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This is my fifth page for my spirit cheers. Right now, I have 50 cheers on this page.  Feel free to read them and gain inspiration. If you are a DJester Royale like I am (yay!), you are welcome to use these on the Shout It Out page. You may also place them on your own spirit page, but I would like to be given credit if you do that.

Spirit Cheer 201:

When you see a Jester,
Now don't you run.
Our jokes aren't that bad,
And we've got spirit by the ton!

Spirit Cheer 202:

Yes, another cheer-
I cheer a lot.
For Jesters know:
Shouting hits the spot!

Spirit Cheer 203:

There may not be a lot of us,
In fact there's just a few.
But Jesters are truly spirited,
And we'll bring some spirit to you!

Spirit Cheer 204:

Don't worry, I can stop cheering any time. Wait a minute... no, I can't!

DJesters Royale, for the spirited fighter who can't help but show their spirit.

Spirit Cheer 205:

Come on! Let's all shout!
What does that spell?
What does that spell?
I can't hear you!
What do we got?

Spirit Cheer 206:

I've come to post another cheer,
A cheer that I hope all will hear.
Gather around, let's all come near.
We're all friends here, so have no fear.

Spirit Cheer 207:

Jesters all need exercise.
We get it in this Hall.
We shout out loud, we shout out proud,
We heed the spirit call.

Spirit Cheer 208:

All at once we gather around,
Not a Jester making sound.
Suddenly we open wide,
And let loose the spirit sitting inside!

Spirit Cheer 209:

A cheer for the Jesters,
A cheer for the Fights.
We're in this together;
Let's shout it out right!

Spirit Cheer 210:

Shout it to the left!
Shout it to the right!
DJesters have the spirit!
We're gonna show it day and night!

Spirit Cheer 211:

I want to see your spirit!
I want to see you cheer!
Let's get out there and spread some smiles,
Cuz that's why we are here!

Spirit Cheer 212:

Eating, drinking, sleeping too,
These are things I like to do.
But before I can I gotta shout,
I just gotta let my spirit out!

Spirit Cheer 213:

DJesters Royale sure make me proud-
It's amazing how they shout out loud!
Let's keep it up, shout every day,
For this is the Jester way!

Spirit Cheer 214:

Let's go DJesters!
For we can not be beat!
We're champions in spirit,
And we're always on our feet!

Spirit Cheer 215:

DJesters can't be quiet,
Our voices must be heard!
Our spirit never quells,
But rather soars like a bird!

Spirit Cheer 216:

Jesters have so much spirit,
It doesn't all fit in our heads!
We bottle the rest, pass it around,
Then others can use it instead!

Spirit Cheer 217:

Even when times are rough,
Jesters will be here to show our spirit!
We love to cheer, we can't get enough.
So we'll keep shouting, we'll never quit!

Spirit Cheer 218:

Post a cheer, read a cheer.
Everybody show the spirit!
Make a friend, do it again.
Site Fights is the place for fun!

Spirit Cheer 219:

DJesters is the team for me!
There's spirit as far as I can see!
We don't need 10s to achieve victory,
For it's all in fun! Time to party!

Spirit Cheer 220:

DJesters take it to the Dome!
We'll win win win and then come home!
But even if the points fall short,
We're still the champs cuz we had fun!

Spirit Cheer 221:

DJesters! You've done it again!
You amaze me every day!
Your spirit abounds, you share it around,
For it's the Jester way!

Spirit Cheer 222:

Hop aboard the
Spirit train!
Now show your spirit

Spirit Cheer 223:

Sometimes it is hard to think,
But it's never hard to cheer.
That's because spirit's not in the brain,
But deep, deep in the heart.

Spirit Cheer 224:

DJesters laugh, DJesters play,
DJesters show spirit all the way!

Spirit Cheer 225:

Alright Jesters, you know what to do!
Gather around now, don't be shy!
With our voices loud and clear,
We'll send the spirit high into the sky!

