Contest 356
Picture by Koopa Girl

Sprites from The Spriters' Resource

noah: Iggy: Great, just great. Ludwig's invention sent us back in time.

polkamon: Lemmy: NO! Don't put my ball under the waterfall! I'll swim after it, constantly coming up for air. I'll eventually surface under the
polkamon: platform you're standing on, which will wind up making you topple in and drown a horrible death!

Soft Spiny: Iggy: Okay, let's go through this one more time, THE WORLD IS GOING CRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY!

TurboSalad: Lemmy: Iggy... That's not an airship. It's just a pile of ordinary floating platforms of wood. You still won't be able to throw a ball
TurboSalad: over some mountains to win the state championship.

WendyRulez and Co: Spike: Don't look at me, Rocky! I'm taking a shower! **GOOD PRIZE**

flitchard: Lemmy: Who do you think you are? Top Gun?!
flitchard: Lemmy: Oh, Iggy! You are in SO much trouble! I TOLD you not to go above 50 miles per hour when trying to land on a Doomship
flitchard: Carrier!

Razor Koopa: Lemmy: Nice illegal business, Iggy. Man, if King Dad finds out about this- WHAT THE- My favorite ball which I lost last night
Razor Koopa: AND you started your business last night! I'm telling King Dad! **GOOD PRIZE**
Razor Koopa: Iggy: (Mwahahaha! I stole Lemmy's ball, and he's prancing around offering a reward to anyone who finds it! I'm so awes-) Wait,
Razor Koopa: you're offering 345,578,993 coins for anyone who finds it?! Uh, look, it was right behind me the whole time!

Psycrow: It seems Lemmy thought that Iggy and friends needed something to do other than Bowser's business.
Psycrow: Lemmy: HEY, Kamek gave that ball to ME... For Bowser, at least it's used for entertainment.
Psycrow: Iggy: Hurry up, we're leaving for vacation... Wait, is this a lake or an ocean?
Psycrow: Spike: Lemmy, with your ball and my throwing skills, we shall be the ultimate team, in tomorrow's dodgeball tournament. ***FIRST Psycrow: PRIZE***


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