Contest 370
Picture by Latisha Banks

WendyRulez and Co: Larry: Using these bananas we will destroy the Mushroom Kingdom! Nobody, let alone a monkey, can possibly stop us!

Iggy Koopa: Lemmy: I don't care about some legend! I'm eating these bananas, and no monkey will hurt me!

Fried the Hen: Diddy Kong: Forget Dixie, I want the Koopa with the ponytail! **GOOD PRIZE**

LuigiMania: Larry: HA HA! Without these bananas, those apes will never have anything to collect in Donkey Kong Country Returns! Now to
LuigiMania: haul them back to the castle...

Chris Koopa: Larry stole some of Diddy Kong's bananas.

polkamon: Larry: Ha! With these ponytail wigs, we'll be sure to pass off as Zero Suit Samus and get into SSB4!***FIRST PRIZE***
polkamon: Diddy: Wow! There's a banana in Lemmy's hair!

flitchard: Larry: Don't worry, Lemmy! I'm sure someone will want these bananaphones!
flitchard: Lemmy: I hope these will make Uncle K. Rool feel better after being left out of the new game...

Indie Koopa: Larry: As you can see, eating bananas has brought two of my fangs back. You want to try?

iggy26: Lemmy: Um, I don't know about this. Diddy usually stalks people who steal his bananas.

chris: Diddy: Mmmmmmmmmmm... Bananas mmmmmmmmmmm...
chris: Diddy: First I throw Larry's Piranha Plant and then I pop Lemmy's ball, then I go in for the bananas.

Bullet Billy: Larry: Bananas for only $1.95! Diddy Kong free guarantee!

Yoshi's Clone: Diddy Kong: Oh my gosh! Look at that giant banana on top of Lemmy's head!

Jester500: Lemmy: You do realize 70 percent of those bananas are fake, right?
Jester500: Diddy: BANAN- Wait, Lemmy has a ponytail?

lewman99: The Cookie Monster: Converted for the good of Mario Kart.

JJ Bandit: Lemmy: I don't know what's weirder, the fact that we have all of these bananas or the fact that I look exactly like Dixie Kong.
JJ Bandit: Diddy: Woah! A blue pineapple, I've had a craving for one of those all week!
JJ Bandit: Larry: Well, it isn't the Kongs' golden banana stash, but I still thought we could make at least 4 dollars on the whole bunch.

Dark Goomba: What started out as a seemingly harmless prank turned into a disaster. Larry placed the basket of bananas in the middle of
Dark Goomba: the road so when a car came and crashed into it, it would skid all over the place. However, once Larry and Lemmy left, Diddy
Dark Goomba: Kong went straight for the bananas, and got utterly decimated by the car. I never really liked him anyway though. :) **GOOD Dark Goomba: PRIZE**

ninjinin: Lemmy: Are you sure this is a good idea?!

MammaMia64: After getting the Tikis to steal all of DK's bananas, Larry decided to sell them for a bargain price.

BT: Lemmy: Larry, you seriously need to get a hobby besides stealing bananas from monkeys...

LuigiMania: Diddy Kong: AHA! DK's bananas! Now to take them back through the Mario-DK dimensional portal...

Summer: Diddy Kong: Good thing they don't know there's a bomb in there!
Summer: Lemmy: Uhhhh... And why are we eating this, Larry?

Iggy Koopa: Iggy (offscreen): I need those! I'm going bananas!

cra-ziggy: Larry: Haha! Ludwig will love these bananas in his chocalate and banana smoothie!


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