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This is my fourth page for my spirit cheers. Right now, I have 50 cheers on this page.  Feel free to read them and gain inspiration. If you are a DJester Royale like I am (yay!), you are welcome to use these on the Shout It Out page. You may also place them on your own spirit page, but I would like to be given credit if you do that.

Spirit Cheer 151:

The spirit cycle never ends;
Jesters have spirit, they don't pretend.
Come what may, they'll shout here every day.
All together now, let's cheer a "HOORAY"!

Spirit Cheer 152:

I'm calling out for everyone
To come on down and have some fun.
The spirit here comes by the ton,
So to see it all you'd better run!

Spirit Cheer 153:

DJesters shimmer, DJesters shine;
It's an honor for me to call this team mine.
Jester spirit shines brightly as a star,
And it's right here, not off afar.

Spirit Cheer 154:

When you hear a little jingle you know Jesters are coming near.
There's gonna be a party, the best one of the year.
So don some colors and then go join into the procession;
When you march with DJesters you'll be a spirit champion!

Spirit Cheer 155:

You'd better watch your back,
Cuz it's time for a Jester spirit attack!
That's right! DJesters are in the house,
And we won't be quiet like a mouse!

Spirit Cheer 156:

DJesters are here and ready to go,
With shouts to cheer and pies to throw.
Yes it's time to party, time to get down,
Because The Site Fights is the best place around!

Spirit Cheer 157:

It's time to jam, it's time to rap.
DJesters Royale is where it's at!
We're having a party; why not join in?
Even from afar you'll see the spirit within.

Spirit Cheer 158:

Here come DJesters, but do not fear;
We're not here to throw pies, instead we'll cheer.
That's right, we'll save our antics for another time,
Like... right after I finish this rhyme!

Spirit Cheer 159:

We are DJesters,
Laughing all the way.
Cuz we've got lots of spirit to spread,
And we're gonna cheer our loudest today!

Spirit Cheer 160:

I have some Jester spirit that I want to share with you.
I have a smile and when I'm done I hope that you will too.
I have a dream to make some friends here at the ol' Site Fights.
And I have the feeling that everything will be alright!

Spirit Cheer 161:

Here come DJesters through the door.
They can't help it; we gotta cheer more!

Spirit Cheer 162:

DJesters cheers are number one,
Cuz we've got spirit by the ton!
Come on down and join the fun,
For when you find the spirit, you've won!

Spirit Cheer 163:

Jesters got so much spirit that it's hard to stop!
Gotta wait for the page to reload, for it's one cheer a piece.
Jesters want to keep going, long and loud,
But with so much spirit we'll contain ourselves, somehow.

Spirit Cheer 164:

DJesters are here and ready to shout,
Cuz spirit's what the fights are all about!
So spread the spirit and the word,
So all our voices can be heard!

Spirit Cheer 165:

To the Shout Hall Jesters come,
For we got some spirit to share.
Now we're here, a challenge sues:
Spread the spirit, DJesters dare!

Spirit Cheer 166:

Another day, another cheer.
That's why DJesters are here!
We'll never drop the spirit guard,
For we'll not let the cheer be marred!

Spirit Cheer 167:

It's time to come out and cheer for all!
Doesn't matter from which team you call.
All teams are great! How do I know?
They're all in The Site Fights, that's so!

Spirit Cheer 168:

Get a little louder now,
Shout another cheer.
Sign another guestbook,
For DJesters are here.

Spirit Cheer 169:

Come, DJesters, cheer with me!
We'll shout our way to victory!
Defeat's not in our vocabulary,
We'll just cheer louder, our words varied.

Spirit Cheer 170:

DJesters Royale will hop on up,
All the way up to the tippy top.
We have the spirit, we have the desire,
So we'll keep going a little higher!

Spirit Cheer 171:

Sometimes I lay worrying at nights:
Where would I be, without The Site Fights?
But there's no time to fear, for now I must cheer;
The Site Fights are here, and will be for many a year.

Spirit Cheer 172:

I'm glad to be right here today,
Right where I love and want to stay.
Fifteen teams, one great big spirit,
I want to be near it every minute.

Spirit Cheer 173:

This is a cheer for The Site Fights,
The greatest place to be, day or night.
Shout Out with us- make things right,
For though we compete the mood is light.

Spirit Cheer 174:

Here we come, DJesters Royale:
A spirited bunch, each member speciale.
And so before each day is through,
DJesters are sure to spread spirit to you.

