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Mr.L Koopa: Mario: Man, Yoshi always has to relax, but I have been holding this cup for 10 years.

Leah Koopa: Timeout in the Mushroom Kingdom is a bit more extreme than in the Real World...

Flitchard: Mario: Okay, Bowser! You start snapping your fingers, and then we'll rush this door TOGETHER! Timing is the key!
Flitchard: Bowser: I wonder how long until Mario realizes that I could bust that cheap door down?

Benjamin: Yoshi: Finally, I never have to be ridden again.
Benjamin: Mario: I need another cup of cheese.
Benjamin: Bowser: GUARDS! Mario messed my hair again and put me next to a flower!
Benjamin: What Mario didn't know is there was a Vanish and Metal Box next to him, and Bowser had a bad day. Oh, and Yoshi ate the key.

Iggy_von_Lemmy: Snot Bubble: I'm free!

Iggy Koopa: Mario: Come on, Yoshi, just pass me that blue block... It won't do any harm!
Iggy Koopa: Bowser: Oh come on, you've been doing this for so long! I mean, it's been 3 seconds! That's like, 2 years or something!

Fried the hen: Yoshi: I have the talent to be in Lemmy's circus, I can balance light bulbs on my nose.
Fried the hen: Mario: I asked for the keys, not the cheese.
Fried the hen: Mario: I thought we were friends, Yoshi!
Fried the hen: Bowser: All I wanted to do was ask Peach to the dance.
Fried the hen: Mario: Is one penny enough for bail?
Fried the hen: Bowser: Of all the people, why must I get locked up with that pesky plumber?
Fried the hen: Yoshi: Yawn... Is it Saturday yet?

Videogamerpat11: Bowser: Mario, you do realize you're supposed to hit the cup off the bars, not the wall, right?

lilboo: Mario: Wait, there's been a mistake! I'm Luigi, it's my brother you want!***FIRST PRIZE***
lilboo: Bowser: Listen Mario, there are two things wrong with your plan. One, that cup is not magnetic, and two, even if it was, keys aren't
lilboo: magnetic either.
lilboo: Bowser: All this for just bringing in a flower? *sigh* The one time I try to be nice.
lilboo: Yoshi:  Heheh, Mario is just jealous that I got the cooler cell.

Pit: Bowser: I told you we shouldn't have fought in that public park.
Pit: Mario: Please, Yoshi! I need water or else my plant will die!
Pit: Bowser: Give it a rest, Mario. He won't give you any cheese.

Dark Goomba: Yoshi was Mario's best friend, until Mario ate every pizza on the island.
Dark Goomba: Unfortunately for Mario, Yoshis do not understand the fact that coffee and donuts MUST go together.

Primal Draco: Bowser and Mario: Come on! Let us out!

Brick Block: Bowser: I told you, Mario, that "Grand Theft Auto: Mushroom Kingdom" was a bad idea from the start, but do you ever listen?
Brick Block: Mario: Why are you doing this to me, Yoshi? Are you still bitter about that "incident" at the end of Cheese Bridge?
Brick Block: Mario: Please, don't make me share a cell with the flower! That thing is a freaking psychopath!

Flemmy Koopa: You see here that this is a donut shop in you know where. (Donut Plains) Sadly, they have a jail for the people who ordered
Flemmy Koopa: coffee. Bowser thinks you are a donut yourself.

8363MTR: Bowser: (to flower) So... what are you in here for?
8363MTR: Mario: Can you at least send some donuts over here? You've slept for over a day now, and we haven't gotten anything to eat!
8363MTR: Besides, it looks like you're not going to eat them anyways...

polkamon: Mario: Good, he's asleep. Now if I can reach just far enough to scoop the uneaten donut into the cup...
polkamon: The tally marks indicate how many times Mario has mistaken his cup for a key. They have been in the prison for approximately 1
polkamon: minute.**GOOD PRIZE**

JJ Bandit: Mario: Listen Yoshi! If you let me out, I'll give you this cup!!!
JJ Bandit: Bowser: Don't worry, kid, prison isn't so bad, y'know, except for the fact that I'll probably try to kill you every day...
JJ Bandit: Mario: Listen Yoshi, if this is about that time I sacrificed you to that Koopa in the first level of Super Mario World, it wasn't my fault
JJ Bandit: I didn't have the yellow cape!
JJ Bandit: Yoshi: Haha! That's what you both get for being such ungrateful babies... WHO'S CRYING NOW?! Oh, I guess you guys still are...
JJ Bandit: Flower: So Bowser, what're you in for? I robbed a bank, started a gang war, and killed a guy.

Bullet Billy: Mario: Oh, come on-a, Yoshi! I-a at least need one-a donut to dunk into-a my coffee!

KP Chains: You'd think Yoshi would realize that if Bowser had been in a cell with MARIO for 10 days, that is WORSE than jail.

Fireball: Mario: Is this for all the times I dropped you in a pit in Super Mario World?

iggy26: Mario: Let me out! Who cares if I shot your head in Yoshi Safari? I don't belong here with this weirdo!!!

