Contest 386
Picture by Atticus

V Koop: Red Koopa: Let's hurry so we can finish helping Lemmy with his site revamp!

The KING Dedede: Green Koopa: GOLD!!!

flitchard: Left Koopa: We're digging up Thwomps, not... whatever that is! Get rid of it!!!
flitchard: Red Koopa: How many times do I gotta tell you? You DIDN'T make that, IT'S A ROCK!!!

flifit22: Goomba: The green Koopa gets gold and I get stuck with pushing a cart. I hate my job.

Larry the Tennis Master: Red Koopa: No, Chicken McNuggets do NOT count as treasure. ***FIRST PRIZE***

Dry Bowser67: Petey Piranha: What kind of water is this?

Kerry Koopa: Mario and Luigi (not shown) built the Koopa Mine as a trap for all the Koopas shown and not shown mining, so all of them are
Kerry Koopa: trapped inside.
Kerry Koopa: Red-shelled Mining Koopa: GET OFF MY GOLD, because I found it first and you stole it!
Kerry Koopa: Mario and Luigi are in Koopa Mine and dressed like Koopas, so they can get their hands on all that gold (which Mario thinks is
Kerry Koopa: cheese because it's yellow).

polkamon: Goomba: Geez, everywhere people just have to make fun of me for having no hands.
polkamon: Red Koopa: Hey, Bob, I just got word from King Bowser. Something about killing the guy who's taking his secret stash of gold.

Videogamerpat11: Red Koopa: How many times do I have to tell you? This fool's gold to distract people while we get the real gold back
Videogamerpat11: there!

Dark Goomba: Red Troopa: HEY!!! That's BOWSER'S hidden buried ancestral family treasure! PUT IT BACK IN ITS CARDBOARD BOX!!! Dark Goomba: **GOOD PRIZE**
Dark Goomba: Red Troopa: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! We are looking for the LOST TREASURE, not some stupid yellow ROCK!!!
Dark Goomba: Red Troopa: GET BACK TO WORK!!! At this rate we will NEVER tunnel into Mushroom Castle!  Don't you WANT all its riches?
Dark Goomba: The Green Troopa quickly smashed the gold onto the pickaxe, creating the deadliest weapon ever: The Golden Equalizer.
Dark Goomba: He then sold it for two-hundred fifty-six hats, but right before it turned vintage...

victor: Green Koopa: My nugget, maybe I could name him Bubby.
victor: Red Koopa: Stop acting like a baby and get back to work!

WendyRulez and Co: Goomba: It's times like this when I wish I had hands...
WendyRulez and Co: Koopa: Yay! A new rock for my collection!
WendyRulez and Co: Koopa Supervisor: Work harder, slave!

Brick Block: Red Koopa: For the last time, Steve, those nuggets aren't made of chicken! Stop eating them!

abcd: Goomba: Pushing minecarts is tough without hands!

Weegee Malleo: Little did the miner know, the chief wanted that gold for himself and was not above doing horrible things to his comrades to
Weegee Malleo: get it.
Weegee Malleo: Chief Miner: You can stop looking at the gold now.

Ludwig von: Red Troopa: Hey, Bill, you're gonna need to be over here for the filming of Ludwig Koopa: The Temple of Boom... I hate these
Ludwig von: cheep movie ripoffs.

Sayaman: Red Koopa: Don't just stand there. Get back to work!

DarkGoomba36: Koopa: Wow, I'm going to stop mining because I found a shiny yellow rock!

Gloomtail08: Red Koopa: Why you little-!!! That's MY gold nugget! MINE!!!

Anamatronic Koopa: Bowser was getting sick of sending the Koopas to dig the out the Thwomps who didn't stop falling at the floor. **GOOD Anamatronic Koopa: PRIZE**

54 king boo: Goomba: Get it away! I'm allergic to gold!
54 king boo: The red Koopa was so mad over the green Koopa finding gold first he pushed him down an endless abyss. That is why
54 king boo: Nintendo doesn't have underground levels anymore.
54 king boo: Green Koopa: Hey! I just got a tan!

