Contest 365
Picture by Atticus

badyoyo: Goomba: Not ANOTHER Public Service Announcement on how to make friends!

iggy26: Bob-omb: Look, I am not going to blow up when Mario gets here no matter how much you pay- How much did you say? **GOOD
iggy26: PRIZE**
iggy26: Bob-omb: I'm going to blow up if you don't return me to Roy this instant!

flitchard: Mario: Luigi! Did you get-a my eyes back from that Bob-omb yet?

Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: Bowser's latest raid is actually working perfectly, because the Mario Bros. keep mistaking his minions for
Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: trick-or-treaters.
Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: Luigi can't see that those aren't kids in Halloween costumes, and Mario, well... he can't see anything at all.
Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: Mario thought that he would have the most popular Halloween costume if he just dressed up as himself. But, he
Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: forgot to cut out the eyeholes in his mask.
Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: Luigi: Well hi there, kids! I'll bet you just can't wait for a visit from the Great Pumpkin!
Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: Spiny: Well look who it is, it's the great bumpkin!
Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: Bob-omb: Grrrrr... He's messing up my bombshell hairdo!

Ludwig X: Goomba: Luigi!!! Don't pet the Bob-omb! Just look what happened to Mario last time he tried that!

Videogamerpat11: Luigi: Come on, Bob-omb, roll over. Roll over!
Videogamerpat11: Goomba: Oh no! I'm stuck!

TurboSalad: This picture was the last known sighting of a Kuribo's Shoe.

polkamon: Bob-omb: What does this chump think I am, his teddy bear?
polkamon: Goomba: NO! It's Luigi... with a RACCOON SUIT!

Wacky Koopa: Spiny: Wait, you're freaking out about Luigi's unstylish look? Last I checked, wearing a shoe that is larger than you isn't
Wacky Koopa: exactly in style. **GOOD PRIZE**

get in my belly: Spiny: Yeah, man, it is scary that Mario doesn't have eyes.

princesspixiekitty123467890: Spiny: Do you HAVE to blow that up in my backyard?
princesspixiekitty123467890: Luigi: And then I will do my awesome James Bond running-from-an-exploding-building act!
princesspixiekitty123467890: Mario: Luigi! Stop playing James Bond! You are gonna blow yourself up eventually no matter how good you are
princesspixiekitty123467890: at running away dramatically in slow motion!

Weegee Malleo: Oh my God, what in the world is he thinking?!

Kkadwell: The adorably-shod Goomba hated being petted as much as the next guy, but it had to admit in retrospect that swapping its place
Kkadwell: with the nearest available baddie as an escape method wasn't really the best idea for anyone involved.
Kkadwell: Luigi was the one who actually inspired the 'touch bad guy, get hurt' policy in Mario games... ***FIRST PRIZE***

Larry the Tennis Master: Goomba: Hey Luigi, can you help me find my shoe? I misplaced it after I fell into a Sockop.

Green Bones: Goomba: Wow. Luigi has a TAIL?!

54 king boo: Goomba: OH NO! I LEFT MY OVEN ON!!!

Antiriku: Goomba: Aaaaah! It's gonna blow!
Antiriku: Mario: Larry had a little plant, little plant, little plant, Larry had a little plant whose leaves were green as so!
Antiriku: Luigi: I just love petting kittens. OH GOD THIS IS A BOB-OMB!
Antiriku: Pipe: No singing, Mario. Just for that I'm spitting you out.
Antiriku: Kuribo: Oh my DAD! Mario doesn't have any eyes!

Bullet Billy: Spiny: Has it occurred to you yet that if we just stand here, eventually we're gonna die in an explosion?


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