Contest 369
Picture by Atticus

No.1 Iggy fan: Lemmy: Hehe.They don't even know that those cows are painted bombs!
No.1 Iggy fan: Iggy (offscreen): HEY!!! That Lakitu stole my glasses!

flitchard: Lakitu: NNNN! Do they HAVE to keep putting Moo Moo Farm in the races?! DO THEY?!

lewman99: The official cow supplier of Moo Moo Meadows; also Luigi and Lakitu's double life. **GOOD PRIZE**

Fireball: Lakitu: I should have stuck with lifting karts...

WendyRulez and Co: Lemmy: You guys had better not be singing that annoying song about farm animals...
WendyRulez and Co: Lakitu: I am SO not getting paid enough for this!
WendyRulez and Co: Lemmy: Nice farm you got here, Luigi. Is your brother one of the farm animals?
WendyRulez and Co: Red Cow: This plumber sure is skinny, maybe he's trying to fatten himself up.
WendyRulez and Co: Blue Cow: HOLY COW! Someone drew their name in the grass!

polkamon: Lakitu: Wow, Luigi sure has gained weight since the last race.
polkamon: Luigi: Hmm... I can't really read the markings, so I'll say it's 50 feet. That's gonna be a lot of milk.

Green Bones: Lakitu: Lemmy, are you SURE this is the easiest way to get beef?

Wacky Koopa: Mario (offscreen): Okay, Lakitu, it's been two hours since Wario knocked me off my kart and off of the track, can you come and
Wacky Koopa: get me now?! **GOOD PRIZE**

Indie Koopa: Lemmy looked on as Luigi and Lakitu measured and weighed the cows for the new Mario Kart.

LuigiMania: Luigi: Hm... HM! A perfect specimen! LAKITU! ANOTHER COW THAT I WANT ABDUCTED RIGHT HERE! ***FIRST PRIZE***


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