Contest 355
Picture by Koopa Girl

Brick Block: Bowser: Stop right now, you brats! My belly is no trampoline! ***FIRST PRIZE***

polkamon: Lemmy: Yes! The balloon finally landed! Now, WHERE'S THE BATHROOM?
polkamon: Lemmy: All right! Now that we're in Dry Dry Desert, let's go find a Lemon!

noah: Iggy: Wow, you were right, there is a secret world under the purple bouncies.
noah: Iggy: Hooray for the two great prunes of old peoples' day.

Luma Girl: RANanDOMdom DANanCINGing!!!
Luma Girl: Larry: I'd have to say, filling up Ice Land Castle with quicksand was my best prank yet!
Luma Girl: Squashed bug in corner: Why did they hafta play in the mustard spill anyway?!

SailorNeoMoon: Lemmy and Iggy ran away to become travelling stage performers. It didn't end well.

Neon Koopa: Umpire: Seeing as you hit the net with two Koopas, that counts as two faults, so it's 30-luv to Larry. **GOOD PRIZE**

MammaMia64: Lemmy: Look, this dancing's fun and all, I just still don't like the fact that you have rainbow-colored hair.

Soft Spiny: Iggy: I had NO idea you could do this on hardwood! WHOOPS! Diet time.

Flitchard: Lemmy: This Super Border Jump Sunshine is too easy!

Razor Koopa: Another Netflix commercial. Instead of Mary Poppins tapdancing, Lemmy and Iggy appeared! Because now you can send
Razor Koopa: movies STRAIGHT to your Wii! It's too bad the movies and videogames are mixing themselves up. I mean, next thing you
Razor Koopa: know, Mario'll fight a Disney charecter or a classic folkhero in their fortresses! **GOOD PRIZE**


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