Contest 393
Picture by Latisha Banks

Lemmy Koopa: Red: Yeah, I know it's green, but I'm not so sure that's even a Birdo!

Fried the hen: Pink Birdo: That Yoshi egg is my new boyfriend.

flitchard: Green Birdo: One of these things is not like the others...

The Yoshidude: Pink Birdo: You know, when Bowser Jr. attacked Mario with paint, he lost too.

KGuy1: Red Birdo: When does it hatch?

Dark Goomba: Birdos: There's a Yoshi creepin' round here.
Dark Goomba: Egg: I'm different!
Dark Goomba: Now in a hundre- two designer colors!
Dark Goomba: Fegelein's fault.

jhkana: What is a YOSHI egg doing there?

Iggy Koopa: Red Birdo: Is it already Easter again? DID I MISS THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS?!
Iggy Koopa: Pink Birdo: ... I thought it was Father's Day.
Iggy Koopa: Green Birdo: Yoshi will love these eggs! *sigh* I can't wait to give them to him!

V Koop: Green Birdo: The destroying of the forbidden egg will now begin!

Pit: Green Birdo: This ought to teach Mario not to eat my eggs.

MammaMia64: Pink Birdo: Do you know what this means?! Your baby is an albino!

polkamon: Green Birdo: I just can't do this! "Find the different egg" is just too hard for me!
polkamon: Pink Birdo: How long 'til the eggs hatch? If they're not Yoshis or Birdos in five minutes, I'm gonna get Zess T. ***FIRST PRIZE***

iggy26: Pink Birdo: Remember what I told you to take care of the kids, I'm off with Yoshi for our anniversary.

abcd: Green Birdo: Birdo egg + dye = Yoshi egg?

E-Man: Green Birdo: You see, ladies, we just paint them all like this and stuff them into the Egg Block. Yoshi will never know the difference!

Richard: Green Birdo: What is this Yoshi egg doing here?

54 king boo: The neon-colored Birdos wanted to spit eggs like Pink Birdo, but they were more than confused when this happened.
54 king boo: The Red and Pink Birdos' eggs have something called MED- Misfit Egg Disease.
54 king boo: When Green Birdo asked Pink and Red Birdo to make scrambled eggs, they didn't quite get what she meant.

Jalvo the Slime: Pink Birdo: I always knew that you were a Yoshi!
Jalvo the Slime:Green Birdo: I spy with my little eye, something GREEN!

IceKoopa: Since Birdos always have their mouths/noeses open no one can actually tell if they're surprised.
IceKoopa: Green Birdo: See, kids, this is why you don't smoke when pregnant.

pikachu koopa: Green Birdo: Professor Oak said we could choose any Pokemon we want!
pikachu koopa: Whatever you named your Yoshi in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! YOU CAN'T DO THIS

RedneckPossum: Happy Easter!

Weegee Malleo: Strangely-Colored Birdos Anonymous.
Weegee Malleo: Green Birdo: If we were Yoshis, we wouldn't have to do this.

James B: Green Birdo: Do you remember in Contest 384 Bowser Jr. painted some bombs green and white... BOOM!!!

victor: There is a new rule for the all the Birdos in town. All of them should paint a new stomach for themselves every year. **GOOD PRIZE**

Kevin: Egg Egg Egg Egg Paint. That is the more boring game of Easter.

Larry the Tennis Master: Red Birdo: Green, you really think our offspring won't mind if we paint their shells for Easter?
Larry the Tennis Master: Red Birdo: There's an outsider in our fleet of eggs. Is it safe to eat it?

Rob-omb: Birdos discover a missing Yoshi egg.

FinalHero13: And so the birth of Yoshi had happened! All you need is three Birdos and paint to paint the egg.

roy321: Yoshi: Should I get out of my Birdo costume?
roy321: Pink Birdo: Not again...

lilboo: Yoshi disguised as Green Birdo: Oh, hehe, where did that egg come from?
lilboo: Pink Birdo: Well, looks like we're having scrambled Yoshi egg for breakfast.
lilboo: Red Birdo: You know, I just started thinking. Since our mouths are always open, think about all the bugs and stuff that must fly in.
lilboo: Could one of you look in my mouth? I think I hear a bird.

WendyRulez: Evil Birdo: Who wants scrambled eggs?
WendyRulez: Yoshi: I think I'm in the wrong hatchery...
WendyRulez: You have to crack a few eggs and avoid getting killed in a horrible fashion by the angry Birdos to make an omelette.

Shadoo King: Green Birdo: I pick this egg. The one with the spots, maybe?
Shadoo King: Red Birdo: I wanted that one! My crush laid that egg...
Shadoo King: Pink Birdo: Oh, quit talking about Yoshi!

zz1666: Birdos: (singing) On the 7th day of Christmas my true love gave to me seven eggs for eating...
zz1666: Red Birdo: Sshh, after 300 years our savior is about to come out of his egg. Let there be breakfast for all!

Error 404: Odd Egg Out!

Kerry Koopa: Red Birdo: Guys, we should really stop counting our Jr. Troopa eggs before they hatch. See the egg in the middle?


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