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This is my sixth page for my spirit cheers. Right now, I have 50 cheers on this page.  Feel free to read them and gain inspiration. If you are a DJester Royale like I am (yay!), you are welcome to use these on the Shout It Out page. You may also place them on your own spirit page, but I would like to be given credit if you do that.

Spirit Cheer 251:

I hear the sound of Jesters cheering,
But where's it coming from?
Oh, that's right! It's all clear now!
It's coming from all around!

Spirit Cheer 252:

I'm having some spirited thoughts,
And it looks like I am bound;
I'm going to have to show my spirit,
I'm going to make plenty of sound!

Spirit Cheer 253:

Get a little louder now!
Raise your voices high!
DJesters, I want to hear you clear,
From anywhere in the sky!

Spirit Cheer 254:

Sometimes it may seem like Jesters are not there.
But to find out the truth, just take a snapshot.
Have it developed, and you will see:
DJesters zooming around, a constant blur!

Spirit Cheer 255:

I'm filled with spirit,
And I want you to be too!
So I've sent some along in this here cheer,
Which I've written just for you!

Spirit Cheer 256:

It's spirit time!
It's all the time!
I've come to cheer!
I'm glad to see you here!

Spirit Cheer 257:

In the ring we do our best,
Each one trying to pass the test.
But through it all we won't forget to cheer.
The point's not to win, but that friends are near!

Spirit Cheer 258:

DJesters can't sleep!
There's no time for rest!
We won't be counting tens of sheep,
For ya gotta show spirit to stay the best!

Spirit Cheer 259:

Come on Jesters, one and all!
Time to heed the spirit call!
Come on down as fast as you can;
We'll send our voices across the land!

Spirit Cheer 260:

DJesters are ready,
So open your ears!
We're just about to shout
Another batch of spirit cheers!

Spirit Cheer 261:

I got so much spirit, I just have to show it!
Jesters all have spirit, I want you to know it!
We cheer every day, in our own special way;
We hope you'll come down and join us today!

Spirit Cheer 262:

Before I lie down
I gotta get up and cheer!
Why not come join me?
DJesters shout merrily!

Spirit Cheer 263:

When DJesters are near you won't be blue,
For we've got TONS of spirited things to do.
I'd list them all, but it'd take too much time;
I'd rather spend it writing more spirit rhymes!

Spirit Cheer 264:

The race is on,
To spread the most cheer!
But the shouting never stops;
We can't get out of fourth gear!

Spirit Cheer 265:

Sometimes the words don't come to me,
The perfect way to spread the spirit.
But the important thing is that I cheer,
I shout out loud so all can hear!

Spirit Cheer 266:

Spirit can't be copyrighted;
It's free for all to share!
I challenge you all to come and cheer!
Come on, accept my dare!

Spirit Cheer 267:

Gotta hurry, gotta move with speed!
But first some cheering's what I need!
Deadline's coming, gonna be late!
But not showing spirit is something I'd hate!

Spirit Cheer 268:

Now I'll do a dance.
I can't stand still!
I've gotta make sure I'm heard all around!
DJesters: show spirit at will!

Spirit Cheer 269:

It's that time again!
I'm gonna post some cheers and then
I'll do some other spirited stuff;
I keep on spreading spirit cuz I can't get enough!

Spirit Cheer 270:

DJesters keep on going strong!
And to prove it, we sing this song:
Share your spirit, send it wide!
That's when we'll all feel great inside!

Spirit Cheer 271:

I race throughout most of the day,
But I need to leave some time to play.
I have my fun in the Shout Hall,
Where Jesters come to heed the call!

Spirit Cheer 272:

I cheer because I want to!
I cheer because it's fun!
DJesters know just where to go;
Now join me everyone!

Spirit Cheer 273:

I can cheer! You can too!
Just come in here and sing your tune!
Shout it high! Shout it low!
Let everyone hear no matter where they go!

Spirit Cheer 274:

Come on DJesters! You go!
You shout out loudest! That's so!
I see you in here each time I turn around!
Can't get away from that lovely Jester sound!

Spirit Cheer 275:

Here's DJesters' toy box, let's see what its got.
Oh my! It's full of spirit, and I mean a lot!
We pass the box around and let everyone partake,
But we're always making more, so running out is not at stake.

Spirit Cheer 276:

Tis a season, so I'm shouting!
Lots of good spirit wishes I do bring!
After a while, I will take wing,
For throughout the Fights DJesters must sing!

Spirit Cheer 277:

Now's no time to be a grump;
The day's too short to be a lump.
DJesters! Come and help me pump
The spirit wide 'til edge we bump.

