Contest 383
Picture by Atticus

Dark Goomba: Realistically, the Tortoise can't beat the Hare, so the Tortoise has been replaced by a fat Italian plumber, in order to fulfill the
Dark Goomba: Mario content requirement for submissions.
Dark Goomba: Kooper (speaking to Koopa on ground): O Koopa, Koopa! Wherefore art thou Koopa?
Dark Goomba: In case you don't know, that rabbit is really the Koopa Bros. inside another costume, and they're racing to their fortress in
Dark Goomba: order to... Yeah, this Caption wasn't very well thought out, was it... -_- But then again, by Lemmy's Land standards...

Iggy Koopa: Mario: Be vewy quiet! I'm chasing wabbits! COME BACK HERE!!!
Iggy Koopa: Koopa (blue-shelled): Wow. I really didn't think he'd believe that all yellow rabbits were made of cheese.
Iggy Koopa: Mario just realized that one of the Rabbits from Contest 330 escaped. Or so he thinks. In reality, this is just the Blue Koopa's Iggy Koopa: pet.

Fried the hen: Mario: Hey, I wanted to be Roadrunner...

WendyRulez: Seeing how a Koopa can beat a rabbit in racing, I think it's safe to say that Mario's going to be having haserpfetter tonight...

V Koop: Mario: Come ON, MIPS, I NEED that Star!
V Koop: Fishing Koopa: (Why can't he fit in?)

Daniel: Mario: Nobody steals-a pasta from-a me and-a lives!

Ludwig von: Blue Troopa: About time. Enough of The Troopa, Hare, and Mario; I need to get back to Grumpy Old Troopas.

jackie: Mario: I bet Bowser turned into that bunny!

DaDarkBowzah: Mario: Get back here, Easter Bunny, and hand over some eggs- Yoshi eggs!
DaDarkBowzah: Fishing Koopa: Does that rabbit have any fish?
DaDarkBowzah: By the Spirit of DAD, Mario, for chasing the Easter Bunny, is in the dungeon.
DaDarkBowzah: Mario goes and drowns the Easter Bunny in the lake, so the fishing Koopa goes to the lake and fishes the bunny out.

Videogamerpat11: Blue Koopa: I told my wife this house was more interesting.
Videogamerpat11: Mario: Give me back my Trix!

JellyUltraSilverYoshi: Fisherman: I really need to move...
JellyUltraSilverYoshi: Mario: MUST... CATCH... CHOCOLATE... BUNNYYYYY!!!
JellyUltraSilverYoshi: Bunny: (Now all I have to do is lead Mario to that volcano!)
JellyUltraSilverYoshi: Fisherkoopa: Now that offer to live in the black hole that killed Luigi doesn't seem so bad.

GreenDino: As the Koopa sings, Mario runs and trips on the snow. The bunny runs quicker as he gets hit with the fishing pole. The Koopa
GreenDino: wins.

Brawlimar: Blue Fisherman Koopa: I thought we were done with the rabbit chases after Super Mario Galaxy...
Brawlimar: Green Koopa: :D FRESH AIR! Finally, Wario farted in my house.
Brawlimar: What nobody knew was that the chase was Mario in a rabbit suit, Bowser in a Mario suit, and Mario was showing Bowser how
Brawlimar: annoying those rabbit chases are. **GOOD PRIZE**

polkamon: Mario: And now you have ANOTHER Power Star! And you're going to claim you're late for a meeting with some dumb Koopa when
polkamon: I catch you, and...
polkamon: Mario: Silly rabbit, Trix are for fat Italian plumbers!

bast da goddess: Koopa Troopa: Baby baby baby baby ooooooooh like baby baby baby oooooooh...
bast da goddess: Bunny: AAAAAH! NO! I'M LUIGI! I WAS CHANGED! Oh, curse you, Ludwig!

lilboo: Blue Koopa: That rabbit bait did the trick, I'll finally be able to catch that little cloud on the ground.
lilboo: Mario: You tell me where your seven shiny friends are right now!

Kkadwell: You would lose a race to a hare too if the hare had a fat plumber chasing it trying to wring a Power Star out of its neck.

Flitchard: Mario: It's-a the coyote's day off, and then they tell me it's-a the Road Runner's day off too?! SHEESH! **GOOD PRIZE**

Badyoyo: Ok, the plan is set. First I pick up a flower with this hook, then I make that Koopa sneeze, that sneeze will make Mario fly into Badyoyo: Wario, making him fart. Then the rabbit records it, finally we put it on Youtube, where it will be popular for about 14 minutes, then Badyoyo: everyone gets bored and go back to riffing on Rebecca Black's "Friday". ***FIRST PRIZE***

Wacky Koopa: Blue Koopa:  Well, whad'ya know? Easter came early this year; that, or Mario has to catch him to save the galaxy... again.

Bullet Billy: Koopa Troopa: Ah, I don't need to race Mario anymore. Mips will give Mario plenty of exercise.

Anti-Yoshi: Mario: Give me back my Trix, Silly Rabbit!
Anti-Yoshi: Rabbit: For the last time,I don't Have any more Power Stars!


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