Kkadwell: Boss Koopa: There you are, Jensen, you idiot! Those TNT crate props were supposed to go to Caption 383 for the Wile E. Coyote
Kkadwell: gags!

Flemmy Koopa: Green Koopa: Splat! Cheese in my mouth!
Flemmy Koopa: Red Koopa: That cheese is for the Goomba doin' nothing!
Flemmy Koopa: As you see, this is Wrecking Koopa Crew for Wii. It is not! This version of Wrecking Crew is YOUR LIFE!!!

XenoTheAlien: Red-Shelled Koopa: We're STUDYING THWOMPS here, and don't ever think about telling me that's a golden Thwomp!

Invisibool: Red Koopa: Hey, Johnson, what gives? You told me today was 'Dress Up Like Mario' Day, you moron!

Acekissy: Red Koopa: Don't eat the yellow rock, Green.
Acekissy: Red: DUDE! How are you holding the flame in the lamp without getting burned?!
Acekissy: Red: Red Koopas Thwomp Mine needs YOU, super amazing, world famous Koopa! Oh wait, my finger's pointing at that snail. never
Acekissy: mind!

lilboo: Red Koopa: What are you so excited about? All we have to do to get gold is hit blocks with our heads!
lilboo: Goomba: I hate this job, every time I try to carry out a Thwomp it just rises up to the ceiling and crushes me!
lilboo: The Koopas are actually giving the Thwomps massages. The pickaxes really relax their muscles.

vulpix+mudkip=<3: Red Koopa Troopa: Aladdin, only touch the magic lamp!
vulpix+mudkip=<3: Random offstage Devo guy: Oh we're workin in the Koopa mine goin down down...
vulpix+mudkip=<3: The true story of the City of Ember- everyone stopped to pick up gold on the way.
vulpix+mudkip=<3: Red Koopa: We're looking for cheap powerups, not gold!
vulpix+mudkip=<3: This is what happens when Koopas on minimum wage go mining.
vulpix+mudkip=<3: Thwomp: Ow! I'm not a stone!

andrei: The Koopa Mine! A place where hard work and yelling is necessary.

iggyandludwig: Koopa: GOLD! I STRUCK GOLD!
iggyandludwig: Red Koopa: Dude, those are chocolate coins. The gold is over there.

iggy26: Red Koopa: Hey, everyone knows that all the gold they find goes to me.
iggy26: Green Koopa: My preshious...

Doom: Lantern (on far right): MWAHAHA! Nobody would EVER expect a lantern to steal a hammer from Contest 157! Now all I have to do is
Doom: destroy a nearby Thwomp civilization, and... CURSE YOU, MARIO!
Doom: Rejected Game #... does anyone care? Super Mario Mines was gonna ship in 3000-Never, 'til some bozo forgot one thing... Mario!

Charles "Hutch" Hutchinson: Koopa Foreman: Are ya kidding me? Between the workers trying to eat the profits and make out with the mine
Charles "Hutch" Hutchinson: carts, we'll never get anything done!

Kemmy Loopa: Angry Koopa: Jeez, get back to work! And stop super-gluing his face to the minekart in attempt to steal his gold! He doesn't
Kemmy Loopa: have ARMS you know, how do you think he carries it?! WITH HIS MOUTH, DUH!
Kemmy Loopa: The truth behind Wario's Gold Mine- while Wario went go-kart-racing, everyone attempted to steal his gold. They got unlucky
Kemmy Loopa: when Wario fell off the road and caught them red-handed though.

Pit: Red-shoed Koopa: If you keep on slacking off like this, we'll never find my 4-piece meal.

iggy26: Red Koopa: Okay, this is getting ridiculous. The entire time Lemmy's put us on (which has been awhile) you keep getting into my
iggy26: gold!

Richard: Red Koopa: Hey, stop looking at that rock and get back to work!

Darkblade Koopa: Red Troopa: GIVE ME THAT STINKIN' GOLD, GREEN!


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