Contest 385
Picture by Fried the Hen

roy321: Director: Cut! Ludwig's supposed to be watering Larry, and Petey should be holding the football!

Flitchard: Petey Piranha: No, I can't tell you how to get, how to get to Sesame Street! Now SCRAM! **GOOD PRIZE**

Brawlimar: Larry: WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE?!
Brawlimar: Petey: FOR THE LAST (Censored) TIME, STOP SPRAYING ME WITH WATER, YOU (Censored)!
Brawlimar: It seems Larry forgot about Super Mario Sunshine...
Brawlimar: Ludwig: I just noticed the red watermark in the corner...

Gloomtail08: Ludwig: Oh, by the way, I put some Insta-Grow in the watering can.
Gloomtail08: Petey: YOU AINT PLAYIN FOOTBALL! Unless I can be referee, of course...

Iggy Koopa: Ludwig: Ha ha! You have to play football with me now, Larry! Otherwise Petey will eat you! HAHAHAHAHA!
Iggy Koopa: Petey: All right, stop watering me! I HATE water! Give me goop!

Flemmy Koopa: Petey Piranha: Plant me another giant almond OR ELSE!!!

GoombaGuy34: Piranha Plant: Don't you backtalk me, Mister! Now! Give me some o' that water!

KGuy1: Larry: (Just gotta smile and back away...)

iggy26: Petey Piranha: ...and so you see in the botanic theory coconuts are better for growing Piranha Plants than water because...

Fried the Hen: Ludwig: Vith dis nut, I shall transform Petey into a giant and send him to the Good Egg Galaxy.

Caleb Koopa: Larry: ... I'm gonna need a bigger water pale.
Caleb Koopa: Ludwig: (Maybe if I hold a football with me, girls will think I'm more athletic. Ha ha, this is one of my best ideas yet.)

Ludwig von: Those idiots! Petey isn't in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Kerry Koopa: Larry: I know why you can't get out- and it doesn't take a genius like Ludwig to know- the pipe's too small for you!
Kerry Koopa: Larry and Ludwig are showing Mario, who is in a Petey Piranha suit, how hard it is to be an enemy, much less a plant enemy.
Kerry Koopa: During their quest to beat all the good guys, Ludwig and Larry have beat up Luigi, Peach, and Toad (who are not shown), and
Kerry Koopa: now are going to beat Mario, who is disguised as Petey Piranha.

Dry Bones: Petey Piranha: FEED ME, LARRY!
Dry Bones: Ludwig: (All we need is a jock, a group of singers, and a girl, and we can recreate Little Shop of Horrors!

polkamon: Petey: Your old Piranha Plant ran away. He said that you were being unfair the last time you played tennis with him.

vulpix+mudkip=<3: Piranha Plant: HEY!!! LUDWIG SEZ IM ALLERGIC TO HYDROGEN!!!

Weegee Malleo: Larry: Now, keep that football ready, Ludwig. This Piranha Plant kind of objects to people watering it. **GOOD PRIZE**
Weegee Malleo: Ludwig: Ha! My plan is nearing completion! I'll have a bigger football target when Larry waters that plant, making it grow!

tylersaretard: Larry is hallucinating, and for some weird reason thinks the Piranha Plant is Top Ramen.
tylersaretard: Piranha Plant: Hey, did it just get smarter in here?
tylersaretard: Piranha Plant: Oh no! I'm allergic to people with blue hair!

Dark Goomba: This seemingly harmless (???) prank on Larry turned into something much bigger, as Petey escaped and joined Tabuu's
Dark Goomba: forces, kidnapping Peach and nearly ending the world. NICE JOB, LUDWIG.
Dark Goomba: Larry, having played Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, wanted to create the beanstalk, so he got a seed, some
Dark Goomba: magic water, and some fertilizer. However, Ludwig swapped out the beanstalk seed for a Piranha Plant seed. Climb it, Larry! Dark Goomba: ***FIRST PRIZE***
Dark Goomba: ...And that's why veggies are bad for you.

lilboo: Ludwig: You're probably wondering why I'm standing here. Well, the truth is, I'm not even real. *disappears*
lilboo: Petey Piranha: Listen Larry, I appreciate everything you've done, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to eat you. Just remember that I'm
lilboo: doing it out of love.
lilboo: Petey Piranha: What do you think you're doing with that watering can? Last time someone shot water in my mouth it didn't go well.

iggy26: Kooky: Hehe! Vith zis coconut I shall RULE ZE WORLD!!! HA HA HA HA!!!

Stink: Ludwig: Scientifically, Piranha Plants can't say no to chocolate, so I will trick him into thinking this chocolate bar is his, eat it, then he'll
Stink: eat Larry!


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