Contest 378
Picture by Latisha Banks

flitchard: Larry: Let's see those worthless Yoshis get that apple off of DK's head without THESE! Uh... Shoot...

Shoop dah Whoop: Lemmy (in Larry disguise): Heh heh heh... When I get arrested for this, Larry will PAY for stealing my ball!
Shoop dah Whoop: Red Yoshi: I wanna see other people... PLEASEDONTSLAPME!

Hop: Larry: Where's that golf ball- There it is- Oh my gosh! Yoshis! Time for my... SUPER SNEAKY ULTRA MEGA SPY CAMERA! ... Oops, they
Hop: heard me!

Brick Block: Orange Yoshi: Yeah, I also find blue-haired people stupid. Good thing there's nobody with blue hair nearby to hear us, right?

roy321: Lemmy: Ludwig, your potion turned us into Yoshis, instead of giving us the power to beat Mario.

Bullet Billy: Orange Yoshi: Yoshi! (...And it was the smallest flag of the United States I've ever seen! I think I saw Larry run off with it...)
Bullet Billy: **GOOD PRIZE**

Dry Bones: Larry: Finally! A pair of Yoshis!

Weegee Malleo: Larry: Ah, Yoshi hunting. The one illegal sport I can really enjoy.

Paratroopa Power: Orange Yoshi: ... It's fashion, dear.
Paratroopa Power: Orange Yoshi: Wait, aren't female Yoshis Birdos?

V Koop: Larry wants to shoot an arrow at the yellow Yoshi, not knowing that if he shoots an arrow at someone already in love, the Yoshi shot
V Koop: will start to love Larry himself!
V Koop: Orange Yoshi: My new collar protects me from every Koopaling but Larry. But what are the chances of him attacking me?!
V Koop: Orange: Mario once told me that if I count to 4, a Koopa with a Mohawk will come and shoot me with an arrow. Like THAT'S gonna
V Koop: happen.

polkamon: For the finale of Yoshi Survivor, the Yoshis have to survive Larry's death stare.
polkamon: Orange Yoshi: Don't worry, I'm sure Larry will come back with the food any second...

LuigiMania: Valentines Day - when Larry becomes Cupid to kill people. Or fall in love. Or something else.

iggyandludwig: Larry: I AM pranking these two if it's the last thing I do!

Kit Dazzer: Cupid-Larry strikes again.
Kit Dazzer: After I tell Yoshi that his girlfriend is cheating on him he'll be too depressed to ever help Mario, Luigi, and the princess ever
Kit Dazzer: again! Mwhahahaha!!! ***FIRST PRIZE***

Nathan B: Larry: Oh DAD, that's gross what they're saying!

Extreme Yoshi: Orange Yoshi: That weird-looking shrub over there looks uuuuuugly!
Extreme Yoshi: Orange Yoshi: I'd count to five for you, but I only have four fingers.

SMG2 BOY: Larry: All right. Time to ask them to play golf. **GOOD PRIZE**
SMG2 BOY: Orange Yoshi: Um... Well, do you wanna go on a date?

Videogamerpat11: Larry: There they are, the legendary Aeralfos!
Videogamerpat11: No, I am not going to make a comment about how Larry wants Yoshi's cheese bandana.

iggy26: Larry: With one swift move I'll shoot that hunk of cheese offscreen.


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