Kerry Koopa: Mario and Bowser used to run the Yoshi Prison, but Yoshi took over and turned it into the Plumber and Koopa Prison!
Kerry Koopa: Yoshi: Mario, you can fight Bowser without your cheese energy drink. Good luck with that!
Kerry Koopa: Yoshi: Sorry Mario, I can't give you a Cappuccino so you can zoom out of here.
Kerry Koopa: Bowser: Mario, stop trying to play Wii with a coffee cup AND with your arm sticking outside the bars.
Kerry Koopa: Mario: Yuck! Is that a balloon sticking out of your nose, Yoshi?
Kerry Koopa: Mario: Hey Yoshi! Do you like my new coffee cup bell?

WendyRulez: It looks like Mario isn't the hero everyone thought he was...
WendyRulez: Unfortunately, contrary to what our red plumber believed, he did not have diplomatic immunity.
WendyRulez: Yoshi: I am such a good guard... Zzz...
WendyRulez: Bowser: You do realize I can just smash this puny prison, right?

Spikeman: Mario: C'mon, let me out! Just because I accidentally killed your girlfriend, sat on you, and ate up all your food that would last for
Spikeman: the year, doesn't mean I should spend the rest of my life with a guy who tried to put his butt on you!

E-Man: After being appointed the new sheriff of the Mushroom Kingdom, Yoshi's first act was to finally arrest Bowser Koopa, but he
E-Man: accidentally locked Deputy Mario in the same cell.
E-Man: Bowser: Oh, sure! Use a cup to bash those two blocks to help us get outta here! That'll REALLY work!
E-Man: Mario: No offense-a, Yoshi, but I think you're-a taking this-a game of cops and-a robbers too-a far!

Richard: Mario: Hey, Yoshi! Can you wake up and rescue me?

catty1: Yoshi: What? They both did away with some of my fellow Yoshis!

Nate: Mario: Yoshi, I didn't do anything!
Nate: Mario: Yoshi, get me a root beer!

Extreme Yoshi: Not only managing to put Bowser behind bars, but after years of having Mario constantly having Yoshi fall in so many pits for
Extreme Yoshi: Mario's gain, he got his revenge and put the plumber in bars too.
Extreme Yoshi: Mario: Hey Yoshi, I'll trade you this cup for the keys. It's a good deal!

Gloomtail08: As Mario demands freedom, Bowser wonders what happened with that last plan...

DarkGoomba36: Mario: Yoshi, get me outta here! Bowser is going to use his dark magic to turn a flower into a Piranha Plant!
DarkGoomba36: Bowser: This is precious... Poor, yet precious.

Usetheforce: All Mario wanted was some water for his flower, but the Yoshi guard won't even give him that!

54 king boo: At first glance, it seems Mario did somthing bad, but it was the mastermind flower who did all of this.

Redspeed106: Mario: Okay, look! I'm sorry I cheated that time back in Mario Party 3! Now, will you let me go?! My pasta's burning back home
Redspeed106: in the oven!

8363MTR: Bowser: Great. I got trapped in my own dungeon. And the worst part is when the Koopalings are away taking Peach, it's being run
8363MTR: by a Yoshi.

Doom: So... Mario's in jail, Yoshi the Cop (and a bad one at that) is sleeping, and Bowser deals with this setup once a week.
Doom: Bowser: Mario... Magnets attract keys, not your brain... which you somehow molded into a cup.
Doom: Mario: Um... Yoshi? I promise not to feed you my laundry if you let me out!

Princess Peach #1 Fan: Bowser: Mario, give it a rest. Face it, Yoshi hates you. Why? Oh, I dunno, maybe... 'CAUSE YOU KO'D HIM ON
Princess Peach #1 Fan: SMBWII FOR FUN!!! Oh, and you called him fat.

flifit22: Mario: Can I at least have some cheese while I'm stuck in here? Please?

Kkadwell: The plan to bust Mario and Bowser out of jail was nearly flawless- it only fell apart when Yoshi learned that cops get to eat donuts
Kkadwell: and decided to take his impersonation far too seriously.**GOOD PRIZE**

Agent G: Mario: Yoshi, just because we beat you in that race, doesn't mean you HAVE to lock us up for it!

Darkblade Koopa: Mario: Come on, Yoshi! Please let me OUT!
Darkblade Koopa: Bowser: What a moron.

WendyRulez: Mario: C'mon Yoshi! I'm your friend! Get me out of this prison!

Agent G: Bowser: (DAD, please help me.)
Agent G: This is what happens when you call a certain Yoshi-Koopa hybrid a freak... Not cool.

Mr.L Koopa: Bowser: I am afraid of that word written over there.
Mr.L Koopa: Mario:Yoshi, why did you write that word?
Mr.L Koopa: Yoshi: (Great, I  freaked out Bowser. I should not tell anybody.)

Firekoopa123: Mario: Yoshi, help. I`m stuck with a pyrotechnic-breathing turtle!!!


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