Contest 368
Picture by Fried the Hen

Flitchard: Luigi: I don't see the point of this static generator... Hey, Daisy? What was on that paper Mr. Bean gave you?

Lord Iggy Koopa: Pinky: Aww, no fair! Those ghosts get mouths AND arms and all I get is a shaved Luigi!
Lord Iggy Koopa: Baby Luigi: Oh great, another happy face meme Boo. What's next, a Chocolate Rain Boo?

badyoyo: Nintendo thought Luigi's Mansion was too scary for the intended audience. So they made "Baby Luigi's Mansion" to fix that.
badyoyo: However, due to the Dark Boo, Baby Luigi's Mansion was also too scary for the intended audience. **GOOD PRIZE**

polkamon: Dark Boo: So, dude, do you really think THIS was the kid who was fated to kill our king?
polkamon: Pink Ghost: So, this is the replacement Pac-man, huh?

Dark Goomba: Right after Luigi broke the precious vase, three ghosts swooped in, grabbed him, and took him to a sweatshop in the back of
Dark Goomba: their mansion, where they forced him to hit a block over nine thousand times under the threat of being eaten by the Atomic
Dark Goomba: Boo in the basement. ***FIRST PRIZE***

LuigiMania: Luigi: Hm... I want this spoon, but there are ghosts... POULTERSPOON 0001, GO!

Bullet Billy: After Pac-man games became less popular, the original Pinky left the scene and a new one replaced him. Then he found out that
Bullet Billy: the Mario series was too awkward, and decided to retire. **GOOD PRIZE**

Soft Spiny: Baby Luigi: Oh my gosh! A VASE!!!

comiccreater: Pink Ghost: Hey, I thought I was being chased by a yellow thing!

Weegee Malleo: Luigi: (Mario always said that Boos were awesome, but I never believed him until now.)

flitchard: Pinky: Umm... Has anybody seen Pac-man?

Razor Koopa: Purple Boo: No fair! I want an epic face like Big Boo! I'll show him, I'll get a Weegee face, and I'll be OVER
Razor Koopa: NINE-THOUSAAAAANNDDD times epicer than him!

Bradley: Luigi: I bet 400 coins that I can do a split.
Bradley: Pink Ghost: Hey! I belong In Pac-man, not Luigi's Mansion!

Jake Gallagher: Baby Luigi: Since when do I wear gloves?

stink: And that is why Luigi is a 'fraidy cat.
stink: Baby Luigi: Pac-man, I need some backup!


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