Contest 390
Picture by Latisha Banks

Fried the hen: Larry: I want that ice cream cone built into heaven.
Fried the hen: Bowser (offscreen): No Lemmy, I said to get 8 flavors, you know, one for each Koopaling?
Fried the hen: Bowser Jr: I don't care that I don't get ice cream, I'm just happy the world didn't end.

Nate: Bowser Jr: If that ice cream falls out of that cup Iggy's holding, it's all mine, baby! ***FIRST PRIZE***

polkamon: Lemmy: All right, I found where all my siblings hid my ice cream scoops, now I just need to find the ball Larry hid so I can reach the
polkamon: top of the cone.
polkamon: Larry: Lemmy, I hope you didn't use my plants as ingredients to make that "Super Ice Cream Cone Whose Green Flavor Isn't
polkamon: Piranha Plant" again.

Benjamin: What Lemmy will never understand is that this Lemmy is a clone obsessed with ice cream.
Benjamin: Bowser Jr: ICE CREAAAAAAAM!!!
Benjamin: Larry: Give the kid some dumb ice cream before you get brain freeze.

E-Man: Bowser Jr: Share?
E-Man: Larry: That's a very nice ice cream cone you've got there... It's a shame if something were to happen to it. **GOOD PRIZE**

flitchard: Lemmy: Nice try, but I win Coney Island!

Iggy Koopa: BJ: Wowwww... That looks sooo delicious... No, not the ice cream, that short Koopa!

Sayaman: Larry: All right Jr. You create a diversion while I make off with the ice cream.

Redspeed106: Lemmy: Sorry guys, but you can't have my Vanillatastic Caramel Rocky-Roady Banana Minty Chocolately Strawberry Wonder
Redspeed106: Ice Cream.
Redspeed106: Little did Larry and Lemmy know that the ice cream was cursed and was hypnotizing Bowser Jr. in a plot to kill off candy for
Redspeed106: good, for white chocolate does not go well with mint chocolate ice cream.
Redspeed106: Larry: No, wrong flavor! I hate coconut!!! Go back to (nonexistent area) and get the right one!

Firekoopa123: Bowser Jr: First an arsenal ship full of donuts from Dad, and now stealing ice cream?! What next, Luigi eating Mario?

abcd: Larry: Cool! When Lemmy bought ice cream, we went into a world that had no color!

goombella: Larry: What he doesn't know is I put a death trap on top- Wait, did I just say that out loud? OH (BLEEP)!!!
goombella: It was Lemmy's birthday, but Larry put a death trap on top of his ice cream, but what he didn't know was that Bowser Jr was going
goombella: to steal the ice cream!
goombella: Bowser Jr: Mmmmmm, death-trapped ice cream...

Weegee Malleo: Larry: I've got him cornered! Get the ice cream, Jr!
Weegee Malleo: Little did Lemmy know, as a prank Ludwig had temporarily turned Larry and Bowser Jr. into zombies with but one purpose:
Weegee Malleo: GET THE ICE CREAM.

8363MTR: When Iggy says to Lemmy that he is a masochist by enjoying brain freezes, Iggy wasn't kidding!

IceKoopa: Iggy: You do know you're allergic, right?

BT: Larry: If only you knew how entertaining it is watching you drool over ice cream, Junior...

Agent G: Larry: Lemmy, if you're going to have ice cream, at least give some to everyone reading this Caption.
Agent G: Bowser Jr: STRAWBERRY!

Jalvo the Slime: Lemmy (mumbling to himself): Time to show them what 13 years of balancing on a ball has to show. **GOOD PRIZE**

Veet: If you want to get ice creams like Lemmy does, play the 'Coney Island' minigame from Mario Party 5!

banjonator1: Lemmy: Aww! Thanks for the ice cream, Larry! Hmm, this tastes strange. Gaack!

Dark Goomba: Bowser Junior efficiently acting out the part of Mario in these ways: -He is wearing a Mario mustache... "disguise". -He's
Dark Goomba: extremely lame in that he can't at least get a disguise better than a bib with a mustache on it. -He is hypnotized by food.
Dark Goomba: This is what the Koopalings are doing when Bowser is off kidnapping Peach.
Dark Goomba: Lemmy: Ice cream... it reminds me of Ice Land! :D... What... WHO PUT CHOCOLATE IN THIS?! That reminds me of Ludwig... :(

Darkblade Koopa: Larry: Hey Lemmy, I'll give you 5 gold coins for that ice cream. *snicker* (Not.)

54 king boo: Lemmy: Time to eat my dandruff dog dropping plastic barf lipstick ice cream topped with a plastic brown cone!
54 king boo: The ice cream that Iggy is holding was robbed from Dark Star.
54 king boo: Bowser Jr: Must... eat... rainbow...colored... hair.

Pit: Larry: I know what you're thinking, and the answer is YEAH BOY!

Kerry Koopa: Larry: Thanks, but I would have preferred all the scoops the same color as my hair.
Kerry Koopa: Larry: If you got an ice cream cone that tall, it must be so hot you can fry an egg on this sidewalk! Be careful that you don't fry
Kerry Koopa: your feet!

Doom: Little did Lemmy know, after being put on probation, Larry was forced to be a Health Inspector. Too bad, that ice cream looked good!
Doom: Lemmy: Good thing Mario, Morton, and Ludwig aren't here! Looks like it's more cheesy chocolate-flavored wedding cake ice cream
Doom: extreme for me!

Victor: Larry: I invented a new game, it is called "Ice Cream Scoop Knockout". First you need to gather as many scoops of ice cream as you victor: can carry. Then, hit Bowser Jr. with the ice scream scoops.

iggy26: Bowser Jr: Mmmm, Lemmy's hairdo.

iggyandludwig: Lemmy: I call it the Lemmy Supreme, and I've made a rule for it: IT'S MINE, BACK OFF!!!

WendyRulez: Iggy: Let us be in Super Mario Galaxy 3 or else!


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