Contest 379
Picture by Koopa Girl

Paratroopa Power: Tubba Blubba: (to himself) Stupid Marios. That's just a painted Poison Shroom!
Paratroopa Power: Luigi: Um, Mario, I feel like we're being watched by someone right now....
Paratroopa Power: "Little do the Mario Brothers know, Peach is being used as a tester for Ludwig's prototype potions."

Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: Tubba Blubba: Uh, excuse me, Mario, but have you seen a Koopatrol and a Hammer Bro that like to hang around
Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: here? I need to get them for blabbing about my secret, which got overheard by Peach which she told Twink to tell
Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: you which you managed to figure out which made you able to defeat me which ended my career as the Invincible
Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: Tubba Blubba.
Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: Luigi: ... There's something big and scary behind me right now, isn't there...
Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: Watt: Um, so Lakilester, um, I mean Spike, tell me again how, um, Tubba Blubba is in your, um, family tree?!
Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: Lakilester: Man, I know it's freaky but there is a sort of resemblance between me and Tubba Blubba here.  If we could
Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: only find a cloud that was big enough for him, you'd see it even more.
Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: (In a game of truth or dare) Mario: Okey-dokey Luigi, I dare you to eat that Mushroom there... No seriously, no one
Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: knows how long it's been there just sitting on the floor.
Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: Mario: ... Just how many books does one princess need?
Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: Mario: With Luigi and Tubba Blubba, plus me, Watt and Lakilester, er, Spike for good measure, no Boo will dare show
Yumi the Yoshi Tamer: his face around here!**GOOD PRIZE**

LuigiMania: The war for the Mushroom has begun. With a chance of Mario losing.

WendyRulez and Co: Mario: This doesn't look too good for me... It's two against three... Not to mention one's invincible, one's my brother,
WendyRulez and Co: and one's my partner!

flitchard: Mario: I think it's time for Heff T. to go on that diet now...

Brick Block: Mario: Luigi, I can't say I'm shocked for finding out about your secret friendship with Tubba Blubba because Watt is already mad
Brick Block: at me because of my electrical puns.
Brick Block: Luigi: Mario, just because we're made of paper doesn't mean that the library has to be our new home. ***FIRST PRIZE***

lewman99: Mario: I'm not sure I should Plitemon battle with you. I mean, Super Paper Mario was a low for me. I've already got a torch, I don't
lewman99: need a naggy torch, I get enough from Peach already!

Summer Lizarda: Luigi: Now prepare to die, Mario, with my partners Tubba Blubba and Lakilester!
Summer Lizarda: Mario: Hey! Lakilester! What are you doing with Luigi? Lemme gues... Night job?

Dark Goomba: Luigi: Mario! For once, don't eat that Mushroom, just donate it or something. You're really getting fat! I mean, you're sort of
Dark Goomba: becoming like that fatso Tubba Blubba! He eats anythi... Wait, what's that noise?...

Sayaman: Luigi: Hey Bro, how are we going to split this Mushroom 5 ways?

yoshi's clone: Mario: ... Um, Luigi? You may want to look behind you.

Fried the hen: Toad: Help me, Koopas took my arms and threw them over there and Goombas took my legs and threw them over there.

polkamon: Luigi: Come on, Watt. Lakilester joined us. And we've got Mushrooms.
polkamon: And in the new Paper Mario game, you get Tubba Blubba as a partner! That's right, the guy with a whopping 10 HP!**GOOD polkamon: PRIZE**

Hop: Luigi: This Mushroom will grant us one wish. Let's wish we look as good as we do in Super Paper Mario!

Extreme Yoshi: Tubba Blubba: If we threw Luigi out of the castle, would he make a sound?
Extreme Yoshi: Two plumbers, a child, a Lakitu, and an oversized Clubba? Man, reality shows have really taken a turn for the worse.

V Koop: Luigi: My party is way better than yours, Mario.
V Koop: Luigi: No Mario, no one will attack us, not even Tubba and his Lakitu.

The Spectre: Mushroom Kingdom citizens gaze in unbridled horror at the gruesome true form of the Shadow Queen.

Bullet Billy: Tubba Blubba: Hey, has anyone seen King Boo? I'm getting hungry.

Larry the Tennis Master: Luigi: Mario... we've called you here today to inform you of your... Mushroom problem... it's not only hurting you, it's
Larry the Tennis Master: hurting the ones that are close to you, as well. Besides, I don't have enough for that Koopasta I'm making tonight.
Larry the Tennis Master: Tubba Blubba: Watt, I told you that Rock beats Mushroom, but NO, you had to play Mario.

Kevin: Everyone: The Mushroom is MINE!!!

Brawlimar: Mario: Luigi... there's no need to fight over MY Mushroom...
Brawlimar: In the contest of who's the better Brother, the Mushroom remains undecided.

Fred the Mole: Mushroom: I've called you all here for a very important meeting...


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