Contest 377
Picture by Atticus

Daniel: Mario: Larry, your-a snow-a heat ray is-a the best-a sculpture here! CHEESE-A!
Daniel: Roy: Wait 'til Larry finds out the heat ray is supposed to face the other way!
Daniel: Lemmy: N-No, that's not a heat ray to melt your snowman, it's a... umm... snowman-maker! Yeah, that's it!

SMG2 BOY: The Koopas are trying to win 1st prize for AFV.
SMG2 BOY: Iggy (behind camera): We hope we win the $10,000 prize.

V Koop: Mario: How's building a giant ray gun going to destroy Morton if it's pointed at a snowman?

comiccreater: Mario: Wow, talk about extreme ways to destroy a snowman!

Videogamerpat11: Mario: Ok, I have made a list of problems with this plan of yours. It is covered in snow. It is not a snowman. It is aimed at
Videogamerpat11: the TUP:AV! sign back there. Those ladders are broken. And, I'm sorry, but blue and orange do NOT go together.

Dark Goomba: The Koopalings have entered the snow sculpture contest! So of course, they are covering their thingy with snow to make it Dark Goomba: look like a sculpture...
Dark Goomba: Larry: Hmm... Which one of these is the defrost button... Oh, this one says "FIRE". Fire is hot, this has GOT to be it!

WendyRulez and Co: Frosty the Snowman is going to lose his soul...
WendyRulez and Co: Lemmy: NO! NOT FROSTY!
WendyRulez and Co: Mario: Hurry up, you need to fill your quota for today!

lewman99: Iggy: From The Koopalings, a visit to Coney Island! Now line up and get shrunk!

Weegee Malleo: Mario: Look, I'm not playing the Nastasia game, you understand, but stopping three of you from destroying a snowman a
Weegee Malleo: couple of Toad children made with a sinister-looking futuristic ray-blaster machine isn't on my list of things to do over the Weegee Malleo: Holidays.

iggyandludwig: Lemmy: This isn't what it seems.

Hop: Lemmy: Do I really have to fight Frosty the Snowman with a shovel?
Hop: Larry: Now which of these buttons was the Eject button?
Hop: Mario: The judging will begin... Hmmmm... SNOWMAN WINS! GIANT LASER THINGY LOSES!

Ludwig von: Mario: That's not allowed, you stole it from Ludwig.

princesspixiekitty1234567890: This is not a snowball fight. It is actually the Koopalings' homework.
princesspixiekitty1234567890: Mario: Snowman! How many times do I have to say it?! SNOW! MAN! Made of SNOW! Supposed to represent a
princesspixiekitty1234567890: MAN! SNOW MAN!

polkamon: Lemmy: Guys, the ball is below me, not on top of me...
polkamon: Mario: Ok, once you figure out how to work it, freeze the Toads so they can't lecture me on my victory dance.

lilboo: Lemmy: Wow guys, I'm impressed, 'cause that snowman is even worse than the last one.
lilboo: Mario: I've got a new idea for an event for "Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games 2". It's called "Cleaning Snow off Mario's
lilboo: Doomsday Machine".
lilboo: Roy: I think I'll just make my snowman up here. ***FIRST PRIZE***

LuigiMania: Mario: Yes, that is good... but aim for the Toads. They, for all we care, could be the Koopa Bros. in disguise! I mean, LOOK! That
LuigiMania: Blue Toad has a darker shade... Oh, and it's too late to cover the vaporization ray. They are looking. JUST FIRE!

Kkadwell: Red Mushroom Kid: Hey Mister! Can we borrow that ball? Our Mario snowman needs a nose.
Kkadwell: Mario: Well, it's a highly unusual snow sculpture, but since all the other entries have been mysteriously melted as if by some sort
Kkadwell: of giant heat ray gun, I guess you guys win the contest by default... **GOOD PRIZE**
Kkadwell: Lemmy: You see, Judge, we wanted to enter the snowman contest to supplement our pitiful allowance, but our brother wouldn't
Kkadwell: help us with something so wimpy unless we agreed to make some concessions for the sake of HIS entry design...

Brick Block: Larry: Ludwig makes some really weird milkshake machines.
Brick Block: Mario: That's either a broken laser cannon or the most hideous piece of modern art I've ever seen, meaning Ludwig has no Brick Block: future as either a mad genius or a mad artist.
Brick Block: Roy: Forget about cleaning up this mess. I'll just wait for Global Warming to kick in.
Brick Block: Lemmy: Uh guys, I think all this work and no play made Iggy a dull boy. He just got covered in snow and turned into a snowman
Brick Block: by two kids without showing any reaction whatsoever. **GOOD PRIZE**

JJ Bandit: Mario: Hmmm... I see where you're going, but I don't think your laser counts as a "snow" sculpture!
JJ Bandit: Roy: Finally Frosty, this is for the time that you didn't invite me to run here and there and around the square!!!
JJ Bandit: Toad: Hey guys, did you know our snowman can shoot lasers from its eyes? Beat that!
JJ Bandit: Larry: Getting up here was one thing, getting down is a whole other story.

iggy26: Roy: First point it at the Toads and snowman, then get Mario, be careful though...

Bullet Billy: Roy: We could save all this trouble and put on the carrot nose with our hands.


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