Contest 396
Picture by Atticus


Pit: Larry thought that it would be genius of him to use a green, frog-headed Wiggler wearing a top hat to steal Waluigi's coins. The only
Pit: thing he didn't think of is how he was going to get them out of the Wiggler.
Pit: Larry: Errr... Hi.
Pit: Larry: This is not the vault you're looking for.

flitchard: Waluigi: HEY! It took me all-a day to steal those Stars!
flitchard: Larry: Now, all I have to do is work on the ants and mosquitos!

Ben: Waluigi: I'm afraid of Wigglers!
Ben: Larry: That's not a Wiggler, that's a head and a bunch of durians I bought.
Ben: Waluigi: WAH! I'm afraid of getting my money eaten!
Ben: Waluigi: WAH! I'm afraid of the Atticus writing on the bottem-right!

E-Man: Larry: Ha! Try stealing King Dad's treasure now, Mr. Eggplant!

Larry the Tennis Master: Waluigi: I can't believe someone else took all the trouble to break in here just to steal these bags of chocolate
Larry the Tennis Master: coins.
Larry the Tennis Master: Just in case Nintendo needs a giant worm to swallow Mario for no reason, they decided to feed it coins so Mario
Larry the Tennis Master: could buy stuff from the stores that shouldn't be in there in the first place. ***FIRST PRIZE***

Shadoo King: Waluigi: Oh no! Larry's stealing all my stink bombs and potatoes!

polkamon: Larry: Hey, Waluigi. You wouldn't mind if we used your chocolate coin collection to practice for the eating contest next week,
polkamon: would you?

Weegee Malleo: Larry: Best. Catterpillar. EVER.
Weegee Malleo: Waluigi suddenly realized he should have listened when Wario told him about a secret catterpillar hiding place known as
Weegee Malleo: the "Riches Room".

Screamy: Larry: Wow, this guy already vomited 236 money bags!
Screamy: Waluigi: NO! He's eating my laundry!
Screamy: Waluigi: WOAH! Larry's hair is huge!
Screamy: Larry's 'Get Rich Quick' plan seemed a success, but that was because he hadn't opened the bags...
Screamy: Larry: That is a HUGE tongue!
Screamy: Waluigi: Take this bag and leave me alone, you red, scary monster!
Screamy: Waluigi was upset that Larry had found his secret stash of candy. But who in the world hides their candy in a bank?!
Screamy: Things got ugly when this became war. Actually, it got ugly when Waluigi stepped into the room.
Screamy: Larry: Yeah! I just won the lottery!
Screamy: Screamy: Green Blob: I gotta go spend a penny, if you know what I mean.

Anamatronic koopa: Larry: You didn't think I was going to let you get away with the hand in warm water trick, did you?

flifit22: Worm: *with mouth full* Uh... Larry, are you sure these are chocolate coins? Because my teeth break when I bite them.

Tyrant L: Waluigi attempts to rob Kastle Koopa and is greeted by Larry. **GOOD PRIZE**

Richard: Waluigi: Wha? You stole my loads of money?

Darkblade Koopa: Larry: Hey Waluigi, my big green monster's eating your bank account!

Captain Kirkland: Larry: YES, TOUCHDOWN!
Captain Kirkland: And this is how to clean up the bank, children.

MammaMia64: Wario (offscreen): Waluigi! Did you remember to buy a new door for our money vault? I don't want anybody getting in!

WendyRulez: Waluigi: Hey! Why don't you get your own bank to rob?!
WendyRulez: For some reason, sacks of money taste like chicken to slimes.
WendyRulez: Waluigi: This must be the Candyland Bank...

Blue Boo: Larry: Hey Waluigi! I found a worm that vomits money!
Blue Boo: Star: Regardless of whatever antics may be occuring, I am the real star of this caption.
Blue Boo: In the face of a dangerous or traumatic situation, the Waluigi will often begin Moonwalking to safer ground. **GOOD PRIZE**
Blue Boo: Worm: These are the most disgusting potatoes I've ever had in my life.

54 king boo: Larry: I was spying on you a few days ago, Waluigi. I saw you grinning at Caption 242 so GUESS WHAT I DID?!
54 king boo: Larry: I just sent a text message to Wario saying that you were stealing his money!
54 king boo: Green Blob: Why am I here?
54 king boo: Coins: SPEND US!!!

Bella: Larry: In your face, you stupid loser! Bags are SO last year...

victor: Waluigi: Larry, I have a Star, about a dozen coins, and three bags of gold. Does that convince you that I am the best?
victor: Larry: Waluigi, if I were you I would just shut up.

Quirky Quipster: Larry: YES, my new recycling program is a HUGE success; instead of throwing all this junk away, we can feed it to this
Quirky Quipster: weird, bloby guy!
Quirky Quipster: Larry: That's right, my bloby friend, if you eat Waluigi's money, he won't have any left and then WE will be the richest beings
Quirky Quipster: in the world!
Quirky Quipster: Waluigi: Whoops, I thought this was the laundramat; I knew I should've taken that left turn at Albuquerque!
Quirky Quipster: When Waluigi told Larry to help store his money this is NOT what he meant...

lilboo: Walugi: Wait, you're trying to steal all of Wario's money too?!
lilboo: Larry: This'll teach King Dad to take away my allowance!

Pengaweeno: Larry: (to Waluigi) This money I'm stealing is going towards one of those lights!
Pengaweeno: Waluigi: Hey, I thought I was the sneaky one!
Pengaweeno: Green thing: OM NOM NOM!
Pengaweeno: "This is how you become a Nyan Cat, apparently," says the green thing as Larry laughs at the culprit of his joke.
Pengaweeno: Larry: Come on, 'Blobby', you can beat the most cash eaten world record!


weegee: Little did Pac-man know, out of Larry's hate for Pac-man , the green paint was poison, the hat was a bomb, and the sacks were full
weegee: of more bombs.
weegee: Waluigi: I got the coins you wanted, Mr. Larry. DONT HURT ME!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!

Doom: Waluigi: Waluigi thought Larry had to use this money to pay for the Sports Hall. Oh well, it's HIS funeral!
Doom: Larry + Money = Iggy's NSMBW look to seem normal!
Doom: Waluigi: Tourists, Waluigi thinks it's obvious why Waluigi's getting mad at Larry... HE'S SITTING ON WALUIGI'S PAYCHECK! No, not
Doom: the bags, that tiny quarter over there!

sheek: The new Smash Brothers features courses and items from obscure games!

abcd: Waluigi: Waluigi time.

IceKoopa: Larry's new pet Wiggler brings new depth to the phrase "fire my lazor".
IceKoopa: Waluigi: Oooo, Wario's gonna be mad when he finds out your worm ate all his excess fat.


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