Contest 357
Picture by Fried the Hen

Razor Koopa: Wendy: Thanks for editting my 445-page Fun Fiction, Lemmy!
Razor Koopa: When Lemmy and Wendy decided to spoil Mario Party 12's ending, they got a Rick Roll. This was only one out of many times
Razor Koopa: Lemmy got a Rick Roll, but it was new to Wendy. ***FIRST PRIZE***

polkamon: I think I'll fix the laptop myself instead of calling "Tech Support".
polkamon: Wendy: Guys, this call is from King Dad! He said to make sure Roy wasn't eating his birthday cake, Morton wasn't singing, and
polkamon: Lemmy was wide awake taking other calls!

noah: Lemmy: Bowser Jr's 2nd birthday is the most borzzzzz

Ludwig von: Morton: In conclusion, wedding cake is much better than birthday cake because it is whitier, creamier, and prettier.

WccPro94: Morton singing a hypnotizing song. Reactions may vary.
WccPro94: Morton: Jig-galy-puffff...

Shadow Koopa: Wendy: Hello?! Hello?! This party stinks and my ears are exploding from Morton's singing! Daddy, help!!!

cheep dude667: If you think THIS is a bad telethon, you'd change your mind if you watched the 5th telethon. **GOOD PRIZE**

Bullet Billy: Roy: Lemmy, how can you sleep with Morton's horrible singing?!
Bullet Billy: It was supposed to be cake for Bowser's 123rd birthday, but Iggy did the shopping and forgot the three.

Luma girl: 12 years of Lemmy's Land and still going strong. At least the site is.

Badyoyo: Roy: Ok, we have yellow cake, blueberry cake, strawberry cake, and whatever that green flavor is... But no chocolate?! This is the
Badyoyo: worst website birthday party ever! **GOOD PRIZE**


Caleb Koopa: So now we know what Roy does to make Lemmy's hair that color.
Caleb Koopa: Looks like someone put glue on the phones again.
Caleb Koopa: I thought Morton talked a lot, not sang a lot.
Caleb Koopa: Lemmy must have been looking at his website. (Just kidding.)

TurboSalad: Wendy: What? No, Iggy, we didn't use your hair for the cake, so stop asking!


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