comes back to you.
But here's the difference: it's bigger than before.
And along the way it makes many stops galore.
Soon everyone's tossing them through the air,
But sometimes everything remains in harmony there.
So, what better reason to spread some joy
Than it's coming back to lift you? So cheer!

Spirit Cheer 90:

Hi? No... Hello? No... Greetings? No... I got it! Splat!

DJesters Royale, for the spirited fighter who is not afraid to be creative.

Spirit Cheer 91:

Bad things happen in the world.
Theft... murder... unspeakable horrors.
But The Site Fights is a place of refuge.
Here, we are all friends; nothing threatens that.
Except maybe for the Dark One or D'Agony Uncle.
But those are usually dealt with without too much difficulty.
We must be grateful that there is a place to turn where we don't have to be afraid.
Perhaps The Site Fights is a wildlife reserve for people.
Whatever exactly the Fights and the spirit are, I am proud to be a part of it.
Let all who are part of this glorious group show how great it is!
Just like I am doing now.

Spirit Cheer 92:

A new week's here and oh! The joy!
This gives me a chance for new cheers to employ!
Cheering is fun, and so wholesome too.
Since cheers cause happiness, shouters can't be blue!

Spirit Cheer 93:

Jesters slip on bananas and Jesters throw pies.
Jesters' hair is colored by a myriad of dyes.
Jesters are busy with all of these things,
But still the cheers of Jesters constantly ring!

Spirit Cheer 94:

What is the spirit, and how do its qualities rate?
I've been here awhile, and I've found it fluctuates.
The meaning of spirit, you'll have to find yourself,
For its definition will be different from Knight to Elf.
Still, all meanings of spirit have some things on common:
Be friendly, be cheerful, and, when needed, be solumn.

Spirit Cheer 95:

Where is the spirit? Oh where can it be?
Is it on any page in the Fights? Not exactly.
The Site Fights help allow that spirit to be free,
But all of the real spirit is in you and me.
There are many involved in spirit - each D!
You can be sure they have spirit when in the Family.
But to maximize the spirit, the source must be increased.
That is why we must untap our spirit, you see.
It make take some time for the faucet to release,
But give it a try - you'll be spreading the glee!

Spirit Cheer 96:

No day is complete without a good dose of shouting.
All must spread the cheer so no one will be pouting.
Perhaps followed by a nice guestbook signing.
With all of this friendship no one will be whining!
Then the day is done, to home all are returning.
And often, hidden dessert! A surprise gift giving!

Spirit Cheer 97:

The spirit travels in great circles.
It goes out from the source and encounters the world.
The effected radiate it, and send it around.
So soon it will come back to where it started.
But, like a balloon, the spirit keeps growing.
It's larger than ever, and yet, it can't burst!

Spirit Cheer 98:

I am proud to be a DJesters Royale!
Their spirit is anything but low-cal.
They've been showing spirit for thirty-seven months,
And they'll continue to do so. That is my hunch!

Spirit Cheer 99:

Jesters can't seem to stop clowning around.
And woah! if their feet ever touch the ground.
But they always take the spirit seriously,
Or, at least as much so as a Jester can be.

Spirit Cheer 100:

Don't call us "crazed lunatics"! "Lunies" is just fine.

DJesters Royale, for the spirited fighter who is not afraid to stand out.

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