Spirit Cheer 226:

Another day and here I am,
Shouting it Out with my Jesters!
We gotta spread the spirit far and wide,
For that's when we all feel good inside!

Spirit Cheer 227:

Jesters come by as swiftly as flies,
But we're not pests as we zoom on by.
And as we pass, we leave some spirit.
We're very loud so you're sure to hear it!

Spirit Cheer 228:

Who are we?
What do we do?
Why do we cheer?
Why are we Jesters?

Spirit Cheer 229:

Jesters got the energy and we can never stop,
So we are always moving; we can't stand but we can hop!
We gotta do something while we're moving to and fro,
So we'll leave you some spirit when we pass before we go.

Spirit Cheer 230:

Come on Jesters! Cheer with me!
Cheer LOUD so everybody knows!
Jester spirit is number one,
So come on down, don't be shy!

Spirit Cheer 231:

I don't got a lot of time,
Just enough to make a rhyme.
That's all you need to spirit share;
It's not hard, but we'll be glad you were there!

Spirit Cheer 232:

DJesters are charged and ready to go!
We never disconnect, and through spirit we refuel!

Spirit Cheer 233:

DJesters sing spirit in all directions!
We may not be great singers but we have the best intentions!

Spirit Cheer 234:

I really love to cheer!
So every day I just gotta come here!
Join me Jesters, and as one,
We'll spread spirit by the ton!

Spirit Cheer 235:

I'm never quite sure what I'm going to say,
When I come here to post some cheers.
But it doesn't matter the words you use,
It's the spirit behind them that counts!

Spirit Cheer 236:

Time flies when you're having fun:
Look how fast it's zooming now!
Showing spirit is really fun!

Spirit Cheer 237:

I want to hear the spirit ring
Throughout the air. DJesters, sing!
Then when the day has come to an
End, we'll all party with DMan!

Spirit Cheer 238:

Jesters cheer every day,
Just like clockwork!
We love to shout as loud as we can,
And so the spirit we won't shirk!

Spirit Cheer 239:

I've got a secret that I want to share.
I'll need to whisper, so be soft and come near.
Alright, now remember to keep this quiet:

Spirit Cheer 240:

Come down to the Shout Hall and what will you see?
DJesters Royale shouting constantly!

Spirit Cheer 241:

When I write a cheer, I don't know just what I'll say.
Spirit can't be controlled; it flows every which way!
But that we all have some, that's for certain.
And when we all share it, that's when we win.

Spirit Cheer 242:

DJesters won't be satisfied
'Til sharing spirit they've been spied.
And even once they've done this deed,
They'll repeat with the greatest of speed.

Spirit Cheer 243:

DJesters, time to do your stuff,
Cuz NOT showing spirit is really tough!

Spirit Cheer 244:

I like to whistle while I shout,
Even though it's hard to do.
But cheering loud is so much fun,
I can't help it! Now how about you?

Spirit Cheer 245:

I've come to cheer for I'm a DJester!
Our spirit's so high it can hardly be greater!
We'll cheer so loud you'll be sure to notice;
That you'll come and join us is our dearest wish!

Spirit Cheer 246:

I come here to shout on every day,
For spirit's important and this is my way.
And I hope when I come I'll see some teammates,
So join me, DJesters, and do not be late!

Spirit Cheer 247:

Where's DJester?
In the Shout Hall of course!
We'll cheer and shout
'Til we are hoarse!

Spirit Cheer 248:

DJesters will do whatever it takes
To make sure our voices are heard!
If we need, though we don't have wings,
We'll take to the sky just like a bird!

Spirit Cheer 249:

I'm hungry for some spirit!
But I can't get enough!
So I gotta keep on cheering!
Since it's fun it isn't tough!

Spirit Cheer 250:

I love to show spirit!
In fact, I can't stop!
I don't really want to,
So I think I'll just not!

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