Contest 388
Picture by Koopa Girl

Flitchard: Mario: Thank you all for coming. Prepare to initiate operation: Get my brother to move out! **GOOD PRIZE**

Videogamerpat11: Mario: Bowser, I know this is only the first scene of the game, but if you want to kill me, you should stop providing me with
Videogamerpat11: tutorials on how to attack and beat your minions! ***FIRST PRIZE***

DarkGoomba36: Mario: Oh, fancy meeting you here, Bowser. Oh, and could you just sign this contract that I have all legal rights to kill you
DarkGoomba36: with fatty here.

badyoyo: Mario: Oh no! Bowser's Shy Guy used Clone! ... Mushroom, return! ... GO TUBBA BLUBBA! ... Hey Kamek, do you think these
badyoyo: Koopamon Fun Fictions are getting a little out of hand?

Doom: Mario: Sorry, Bowser, but-a the Mushroom is behind another randomly-placed character-a.

iggy26: Tubba Blubba: THIS ISN'T WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!!!

Nate: Mario: Don't come into my house, I'm armed! Sort of...
Nate: Bowser: Why is that big guy visiting Mario? He can't even fit through the door!

Brick Block: Mario: For the last time, Luigi, ditch that stupid Tubba Blubba costume already! You're embarassing me in front of my
Brick Block: archnemesis!
Brick Block: Mario: I wonder if Luigi has any idea about my Poker nights...

flifit22: Betrayal in Bowser's army results in SEVERE punishment.

Kerry Koopa: Bowser: STOP RIGHT THERE MARIO! We have just joined the police force and are going to arrest you for beating us up a
Kerry Koopa: million times!
Kerry Koopa: Bowser: Nah, I don't like that inflatable blue puppet of yours.
Kerry Koopa: Mario: Wow, I really did a good job on making Bowser, Shy Guy, and Kamek lawn ornaments! Except... they're in the middle of
Kerry Koopa: the road!
Kerry Koopa: A scene from Paper Mario 5, where Mario has just met his new partner and is facing against Bowser, some Shy Guys, and
Kerry Koopa: Kamek in a battle.
Kerry Koopa: Bowser: Shy Guy decorations! Only 10 coins each!

WendyRulez: Tubba Blubba: Mario, when I told you not to bring an angry mob to the house again, I meant it.
WendyRulez: Shy Guys: Why are we even here?

Dylan: Bowser: Uh... What is my henchman doing in your house?

freekhenstra: Bowser: Please come back to our side, we've got Boos!

Lord Iggy Koopa: Mario: Sorry Bowser, I had to give Tubba a heart transplant after our battle, but on the bright side, you can keep his heart
Lord Iggy Koopa: as a souvenier.

shadaki: Bowser: Hey, all I want is the Mushroom.

super shy guy: Tubba Blubba: No, this is not Mario's house, I just put up a sign that says Mario and bought this life-sized Mario doll.

Stink: Mario: I brought out the heavy artillery!!!

Iggy Koopa: Mario: Oh, sorry Bowser, I got a new archnemesis. MR. MUSHROOM SHALL DIE!!!
Iggy Koopa: Bowser: AAAAH! Scary man!!! What?! You think I'm afraid of the Clubba?! I'M AFRAID OF THE MUSHROOM, DUH! They're
Iggy Koopa: scarier.

Crazy Doopliss Fan: Doopliss (Mario): No, I am not Doopliss, and this is not a Duplighost, Sli- uh, I mean people...
Crazy Doopliss Fan: New for Nintendo DS: Pathetic Everyone World.

BT: Mario: HAH!!! I have my own Bowser now, suckers!!! (Call now for your own Bowser replica!!! Operators are standing by!!!

banjonator1: Mario: Great news, baddies! Judge Tubba, Judge Mushroom, and I, Judge Mario, have decided which one of you will be the
banjonator1: Mushroom Kingdom's next top boss! **GOOD PRIZE**

Weegee Malleo: Mario didn't know who the big purple dude was, but he was happy for the help.

polkamon: Mario: Well, I was planning to have a sleepover with all of you, but due to the fact that only Tubba Blubba can fit in the house,
polkamon: he'll be the only one staying.
polkamon: Tubba Blubba: What? All you have to eat is three Shy Guys, Bowser, and a Magikoopa? Man, where are normal people who keep
polkamon: Boos these days?


KP Chains: Mario: So here's the CHEESE plan: Tubba, attack. I'll get a chair to sit and watch on, and Mushroom, go get me a hot dog... YES

UltraLemmy: Mario: Sorry Bowser, the party ended 5 minutes ago.


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