Contest 391
Picture by Fried the Hen

Flitchard: Ludwig: Zis is making me VERY angry! VERY angry, indeed!
Flitchard: Eager Young Space Cadet Lemmy: Er, G-g-g-ge- apprehend him, Iggdgers!

KGuy1: Iggy: Can't let you do that, Star Koopa.

Fried the hen: Green Luma: I hate Star Bits.
Fried the hen: Iggy: Iggy Dodgers in the 21st century!
Fried the hen: Lemmy: Ludwig looks even more girly than me. **GOOD PRIZE**

Benjamin: Yellow Luma: Trick or treat!
Benjamin: Lemmy: You're the one who spilled nuclear waste on Iggy!
Benjamin: Green Luma: I hope the Koopalings aren't here for Green Stars!
Benjamin: The Koopalings are ready to take those Star Bits from the Lumas.

Pit: Pink Luma: This is so awesome even though I don't understand how they can breathe this far out in space. Then again, how did Mario do
Pit: it in the Super Mario Galaxy series?

Kerry Koopa: Lumas: Operation Divide and Conquer Koopalings- SUCCESS! Lemmy and Iggy are now going up against Ludwig!

Redspeed106: Iggy (accidently as Daffy instead of Dodger): Hand over yourth (pbbtthth) Lucky Charms or elsth the poor Martian wilthl
Redspeed106: (pbbttth) be forced to listelthn to the song "Friday" over 9000 (pbbthhh) times!!!
Redspeed106: Green Luma: Grrr! I hate this play! Marvin the Martian's costume is the wrong color! I can see the shells, a comet's gonna kill
Redspeed106: us, and worst of all, the Star Bits are SALTED!!!
Redspeed106: Lemmy: Finally, we're in Super Smash Bros. Brawl!

Doom: Iggy (to Green Luma): Give my twin a fist-bump, or your girlfriend gets it! ***FIRST PRIZE***
Doom: Green Luma: For the last time, Lemmy, I'd love to thumb wrestle, but I don't have any thumbs! Come to think of it... I DON'T HAVE
Doom: HANDS!

iggyandludwig: Lemmy: Take us to your leader- I mean, we are going to capture you!
iggyandludwig: Iggy: I AM FAZLORD, MASTER OF SPACE!
iggyandludwig: Ludwig: This isn't my day...

Mr.L Koopa: Lemmy: Hey! Who said we needed cheerleaders?

WendyRulez: Pink Luma: I'LL EAT YOU ALL ALIVE!

Blarggsrule: Ludwig: C'mon Lumas! Don't just float there, DO SOMETHING!

JK Koopa: Green Luma: Hmm... I'm not sure about this new version of "Space Jam".

polkamon: Ludwig: Are you SURE this is what Mario and Luigi wore in Super Mario Galaxy?
polkamon: Lemmy: All right, Lumas. You got your Star Bits. Now turn into a planet that looks like Yoshi's head so we can take a picture of it polkamon: and King Dad can repeatedly punch it. **GOOD PRIZE**

Heston Reichert: Now that's what I call extreme roll call in outer space!
Heston Reichert: Green Star: And I said I am getting too old for this.

E-Man: Sadly, even this cheesy reenactment of "Duck Dodgers" is a whole lot better than the Duck Dodgers animated series Warner Bros.
E-Man: made a few years ago...
E-Man: Green Luma: Fine! Don't share any Star Bits with me, pig!
E-Man: It was at that moment that Ludwig realized he'd left his ray gun in his other Marvin outfit.

FinalHero13: Iggy: We come in peace... Who am I kidding? Let's go Call of Duty on this alien.
FinalHero13: Ludwig: Super Koopaling Galaxy is a no go...

Brick Block: The reason why the Koopalings are not in Super Mario Galaxy.
Brick Block: Ludwig: Man, going to the toilet with this will be a pain.
Brick Block: Ludwig: Wait! Am I supposed to be a space gladiator or an alien ballerina?
Brick Block: Ludwig: What was my line again? "Live long and prosper"? ... I don't think so. "Luke, I am your father"? ... Nah. "Welcome to
Brick Block: New Galaxy"? ... Nope.

flifit22: Halloween... IN SPACE!!!

