Contest 376
Picture by Fried the Hen

WendyRulez and Co: Peach: I don't know, Mario, I still say someone rigged the lottery.
WendyRulez and Co: Mario: Thank you-a for playing my game! Now get out of here!
WendyRulez and Co: This is what happens when you combine Super Mario Galaxy and Mario Party.
WendyRulez and Co: Starman: Holy mother of DAD! I've been cloned!

SMG2 BOY: It's the new game "Feed the Luma" in the Star Carnival!
SMG2 BOY: Mario: I just have to toss three Star Bits to make the Luma deactivate my purple face.
SMG2 BOY: Peach: Ho boy.

Daniel: Peach: Wouldn't it be better not to feed the Luma Star Bits one at a time?

Brick Block: Peach: Since when do you have psychic powers, Mario?
Brick Block: Peach: All right! All right! We'll give you the Star Bits! Just don't summon Starstorm on us, okay? ***FIRST PRIZE***

LuigiMania: Peach: Mario, don't you want to just shoot the totally un-suspicious Mushrooms?
LuigiMania: Mario: COME ON! I want to get the Super Secret Power Star of Super Secret Galaxy! STOP MOVING!

Dark Goomba: Mario stole Susan's gems, then started throwing them all at a random star. This might seem pathetic at first, but remember
Dark Goomba: that Larry paid Mario to do it. Now the star won't grant Susan's wishes - SUSAN CAN'T GET LARRY! **GOOD PRIZE**

nightmare koopa: Luma: Today, we have another FANTASTIC product: Wonder Shrooms! These fa- I mean, totally REAL Mushrooms are
nightmare koopa: delicious! Now only 1,000 Star Bits! But buy 20, and get 1 FREE! Order now, at 1800-RIPOFF!

polkamon: You'd think that Mario could just jump and grab all the items above the Luma, but no, he has to get them "the fair way".
polkamon: Luma: Great, four Star Bits! You only need 9,996 more to fill me up.

iggy26: Luma: Step right up and play Feed the Luma! Losers get dunked in a pool of molten cheese, winners get to make out with Peach!

Weegee Malleo: Peach: Oh, DAD, how much do these guys eat?

Videogamerpat11: Mario: This would be so much easier if the wads of gum didn't stick to my gloves so much!

Jack: Mario: I hope I win some cheese by playing this game.

Ludwig von: I think I was right about Mario doing drugs.

Hop: Peach: Mario! We've been here 10 hours! You're NOT going to win "Feed me!"
Hop: Mario: Almost got it... DARN! Ok, again... DANG IT!!! Ok, one more... WHY?! Ok..
Hop: Little did they know the "Mushrooms" were Toad heads.

Brawlimar: Peach: Mario, your goal is to HIT the Luma, not the POW Block or the other stars...
Brawlimar: What Mario didn't know is that for the Luma to take the Star Bits, they had to be the same shape as his mouth... **GOOD PRIZE**


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