Contest 354
Picture by Atticus

flitchard: Mario: Hey, Bowser? I think Wario is selling bum warp pipes again... I'll just, uh, go back the way I came, okay?

MrSaturn13: Mario: Hello, I noticed your toilet pipe was somehow busted, so I decided to build the pipe so it comes out of here... I'll MrSaturn13: send my bill shortly.
MrSaturn13: Roy: Great... First my glasses get stuck to my cheeks, and now Mario bursts a pipe in the ceiling, now what can go
MrSaturn13: wrong?
MrSaturn13: Mario's hat possesses the power to defy gravity, and metal power, flying, invisibility, etc.

polkamon: Mario: And here's the "Pipe in a Ceiling" you ordered, Bowser.
polkamon: Bowser: Oh, good. That must be the pizza delivery guy.

Ludwig von: Bowser: Mario, how many times must I tell you? The left pipe is to your bathroom.

nightmare koopa: Bowser: This isn't what I meant when I said "Come drop in for dinner!"

Invisibool: Bowser: This is why we can't have nice things...

Lord Iggy Koopa: Bowser: *sigh* Mario, next time you sign up for a skydiving class, use a parachute like a normal person, or use
Lord Iggy Koopa: Iggy.

ilikepie: Mario: HERE'S MARIO!!!

lilboo: Roy: Wah, I have eyes!
lilboo: Bowser: Mario, you do this almost every other day. I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's starting to become predictable.
lilboo: Iggy: Mario, you're a plumber. I demand that you tell which sewer this food came out of.
lilboo: Bowser: I didn't see this coming, I say sarcastically.

GoombaBandit: Mario: Hey Bowser, can I borrow your Clown Copter and some sugar? **GOOD PRIZE**

zz1666: Mario: I don't think your pipes should be doing this.
zz1666: Pink Goomba: Ah! My Roy mask, it's falling down! I hope they don't realize I disguised myself in order to get free cake!
zz1666: Wendy: King Dad, the pipe's leaking again!

Brick Block: Mario: Sorry, I hope you guys know how to use the toilet while upside down...
Brick Block: Iggy: Curse you, Mario! You should be fixing MY toilet, not Morton's!
Brick Block: Now we know where Roy's inspiration for his battle strategy in NSMBWii came from.
Brick Block: Iggy: WE'LL NEVER LET YOU HAVE DINNER WITH US... until you wash your hands.

Kit Dazzer: Iggy: Great! First I tried to eat a burger but Larry kept nagging me, then Wendy kept asking me what clothes she should
Kit Dazzer: wear while I was eating some fish, NOW THIS! WHAT DOES A GUY GOTTA DO TO GET SOME PEACE AND QUIET
Kit Dazzer: AROUND HERE?!
Kit Dazzer: Wendy: Whatever it is, I didn't do it!
Kit Dazzer: Bowser: *sigh* Ya know, Mario, if you wanted steak that much you could've just asked, AT THE FRONT DOOR!
Kit Dazzer: Mario: It's-a me-a, Mario! Hey Roy, could you pass me the salt?
Kit Dazzer: Roy: Ummm... Steak?
Kit Dazzer: Roy: This is the weirdest part of my dream yet.
Kit Dazzer: Iggy: I can't take it anymore! Fine, you can open your stupid spaghetti restaurant in Giant Land!

chris: Iggy: Hey, how come he gets five fingers?

Caleb Koopa: Mario: Heh heh, looks like someone finally made a Bowser's castle warp pipe (bad timing).
Caleb Koopa: Iggy: Great, Dad's going to make me FIX THAT TOO. **GOOD PRIZE**
Caleb Koopa: Bowser: Not again... *sigh...*
Caleb Koopa: Mario: Just making sure Peach isn't here.
Caleb Koopa: Wendy is choking.
Caleb Koopa: Roy: I didn't even know that was possible.

WendyRulez and Co: Mario: Can I have dinner with you guys? I'm starving!
WendyRulez and Co: Iggy: HEY! I just fixed that roof!

Larry the Tennis Master: Bowser: At least now water won't leak from the ceiling.
Larry the Tennis Master: Roy: You know, these brown things weren't on my plate until Mario showed up...

Kkadwell: Mario: Hey guys. I couldn't help but notice that this doomship didn't have a smokestack/invasion hatch into the
Kkadwell: captain's room, so I took the liberty of installing one. ***FIRST PRIZE***

Razor Koopa: Ludwig: Hey guys! With my new invention I can look like Mario and- HEY! OW!!! It's me, Ludwig, OW!!! Ahh! Stop
Razor Koopa: beating me with your chair, Iggy!


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