March Hare: Yellow Luma: (eating Starbits like popcorn) What a show!
March Hare: Ludwig: Dear DAD, why am I in a skirt?
March Hare: Pink Luma: GO TEAM GO! :D
March Hare: Iggy: Ok, Lemmy, I'm going to shoot that yellow thing above your head because it holds the secret to the universe.

Nate: Pink Luma: Yay! Time for the big game! Go Koopalings!

Anikiki: Ludwig: I don't care vhether or not I entertain za Lumas, zis is za last time I play "Gladiators in Space", especially ven I'm
Anikiki: outnumbered.

Iggy Koopa: Ludwig: I wanted the role of the Green Luma...
Iggy Koopa: The Lumas thought they were safe. Iggy's gun was obviously fake and Lemmy wasn't holding one. But little did they know
Iggy Koopa: Lemmy actually had the most terrible weapon in the world... AN ANGRY GREEN LUMA ON AN INVISIBLE STICK!

The Yoshidude: Ludwig: I knew I shouldn't have signed up to be a girl in this play.

badyoyo: Little did Lemmy and Iggy know that they weren't mocking Ludwig in a stupid Marvin the Martian Costume, but they were mocking a
badyoyo: Powerful Martian Dictator. He was obviously very mad at the two Koopas, so he decided to destroy them by summoning a giant
badyoyo: white comet to crush them.

Weegee Malleo: The sci-fi movie "Koopa Kids Galaxy 3000" never really caught on.

IceKoopa: Ludwig: Next time when you ask me if I want to play Tron I'm bashing some skull.

iggy26: Iggy: You are no match for... KOOP DODGERS IN THE 25TH AND A HALF CENTURY!!!
iggy26: Ludwig: Gonna kill you for making us dress up like this, Karma.

banjonator1: This is why the Koopalings weren't in Super Mario Galaxy.

TurboSalad: The stage production of Super Mario Galaxy: As Told by the Koopas was ruined when Ludwig felt the need to point out every
TurboSalad: single flaw with the story.

54 king boo: Green Luma: Dude, I'm not a gun.
54 king boo: Ludwig: Are you sure this is the audition to "The Loony Toons Show"?
54 king boo: Iggy: Serves you right, you don't have a star over your head, Ludwig!

Acekissy: This is just an ordinary Halloween at the Koopa house... Ludwig is annoyed he has to watch his brothers instead of working on Acekissy: some invention that will ultimately fail, Lemmy and Iggy are scaring little kids, and Wendy is offscreen scaring little kids. The sad
Acekissy: thing is, Wendy doesn't even have a costume.

Kerry Koopa: Ludwig: Whoops! I think I accidentally tossed Larry, Morton, Wendy, and Roy off the ship!


lilboo: Ludwig: You guys are stupid. See, they're going to be looking for spacemen.
lilboo: Lemmy: Back off, or I'll shoot you with my invisible gun! What? You dare laugh at me? Well, fine, I'll just go get the invisible rocket
lilboo: launcher.
lilboo: Iggy: Hey Lemmy, if you had my hair right now you'd look like a carrot!

Ludwig X: Little did Lemmy know that Ludwig's suit gave him super speed, and that his gun was already snatched.
Ludwig X: Iggy is having so much fun shooting Star Bits into the bag and making Ludwig eat the bad ones.
Ludwig X: Lemmy: Hey... I had four toes before...
Ludwig X: Green Luma: All these guys can think about is candy! I don't even know what planet we're on.

Jalvo the Slime: Green Luma: Get your own stolen Halloween Star Bits.
Jalvo the Slime: The Koopalings' plan was going well until Ludwig realized that Star Bits tasted bad.

Blarggsrule: Green Luma: This play stinks! I wanna refund!
Blarggsrule: Pink Luma: I am now going to become so fat, that everything will explode!

Dark Goomba: Lemmy: It's that Kirby guy! HEY! MARSHMALLOW! WHERE DID YOU PUT THAT STAR ROD?!
Dark Goomba: Lemmy: KIRBY! GET. OUT. OF. MY. LAND.
Dark Goomba: Iggy: Fear me.

V Koop: Ludwig: (I greatly despise it when my brothers somehow convince me to be a protagonist in the game they are playing.)

Hop: Ludwig: Why am I wearing a skirt?!
Hop: Iggy: (I can't let anyone know this isn't a gun, just a hair dryer...)


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