Spirit Cheer 175:

Let's all cheer! Let's all cheer!
Let all know DJesters are here!
We're too excited to go slow,
So we'll the River Spirit row!

Spirit Cheer 176:

You gotta give a little, get a little;
That's the way the spirit works.
You gotta spread the spirit, share the spirit,
Come on, let's here it!

Spirit Cheer 177:

Here I come to shout out loud,
To get my voice above the crowd.
It may sound hard, but it won't be;
DJesters are on the top, you see.

Spirit Cheer 178:

Gather 'round DJester clowns.
Let's celebrate, gotta party down!
The spirit's here for us to catch,
So we'll all go gather a perfect batch!

Spirit Cheer 179:

We're DJesters of Circus Land!
We come to shout, a great big band!
We all will cheer, when we come here, as loud as it's possible!
We'll never let the spirit go; we've got as much of it as grains of sand!

Spirit Cheer 180:

DJesters are a merry bunch,
With lots of spirit, so you know.
We can't sit down, oh not this group;
We're always on the go!

Spirit Cheer 181:

DJesters come to make some noise,
With party tricks and lots of toys.
With DSpirit we are flooded,
So we'll not rest until we've shouted.

Spirit Cheer 182:

DJesters are mighty, DJesters are grand,
DJesters have spirit in one of these hands!
Nope! Not that one!

Spirit Cheer 183:

Sometimes I'll get myself confused,
But here's one thing that's sure:
DJester spirit is true blue,
And so fun we'll incur.

Spirit Cheer 184:

There's never a dull moment when DJesters are near,
For we're always showing spirit, always shouting cheers!
We haven't yet mastered being everywhere at once,
But no matter when, you can be sure we're having fun!

Spirit Cheer 185:

DJesters Royale cheer loudly!
DJesters Royale show spirit gladly!
We love making smiles, it's what we do.
Come and join us, there's plenty of room!

Spirit Cheer 186:

Go DJesters! We're the best!
We stand up to any test.
Our spirit's strong, and we know it,
So one and all, go out and show it!

Spirit Cheer 187:

Let's go Jesters, shouting time!
Don't need good lyrics or good rhyme.
We just need spirit, from the heart.
We've got that, in fact a lot!

Spirit Cheer 188:

Another great day and before it ends,
DJesters have some spirit to send!
Posting a cheer is very easy,
So come on down, hey, spirit's free!

Spirit Cheer 189:

Just one cheer? Oh dear!
It's hard to fit Jester spirit into just one.
But I suppose I'll settle for posting many times.
But we got the spirit, we're letting it out!

Spirit Cheer 190:

Let's fill this hall with cheers galore!
We'll never stop, we'll still shout more!
We may switch with a friend but the shouts will never end,
For we're DJesters Royale!

Spirit Cheer 191:

Here we go now once again.
DJesters score a perfect ten!
Always cheering loud as we can,
We're louder than a great big band!

Spirit Cheer 192:

Jesters cheer so loud it can be scary,
But don't worry, you'll get used to it soon enough!
We're here to make everybody smile,
And we'll do it, even if that goal is tough!

Spirit Cheer 193:

Jester cheering can't be stopped!
We're addicted to the spirit!
We'll always cheer so all can here;
We've got spirit and we want all to know it!

Spirit Cheer 194:

Come on everybody! Come on, do the Jester!
Come on down to Shout It Out! Say "I GOT THE SPIRIT!"
Now say it louder! Now say it faster!
That's it! You're doing the Jester!

Spirit Cheer 195:

Even in the summer heat,
Jester spirit's tough to beat!
We'll bring water to cool us down,
But still we can heard miles around!

Spirit Cheer 196:

Shout it to the north!
Shout it to the west!
Shout it all around, cuz
Jesters are DBest!

Spirit Cheer 197:

It's nearly time to run,
But first I've got to cheer!
I can't help it! I just gotta shout it!
Even when deadlines are near.

Spirit Cheer 198:

Keep it up Jesters!
Cheer and shout!
Keep it up Jesters!
That's what it's all about!

Spirit Cheer 199:

Come on Jesters! Shout out loud!
We gotta make noise to get over the crowd!
Cheering is fun, so come join the crew.
Write just one cheer, you'll be part of it too!

Spirit Cheer 200:

I see LOTS of spirit!
And I am VERY glad to hear it!
Let's keep it up, now, loud and clear.
Shout it Out each day of the year!

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