Contest 366
Picture by Latisha Banks

Wacky Koopa: Larry: Well, now I know why Linus from the Peanuts never gets to see the Great Pumpkin...
Wacky Koopa: Larry: No, Morton, eating a pumpkin won't turn your skin orange like the rest of us. ***FIRST PRIZE***
Wacky Koopa: Larry: Morton, you're just being ridiculous. I know you want to have orange skin like the rest of us, but eating a pumpkin
Wacky Koopa: won't help.

polkamon: Morton: Hm? You say this isn't wedding cake?
polkamon: Morton: So what are you for Halloween? I'm King Dad! Ho ho ho, I'm so tough I'm eating pumpkins!


iggy26: Morton: Me want pumpkin pie!

comiccreater: Larry: Morton, you`re supposed to carve that pumpkin, not eat it.

WendyRulez and Co: Larry: Um, Morton, we need those so we can make the pumpkin pie.
WendyRulez and Co: Pumpkin: Listen here, buddy, one more bite and I'm going to tell the Great Pumpkin about this!

Green Bones: Morton: I wonder if it tastes like pumpkin pie.

CaptianOlimar: Morton: I'ma gonna eat, consume, chomp down on this pumpkin skin, outside, outer coating- *hack, wheeze*
CaptianOlimar: Larry: ... Morton, that's not what you think it is...
CaptianOlimar: Random Goomba: SO I HEARD YOU LIEK OVERUSED JOKES!

Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: Larry: Morton... I hope you took the Goomba out of there before you started... **GOOD PRIZE**
Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: Larry: I was wondering how the Jack O' Goombas got their pumpkin helmets carved.
Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: Larry: I never thought Morton would fall for the old "There's wedding cake inside there" gag...
Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: Larry: Was Wooster here? The floor is amazingly white and clean...
Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: Goomba: No, I'm not entering the pumpkin eating contest! No way, no how! I don't care if it will put more hair on my
Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: head; not gonna do it!
Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: Larry: I was wondering why it got quiet all of a sudden...

Sonic & Lemmy Fan: Larry: Morton, when you carve a pumpkin, your mouth is not required. **GOOD PRIZE**


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