Contest 394
Picture by Fried the Hen

V Koop: What happened when the Koopalings found out they were going to be in a new game.
V Koop: Morton: Die, cold people!

Fried the hen: Wendy: This suit definitely beats the one I had in Contest 294.
Fried the hen: Bowser Jr: Nyah nyah! I have a Clown Copter and you don't!
Fried the hen: Ludwig: After I eat this, I'll be full of life.
Fried the hen: Little do they know, Larry is being controlled by a magnet.
Fried the hen: Morton: Give me that 1-Up Mushroom, I'm sick of wearing this hat.

freekhenstra: Larry's gonna score him some 1-Ups.


polkamon: Morton: Gah! Just because my name starts with M, they make me the guy who wins all the time! ARGH!
polkamon: Bowser Jr: Hey, you dorks! King Dad just told me he saw this picture and we're all kicked out of Koopa Kastle!

Quirky Quipster: Bowser Junior: WAHAHAHAHA, my evil plan to become an only child is working PERFECTLY: Larry's disappearing, Morton's
Quirky Quipster: taking out Lemmy with a fireball (whilst being unaware that he is climbing on a POISONOUS snake), Wendy turned into a
Quirky Quipster: penguin, Iggy is shrinking into NOTHINGNESS, Roy is flying away to the moon, and Ludwig is about to eat a POISONOUS
Quirky Quipster: Mushroom!
Quirky Quipster: Wendy: Does this Penguin Suit make me look fat?
Quirky Quipster: Iggy: Oh my gosh, Ludwig actually GOT a haircut!
Quirky Quipster: Lemmy is no longer the shortest Koopaling...
Quirky Quipster: This is the sequel to "New Super Mario Bros Wii", "Super Koopaling Brothers (and a Random Sister) Wii", with Bowser
Quirky Quipster: Junior starring as the main villain! (Due to the fact that he wishes to be an only child!)

Roy Fanboy: Iggy: I ate a Poison Mushroom and now, I'm shrunk!!!

flitchard: Lemmy: Umm... Wendy? If you don't move, you're going to end up in Antarctica a LOT quicker than you planned...
flitchard: Iggy: Hey, Lemmy? Could I get a lift? Stupid Mini Shroom...
flitchard: Iggy: Why isn't my hair shrinking with me?!

Richard: Bowser Jr: Great! With the other Koopalings haven gotten powerups, Mario will be done for in no time!

The Yoshidude: Larry: HAHAHA! I will knock Wendy into oblivion and then I won't have to deal with her tantrums anymore!

Sayaman: Ludwig: Finally! I am taller that Iggy!

banjonator1: Iggy: No! That's not a 1-Up! That's a Baby Chomp! - Toad.
banjonator1: The Koopa Clown Copter became depressed when he failed to find Waldo.

victor: There is a new movie starring the Koopalings. Bowser Jr as Bowser, Morton as Fire Mario, Lemmy as Blue and Red Mario, Wendy as
victor: Bumpty Penguin, Iggy as Screaming Guy, Ludwig as Crazy-Maniac-with-a-Mushroom-in-his-hand, Roy as Waluigi, and Larry as Crazy
victor: Exercise Guy.

Ludwig von: Roy: New Super Koopaling Bros. Wiihehiheeeee!

tornado koopa: Iggy: Why is everything so HUGE?

Weegee Malleo: Where were the Mario Bros. during NSMBWii: The Movie?
Weegee Malleo: Lemmy: I really don't think impersonating the Marios is a good idea.
Weegee Malleo: Iggy: I realize we all want the fame the Mario Bros. have, but this is a little ridiculous.
Weegee Malleo: Iggy: Ludwig, the Mushroom is not a toy.

WendyRulez: Iggy: What were you thinking, Ludwig? It's five against three!!! Not to mention the five of them have Mario power-ups...
WendyRulez: Morton: Why am I the sixth Koopaling to be fought instead of the second this time?
WendyRulez: Lemmy: It's Mr. Freeze and The Penguin! Where's Batman when you need him?!
WendyRulez: Ludwig: Maybe if I could turn this 1-Up Mushroom into a 1-Down Mushroom and use to it to end Mario's game...

Larry the Tennis Master: Ludwig: Yes! Now I can have 100 lives! Huh? WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE COUNTER DOESN'T GO OVER 99?!

