Contest 367
Picture by Crystal King

flitchard: And the winner is... Retro Goomba! For correctly identifying the retro ? Block's logo! Better luck next time, modern Goomba!!

badyoyo: Pixel Goomba: No fair, why is everything here floating but me?

LuigiMania: Announcer: Welcome back to "Pick your Goomba"! This ? Block will now decide which Goomba it likes best: 8-Bit or 120-bits
LuigiMania: more!

lewman99: SMB Goomba: NSMB Goomba! You broke the pattern!

Lord Iggy Koopa: New Goomba: Wow, was I really that skinny and flat back then? **GOOD PRIZE**

AJ Koopa: This is what happens when you divide by zero: a time paradox.

Green Bones: Goomba #1: What are you doing here?! Your graphics are very different.

Fried the Hen: Goomba: Was that block just an "X"?

Soft Spiny: YAAAAAAAY! Three question marks!

Videogamerpat11: Goomba (Right): What do you mean he's my cousin? There's no resemblence!

iggyandludwig: Retro Goomba: ... I think it's a robot saying "?".

polkamon: And combining these three creates a hand that asks you for toilet paper.
polkamon: Goomba on Left: Right now, I'm not that strong. And my future isn't looking too bright either.

TurboSalad: Mega Mushroom vs. Mega Star: Goomba Round

nightmare koopa: Old-designed Goomba: Wow, this thing is HIDEOUS! At least I'M up-to-date!

Dark Dimentio: Goomba: Look out! It's question mark disorder!
Dark Dimentio: 2D Goomba: Oh, so I do lose weight in the future...
Dark Dimentio: 3D Goomba: Could you look at this foot-mole?

princesspixiekitty1234567890: Unseen Person: Man, Mario and Luigi Partners in Time: The Movie isn't as great as I thought it would be... princesspixiekitty1234567890: **GOOD PRIZE**
princesspixiekitty1234567890: Goomba on the right: And in the future, there is an amazing thing called levitating! What? No, I'm not jumping!
princesspixiekitty1234567890: Goomba on the left: Ha, I'm taller!
princesspixiekitty1234567890: Lemmy: King Dad! Larry is playing with my "Goomba and Goombette: Partners in Time" game again!

JJ Bandit: Goomba (on right): Uncle Liam? I thought Mario squished you in Level 1-1!
JJ Bandit: Goomba (on left): Gosh, when did Nintendo decide to make a Goomba look more threatening by adding fangs to our design?
JJ Bandit: ***FIRST PRIZE***

Daniel: Goomba on right: See? The block prefers old to new!
Daniel: And so began the battle of the games.
Daniel: And so, the retro Goomba imitated the block better.

ninjinin: 80's Goomba: What you doing here, whippersnapper?

Bradley: This happens when two Goombas race for a Mushroom: they ram into each other.

WendyRulez and Co: Goomba: Gee, I think you're right, new video games are better than old ones...

WccPro94: Suddenly, a Goomba started levitating... What a confusing day.

Wacky Koopa: Modern Goomba: So, just because you are on the higher platform makes you better than me? At least I have a mouth.


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