Contest 361
Picture by Atticus

lewman99: Mario Kart: Budget Cuts. The hangover of Super Mario Galaxy.

polkamon: Kamek: You cannot outfly me! I must be the first to see if the moon is made of cheese!
polkamon: Kamek: Hey, that's illegal! You need broomstick insurance to fly around!

Crusty: Kamek: Auggggggggggggh! I CAN'T SEE!

ilikepie: This is what happens when a store sells an awesome thing for free.

nightmare koopa: Kamek: OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! I only get vacation time ONCE a year, and right when I get there, I have to go
nightmare koopa: RUNNING back because Bowser accidentally ate a Goomba and it's stuck in his digestive track!!!

comiccreater: Kamek: Those Koopalings have it easy! They don't have to be chased by Buzzy Beetles! Then again... I'd rather be chased
comiccreater: than stomped on.
comiccreater: Ludwig (on doomship): Seriously, does it take three doomships to defeat a PARABEETLE?! **GOOD PRIZE**
comiccreater: Kamek: Uh oh, my broomstick is out of gas...

stink: Kamek: Why didn't Bowser take my idea of taking 999,999,999,999 airships instead? Now I have to miss "Lies, Fibs, Secrets, and
stink: Rumors" just when Pete Koopley told Jack KoopenHien that he is really Jack's half-sister!!!

Dark Goomba: As Kamek got wind of the stork's flight with Mario and Luigi that night, he ordered the entire Koopa Troop to hunt them down.
Dark Goomba: However, due of course to the Koopa Troop's incompetence, they got lost in the fog, and only Kamek found the stork with
Dark Goomba: the babies, at some point in the sky over Yoshi's Island...
Dark Goomba: Kamek: HUMPH!!! I'm Bowser's second in command and personal advisor, and I don't even get to ride in the ship!!! Even
Dark Goomba: Kammy is in there! WHAT'S THAT OLD HAG GOT OVER ME?! **GOOD PRIZE**

Pinoy Guy: Kamek: Where's that kid with the flying bike? He kidnapped my apprentice!
Pinoy Guy: This is more or less how America was discovered.

Professor Luigi the Chilly: That red flying turtle shell thing: I'MA FIRIN MAH LAZARS! BLAH!
Professor Luigi the Chilly: Kamek: Must... not be... late... to... breakfast... AGAIN!
Professor Luigi the Chilly: Apparently, when doomships fly, the moon gets acne...


WendyRulez and Co: Kamek: I'm sorry! I won't make fun of your mother again!
WendyRulez and Co: Doomship: Time to destroy the moon so that nobody will be left alive on Earth!

Larry the Tennis Master: Kamek: We must hurry before Pac-Man eats my airship!
Larry the Tennis Master: Parabuzzy: Kamek, do you REALLY need this many airships just to get that refund from McDonalds? ***FIRST
Larry the Tennis Master: PRIZE***

flitchard: Kamek: WOAH! Lord Bowser's shot went WAY off course! We'd better find it before HE does...

The Koopinator: Kamek in his teenage years.

AJ Koopa: Today's racers are three awesome doomships and a DEADLY Parabeetle. Oh, and then there's Kamek.
AJ Koopa: Parabeetle: There's gum on your shoe, Kamek.
AJ Koopa: It was a mad dash to GameStop that evening but when they got there, they found out that the 3DS was still in devlopment and
AJ Koopa: DKC Returns was also still in development.
AJ Koopa: It was a mad dash to find the Atticus but little did they realize it was right below them.


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