E-Man: Bowser Jr: See, guys? I stole all these awesome power-ups for ya! So, am I cool now? ***FIRST PRIZE***

Doom: This is why Bowser keeps his Item Chest under constant surveillance. **GOOD PRIZE**
Doom: Larry: I don't know what you guys are talking about! This "star theme" is anything but annoying!
Doom: Lemmy stares at Wendy in awe, if not just because she looks hideous in a Penguin Suit. Then again, when does she NOT look ugly?!

Redspeed106: Fun Fact: This was a canceled game before Mario Bros. was made.

lilboo: Iggy: Hey, wait! I was ruler of Giant Land! This isn't fair!
lilboo: Wendy: Well, it's better than a Frog Suit.
lilboo: Lemmy: Wow Wendy, I like your new hair. It almost looks like it's looking at me.
lilboo: Lemmy: Hey, guys? What's the giant red thing behind us?
lilboo: Lemmy: Do you think Luigi will be mad that I took his clothes?

Iggy26: Karma (offscreen): Now you see why I hate it here.

chris: Iggy: STOP THE MADNESS!

Brick Block: The only reason why this picture couldn't get more ridiculous is because they couldn't find a Yoshi that could support Bowser's
Brick Block: weight.**GOOD PRIZE**

RedneckPossum: Bowser Jr. trying to give Ludwig a haircut.

Ben: Roy: Maybe my plan to replace the NSMBWII players wasn't a good idea.
Ben: Roy feels dizzy with the Propeller Mushroom.
Ben: Wendy: A-CHOO! I'm allergic to penguins...
Ben: Ludwig: Why is the 1-Up Mushroom white with green spots when it's supposed to be green with white spots?
Ben: Bowser Junior: Why don't I get a power-up?

Shadoo King: Lemmy: Why in the world is Iggy so tiny and I am so big?

Mario40825: Why New Super Koopalings Wii was never made.


GThing64: Well, if Bowser's Item Chest is so easy to open that Mario can use it, why not the Koopalings?
GThing64: Ludwig needs to be careful with that 'Shroom. Look at what happened to Iggy when he used it. No wonder he's freaking out.

Badyoyo: Ok, I have the results for the thievery contest! Third place goes to Ludwig for stealing a 1-Up Mushroom. Second place goes to
Badyoyo: Morton for stealing a Fire Flower, and first place goes to Susan, who not only stole a Propeller Mushroom, but Roy's sunglasses as
Badyoyo: well!

Pikachu Koopa: Morton just pasted an M for Morton over the A for Annoying.
Pikachu Koopa: Roy: Now I can fly away after I punch everyone!
Pikachu Koopa: Coming soon to Nintendo 3DS: Stupid Koopaling Brothers and Sister.
Pikachu Koopa: Seeing Koopalings dressed up in Mario costumes from NSMBW when it's not Halloween? Yet another side affect of hunger.
Pikachu Koopa: Hungry? Grab a Snickers.

Omniscent Guy: Ludwig: Behold! The Almighty Mushroom of Endless lives!
Omniscent Guy: Morton, Roy, and Jr. are ganging up on Lemmy.
Omniscent Guy: Larry: Why does Wendy always dress as animals...

KGuy1: Everyone except Iggy: Forget Iggy day!

flifit22: Artwork of the upcoming: "Super Koopalings WII(-U)".

Pengaweeno: Roy: Purple is not my color!
Pengaweeno: Morton: I shall finally get revenge on Roy!
Pengaweeno: Iggy: No! I hate to be small!
Pengaweeno: Larry: Wendy looks really dumb.
Pengaweeno: Larry: Can't stop dancing!
Pengaweeno: Wendy: Am I too pretty for your eyes?
Pengaweeno: Lemmy: I don't think King Dad will be happy that we froze the floor.
Pengaweeno: Ludwig: Really, this is a robot Mushroom to defeat the Mario Brothers!
Pengaweeno: Bowser Jr: Those power-ups won't help, what you need is skill like me!

Anamatronic Koopa: And this is exactly why the Koopalings don't use power-ups.

sheek: Bowser Jr: Haha! So hypnosis does work on idiots!

Kerry Koopa: Iggy: I'll show my siblings how strong I actually am- by catching the Clown Copter when I'm Mini!

Darkblade Koopa: Iggy: Oh no! Ludwig's a giant! HELP!
Darkblade Koopa: Morton: Fire in the hole!
Darkblade Koopa: Larry: I 'm gonna need a big feather duster.
Darkblade Koopa: Roy: I'm gettin' air sick!


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