Contest 384
Picture by Latisha Banks

Fried the hen: Orange Yoshi: (muttering) Cannibals...

polkamon: It was decided that the rabbit in the previous Caption wasn't realistic enough.
polkamon: Orange Yoshi: You know, it's not Easter yet, you have 3 weeks...

V Koop: Black Yoshi: Let's beat up Mario with this egg.

Iggy Koopa: Baby Yoshi Bunny: As soon as those Yoshis are finished, I can steal all the eggs! ... Why? Uh... I can't remember.
Iggy Koopa: Black Yoshi Bunny: So, should we hide the purple one? ... Yes? How about the green one?
Iggy Koopa: Green Yoshi Bunny: This Yoshi Egg hunt will be the best! ... What do you do again?

Ninjinin: Yoshi: Now the furries will totally be turned on by us!

Bullet Billy: Young Orange Yoshi: Yoshi. (I still don't understand why we have to make a play based off the book "The Dumb Bunnies". I also
Bullet Billy: don't know why we're wrapping up eggs when we're having them for breakfast.)

DaDarkBowzah: Grey Yoshi: I can't wait to see his face when he finds out that I rigged this egg with a Bob-omb!

Fireball: Little Yoshi: Okay, putting me in an egg for the Easter Egg Hunt was not funny!

bast da goddess: Grey Yoshi: I'm gonna drop this on the baby's head, and they're not hard-boiled...
bast da goddess: Baby Yoshi: Why do I have to have Iggy hair? I hate Iggy.
bast da goddess: Grey yoshi: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Yoshi like Earth holiday!
bast da goddess: Green Yoshi: It's a girl!

Brawlimar: Green Yoshi: I got a chocolate egg stuck up my nose...
Brawlimar: Black Yoshi: Ok, you got the plan? Ok, now, you yell "tacos" when I throw this egg at Peach...
Brawlimar: Orange Yoshi: I never get to be the Easter Yoshi... It's not fair... I want to throw chocolate eggs at people too...

lilboo: Now I know what you're thinking, but this is actually Yoshi's version of Thanksgiving.
lilboo: You know how Santa Claus has all those elves that help him make toys? Well, some group of misfits has to help the Easter Bunny,
lilboo: right?***FIRST PRIZE***

victor: Yoshi and Gray Yoshi are hypnotized into becoming Easter Yoshis, and the orange one is going to help Mario unhypnotize the two
victor: Easter Yoshis and help Mario get the Easter eggs the Easter Yoshis stole to save Easter, but first he has to defeat his old Yoshi
victor: friend and Yoshi's own friend.

Dark Goomba: Yoshis: What the... WHYYYYYYYYYYYY do Caption picture makers always put BUNNIES in their pictures?! There were
Dark Goomba: bunnies in the last one, there were bunnies about ten pictures ago I think... I mean, last time was bad enough; Mario was
Dark Goomba: chasing a bunny. What if he sees us? "HEY, WHO WANTS TO RIDE THE EASTER BUNNY?!"... -_-

abcd: Orange Yoshi: Green Yoshi's going to be very surprised when he finds out there's a Bob-omb in that egg!

iggy26: Koopa Jr. (disguised as Baby Yoshi): Dang! Foiled again!

flitchard: Gonzales Jr: They dressed me up like this, just so they wouldn't have to buy me Trix cereal this week! JEEZ!**GOOD PRIZE**

JellyUltraSilverShyGuyShadooYoshi: Orange Yoshi: The other kids get more attention than I do and they're not even born yet!
JellyUltraSilverShyGuyShadooYoshi: Narrator: So once Easter came for the lovely Yoshi, all of their eggs were stolen by Boshi... Wait,
JellyUltraSilverShyGuyShadooYoshi: wrong movie!

Dylan: Orange Baby Yoshi: Man, I can't believe Black gave Green a present for Easter but not me!

tails: Yoshi: ...and the best part is, we're not bunnies and there's no hidden mayonnaise!
tails: Great Easter or GREATEST EASTER?!


Pinoy Guy: Baby Yoshi: Why do we have to take care of the eggs? Aren't there any Cuccos around here? **GOOD PRIZE**

Caleb Koopa: Grey Yoshi: Just wait 'til the Mario gang see what's in OUR eggs.


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