Contest 358
Picture by Atticus

lewman: C'mon 'stache! I need discounts. I gotta do Christmas shopping with only ten coins! Why did I buy that GameCube? ***FIRST lewman: PRIZE***

ninjinin: Needless to say, Super Dentist Mario didn't sell very well...

polkamon: Roy (outside bathroom): Are you done in there yet, Larry? I want to try out my Barbie toothbrush!
polkamon: To Do List: Eat, floss, sleep, repeat.

Ludwig von: This is Larry before "Lemmy's Retaliation to Larry's Revenge", you don't want to see the after.

flitchard: Larry: Man, that's the LAST time I give Precious a kiss goodnight!

iggykoopa fan: Larry: Why are my eyebrows floating?
iggykoopa fan: Larry gets ready for his blind date not knowing that it's Princess Peach.
iggykoopa fan: Larry obsesses over dental hygiene, not knowing that 2 of his teeth will fall out before NSMBWii. **GOOD PRIZE**

noah: Larry: Dang, that piece of Goomba won't come out.

TurboSalad: "Sweet, Nintendo signed me on for NSMBWii! Good thing I've been keeping in shape, unlike my other siblings. I'll be sure to TurboSalad: give Mario some trouble this time! *tooth falls out* Noooo! Flossing has betrayed me!" [Note: Flossing will not betray your
TurboSalad: teeth.]

shadaki: Larry: Hey, why is there a photo of Morton in his Halloween costume?

Caleb Koopa: Larry: I should really stop brushing my teeth with Susan's hairbrush.

Razor Koopa: Larry: Time to sing my favorite song! LA, LA, LA! BRUSH YOUR TEETH! BRUSH YOUR TEETH LALALA! DON'T BE A FOOL, BE
Razor Koopa: COOL, AND BRUSH YOUR TEE- Roy! How long have you been standing there with that camera?!
Razor Koopa: They say if you look hard enough in the mirror while brushing your teeth, you can find Doctor Rabbit giving you a thumbs up!

Neon Koopa: Larry was flossing his teeth not because it was GOOD for him, but because he was so dang terrified of using the mammoth
Neon Koopa: toothbrush beside him.

WendyRulez and Co: Larry: Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the wimpiest Koopa of them all?

lilboo: Larry: Wait a second, this isn't floss... it's Ludwig's hair!
lilboo: Larry: (looking at the picture) So that's what King Dad looked like in high school? I thought he said he used to beat people up, not get
lilboo: beat up himself. **GOOD PRIZE**


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