Spirit Cheer 278:

I'm late! I'm late! For this very important date!
No time to say hello, goodbye, no time at all to wait!
There's too little time to show all my spirit, and so, you see, I'm late!
Trying to show the most cheer we can, that's DJesters' fate!

Spirit Cheer 279:

Show, show, show your spirit!
Each and every day!
Happily, cheerfully, gleefully too;
That's the Site Fights way!

Spirit Cheer 280:

Spirit is as great as a yummy piece of cake,
The kind that's chocolate with chips on top.
White chips! On the inside too! And it's covered in chocolate frosting and oh so delicious and-
What was I talking about again?
Oh, yeah. Spirit is like that.
I love to cheer!

Spirit Cheer 281:

One thing that every DJesters knows
Is its plenty of fun to go and ROFL!
But at other times we are serious too,
So that we can bring lots of spirit to you!
This is common for the DJester crew!

Spirit Cheer 282:

Can't get enough of posting cheers...
Cuz I'm a Jester!
Can't get enough of the spirit here...
Cuz I'm a Jester!
I can't get away, I just have to stay...
Cuz I'm a Jester!
I hope I can give you a smile today...
Cuz I'm a Jester!

Spirit Cheer 283:

Sometimes the fights can get intense,
But we never forget that we are friends.
So we all come together at the end of each bout
And then spread some spirit, here we come Shout it Out!

Spirit Cheer 284:

Weary eyes do wish to slumber,
But first I'll cheer a spirited number.
And once this Hall with spirit rings,
I'll take my leave as my heart sings.

Spirit Cheer 285:

I am proud of who I be,
For I'm a Jester, yesiree!
And I am proud of what I do,
For I spread spirit for me to you!
I am proud of my fine team,
Which loud and long the spirit screams!
And I am proud of The Site Fights,
Where friendships form each day and night!

Spirit Cheer 286:

J is for Joy which we spread all around,
E is for Ears we're good listeners too,
S is for Spirit and we've got a lot,
T is for Tears due to laughing too much,
E is Equal to the one seen before,
R is for Race ya to the Shout Out Hall!

Spirit Cheer 287:

A new year's come, but there's no change here!
Jesters are still showing spirit, you can hear it in your ear!
Now Jesters, raise your voices so all will now:
It's 2003 and we're ready to go!

Spirit Cheer 288:

Let's get this day going right!
Let's spread the spirit throughout the Fights!
DJesters are up to this monumental task,
So if you want to hear a cheer, just come on and ask!

Spirit Cheer 289:

Here's a great big shout for Terra.
She's one of my team's newest fighters.
You can see her near, showing spirit proud,
But don't be surprised! She from the Jester crowd!

Spirit Cheer 290:

Sing loud! Sing long!
Sing high! Sing wide!
Send that spirit far around!
Don't forget to listen to others' sound!

Spirit Cheer 291:

Gotta shout out loud!
Got too much spirit to keep inside!
Gotta let it loose all around!
Got to tell in which team I pride!

Spirit Cheer 292:

DJesters' cheers are always full
Of spirit, they're never dull!
And when you hear them, no need
To cease, keep on doing spirited deeds!

Spirit Cheer 293:

DJesters are here, they want you to know:
The Site Fights is the best place to go!
And whatever your team, remember this:
Showing your spirit is like finding bliss!

Spirit Cheer 294:

A new day's here, and you're in luck!
DJesters Royale will show you the cheer!
But don't simply watch, join in as well.
Once you've found the spirit, there's nothing to fear!

Spirit Cheer 295:

I shout this cheer for a Jester: Megan!
Will her site be the next Champion?
I hope she wins, but if she does not,
I hope she'll try again.
DJesters know that win or lose,
It's how you played the game.
That's why we'll all come to show our spirit,
Regardless the scores, our mood stays the same.

Spirit Cheer 296:

DJesters can't win all the time,
But we always fight our best!
Good luck next time, Megan's Page,
And show that spirit you've been blessed!

Spirit Cheer 297:

I want to see you here, Jesters,
Cheering with me!
I want everyone to know how
Spirited we can be!

Spirit Cheer 298:

I'm back to cheer now once again,
For Jesters cheer a perfect ten!
We show spirit so frantically
We easy to hear, but hard to see!

Spirit Cheer 299:

Come on, DJesters!
Here's what you gotta do:
Spread the spirit far and wide,
And tell depression, "Shoo!"

Spirit Cheer 300:

DJesters truly have the spirit,
And we'll make sure that all do here it!
Spirit Laz, Amber, way to go!
TSF Spirit Award's ours to show!

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