Contest 353
Picture by Fried the Hen

Lord Iggy Koopa: Roy: Wow, Larry died because a pizza touched him. And people say Iggy's the weak one! ***FIRST PRIZE***
Lord Iggy Koopa: Goomba: You want to know why their tongues are sticking out? Well, let's just say I feel relieved now.

flitchard: Microgoomba: What? Whaddaya mean, Pac-man got the chicken- GULP!
flitchard: Roy: Hey, guys! Look what followed me home! Can we keep him? No, not this dummy, the Microgoomba! **GOOD flitchard: PRIZE**

polkamon: THIS is how to beat the Koopalings. Don't stomp them, don't punch them, feed them pizza. **GOOD PRIZE**
polkamon: The pizza is actually a pie chart. The more of it someone has, the stronger they are in real life.

lewman99: Lawyer: STOPPP! Roy, see you in court for using a Pizza Hut symbol. Fungi, see YOU in court for using an image of lewman99:Pac-man.

Luma Girl: Bully: That's what you get for taking my pizza!

MrSaturn13: Let's hope the Koopalings won't discover what the Goomba did to the pizza...

Larry the Tennis Master: Roy: Say hello to my little friend!


Luigi the Chilly: Larry: I just noticed Morton's eyelids are pink, Roy has me in a headlock, and a Goomba just ate 1/3 of our pizza...
Luigi the Chilly: Ludwig: How long do I have to keep my tongue out? Four more hours? Ok then...

noah: Ludwig: Morton, vhy are you vereing mascara?

chris: Roy: Eat it! Or else...

Razar Koopa: Roy: That's right, Larry, look at the fan poster of the GIANT KOOPAS! Not the tiny Yoshis and plumbers team, but
Razar Koopa: the GIANT KOOPA TEAM, THE ONE YOU'RE playing on! Geez, whose side are you on, anyway?! Next time I catch
Razar Koopa: you cheering for the tiny Yoshis and plumbers, things won't be so easy!!!

Ludwig von: The Giant Sneaky Lying Cheating Ninja Koopas stopped for pizza on their way to Giant Land.

Caleb Koopa: Larry: Roy, I do not eat food with my eyes.
Caleb Koopa: While Roy has Larry in a headlock, Larry finds out Roy painted his one toenail yellow.
Caleb Koopa: Before anyone takes a bite, they see the size of King Dad's bigger pizza.
Caleb Koopa: Goomba: Finally, I've gotten out of the pizza.

WendyRulez and Co: Ludwig Koopa: Stealing Mario's pizza was the greatest idea we've ever had!
WendyRulez and Co: Goomba: HELP! THE PIZZA IS TRYING TO EAT ME!
WendyRulez and Co: When Mario found out his pizza was stolen, he threatened to blow up every Pizza Hut in town until it was
WendyRulez and Co: returned.
WendyRulez and Co: Larry: When Roy Koopa hits you in the face with a big pizza pie, that's amore!


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