Contest 387
Picture by Fried the Hen

Richard: Blue Toad: Oh, no! Mario's in trouble! He is being held captive by a Blooper! And Wendy O. Koopa is making sure the Blooper
Richard: doesn't let go of him! Luigi! Yellow Toad! I need help rescuing Mario!

Pit: Toad: I TOLD you to bring a scuba suit, but NO. You, like the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom, have to disregard everything I have to say! Pit: **GOOD PRIZE**
Pit: Mario: I shouldn't have ordered the calamari.

DarkGoomba36: Holy-a moly! Wendy is-a here! Give me-a that shell!

The KING Dedede: Wendy: What's the matter, Mario? You don't like squid?
The KING Dedede: Blooper: I'm not getting paid enough these days...
The KING Dedede: Mario's documentary on seafood went wrong when he realized that he had fish food in his pockets.

Flemmy Koopa: Wendy: I am FINALLY turning purple! Or is it Mario or Blue Toad? I'll just have 2 boyfriends!

Ludwig von: Director: Cut, cut, cut! Wendy doesn't have a Blooper with her, and Wolley doesn't have a Troopa shell!

Brick Block: Mario: (Why is this Blooper covering my mouth, anyway? It's not like I am able to scream for help like a little girl underwater...)
Brick Block: Mario: (Dang! I really need to stop tossing Luigi and Yellow Toad to their deaths before a hard battle.) ***FIRST PRIZE***
Brick Block: Later that day, Luigi was left wondering why Mario threw all the sushi he made for dinner in the trash.

Charles "Hutch" Hutchinson: Mario learned his lesson that day: if a sign says "free hugs" and it's underwater, don't follow the arrow.
Charles "Hutch" Hutchinson: The Blooper artist suddenly realizes that even if his sand-crafted Mario mannequin goes over with the Koopa
Charles "Hutch" Hutchinson: Troop, it won't last long underwater.

Brawlimar: And this, children *points to Toad*, is why people get mad at New Super Mario Brothers Wii.
Brawlimar: Blooper: I'm doing something USEFUL.
Brawlimar: Little do they know, Mario is really the Toad in the background, and the Blooper is trying to cover all the holes in his inflatable
Brawlimar: Mario.

Dark Goomba: As payback for the three gratillion times Mario defeated Bowser, Wendy finally gets revenge by forcing Mario to listen to
Dark Goomba: Toad's screaming voice for a whole month.

BeserkSaturn: Unfortunately for Wendy, Mario doesn't need to breathe in this game, so the Blooper may as well be giving him a hug.


Pikachu Koopa: Wendy: That's what you get for dissing Justin Bieber!
Pikachu Koopa: Wendy: I have candy and you can't get it! Nyah nyah!
Pikachu Koopa: Toad: YOU %*&#(*!$&!!! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO SAY JB WAS A *^#(!, NOT HER!

polkamon: Blooper: Yep, she's buying the Mario doll. She's more stupid than she looks.
polkamon: Blooper: Don't invade my home or the plumber gets it! **GOOD PRIZE**

Benjamin: Wendy: Yeah, destroy Mario, Blooper!
Benjamin: Toad: DIE YOU BLOOPER!

54 king boo: Wendy: Finally! I can go to McDonalds without that twerp Mario asking me for cheese!

Daniel: Wendy: I have you now, Mario! Nobody lives when I sing "Koopa Shell Blues"!

Kerry Koopa: Mario: Toad, I don't want a UFO pie, I want to be RESCUED!
Kerry Koopa: Larry has dressed up like Mario and pretended to be captured, so when Blue Toad tries to save him, Wendy will attack and
Kerry Koopa: give Blue the hardest blow with a wand ever.
Kerry Koopa: Mario: Toad? Serving me dinner? Let's hope he has decent cooking under that green lid.
Kerry Koopa: Mario: If this is Squidward who's holding me, where are Spongebob and Patrick?

Dylan: Toad: What the @*^$?! Mario is kidnapped and Wendy's getting away! I only have one shell! Who the @*%$ do I pick?!

WendyRulez and Co: Mario: Why do I suddenly feel like I'm a Japanese school girl?
WendyRulez and Co: Mario: Why don't you grab her? She's the one who looks like a manga character!

Fried the hen: Wendy: Haha! I stole your ability to breathe underwater!
Fried the hen: Wendy: Luckily nobody here knows CPR.
Fried the hen: Mario: I thought you Bloopers were neutral!
Fried the hen: Toad: Wait a minute, 2 players are supposed to be Mario and Luigi, not Mario and me.

DarkDimentioDude: Toad: AGAIN?! Mario, this is the LAST TIME I PLAY NAVY WITH YOU!!!
DarkDimentioDude: Wendy: Hmmm... The way that Blooper is hugging Mario feels strangely inappropriate... DADDDDDY!!! Bloopey is in love
DarkDimentioDude: with Mario!!!
DarkDimentioDude: Mario: Sorry honey. Gotta go stop Wendy. Yeah, love you too.

V Koop: Toad: I'll save you from the monster, Blooper!

BT: Blooper: GIVE ME A DANG HUG!!!!

Anti-Yoshi: Toad: And this, Mario, is what happens when you question the unlawful laws of physics... Wait, how am I talking...? Oops.
Anti-Yoshi: Wendy: ...And now back to Mushroom Idol! A while ago, a contestant has been eliminated...!

lilboo: Wendy: You think you can use two players, huh? Well, two can play at that game!
lilboo: Toad: Quick Mario, eat this!
lilboo: Mario: This is strange, I've been touched by an enemy, but I didn't lose a life. That is definitely the most important thing to be thinking
lilboo: about right now.

iggy26: Wendy: Wow, that only took 2 seconds. Mario must be getting fatter by the minute.

Doom: Toad: Mario, we still have another 5 worlds to go! Besides, didn't you hear me say "Sorry, but your princess is in another Blooper?"
Doom: Wendy: WAHAHAHAHA! Finally, time for my EVIL plan! But first, Mario... Does this bow make me look fat? Yes? HOW DARE YOU?!

KP Chains: Now, I know what you're thinking. This is actually Peach in a Wendy suit, Mario in a Toad suit, Luigi in a Mario suit, and Yoshi in
KP Chains: the Blooper suit. Luigi had eaten the last Klondike Bar before they went swimming, so now "Wendy" is about to throw candy
KP Chains: rings to make "Mario" barf up the Bar, "Toad" is throwing a shell to make "Mario" barf, and "Blooper" is just all out trying to
KP Chains: make "Mario" barf.


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