Contest 397
Picture by Latisha Banks

Fried the hen: Goomba: Can't... levitate...

Quirky Quipster: Paragoomba on top: Ha, Mario's so stupid, he doesn't even know penguins can't fly!
Quirky Quipster: Paragoomba on bottom: Man, I KNEW I shouldn't have worn my fish cologne today!
Quirky Quipster: Mario's testing out his new martial arts move, FLYkwondo; unfortunately, penguins don't fly...

E-Man: Mario wishes that he could fly like the Paragoombas, but he forgot that penguins can't fly.

Pit: Paragoomba: QUICKLY!!! GO UP, GO UP!!! HE CAN'T FLY!!! Wait, is that a Propeller Mushroom over there?!

flitchard: Paragoomba: Okay, Son! Just keep flapping, and you'll clear that bottomless pit easily!
flitchard: Now, I done seen, `bout any old thing, when I see a Mario fly!

flifit22: The overalls penguin seen here, mistaking the Paragoombas as flying cheese, chases them across the kingdom, for nourishment.

WendyRulez: Goombas are so wimpy that even penguins are their natural predator.
WendyRulez: Paragoomba: *screaming like a little girl*

Brick Block: Paragoomba on the Right: Man, being stalked by a fat guy in a Penguin Suit has to be the second scariest thing to ever happen
Brick Block: to me. The first was being stalked by a fat guy in a Frog Suit back in the 90's. **GOOD PRIZE**
Brick Block: Mario: Dang it! Those Paragoombas saw through my disguise. I knew I should have ditched the red overalls.
Brick Block: Paragoomba on the Right: Dude, have you seen the guy that's right behind us? What a weirdo! I mean, who in their right mind
Brick Block: would wear red overralls nowadays?

Screamy: Right Paragoomba: Hey! Mario's sending sonic booms with his butt!

polkamon: Paragoomba: Relax, man! If both of us even touch him, he'll be so small that he'll never be able to stomp our heads again!
polkamon: This is why Happy Feet never made it to Broadway.

Weegee Malleo: Goomba: Em, Mario, did you ever consider *gasp* slowing down?
Weegee Malleo: Goomba: Uh, how did that penguin end up here?
Weegee Malleo: Goomba: Hate... Penguin Suits.

IceKoopa: Mario: Piplup!

weegee: Mario: C'MON GUYS! I got the wings! TEACH ME HOW TO FLY!

Jalvo the Slime: Paragoomba: We thought the Frog Suit was bad. This is worse!

youmustdie183: Paragoomba: For the last time, Goombas aren't Mushrooms!

iggyandludwig: Before NSMBWii, Nintendo forgot to tell Mario that with the Penguin powerup, he can't fly.
iggyandludwig: Paragoomba 1: Idiot.

tornado koopa: Paragoomba: This Mario simulator sure is fast.

Kerry Koopa: Mario: It's Mario Chesterfield Cobblepot, aka The Plumber Penguin, coming to take you, Batgoomba and Robingoomba, down!
Kerry Koopa: Waugh! Waugh!

Richard: Penguin Mario is not compatible with dry land.
Richard: Mario: Woah! I'm-a about to crash into-a some Goombas and I shouldn't have gotten that Penguin Suit!

KevinHeaven: Aah! A big fat penguin (or in this case a penguin wannabe)!

Pikachu Koopa: When a fat Italian turns into a Pokemon.
Pikachu Koopa: Pokedex: Mario-in-a-penguin-suit-chu, the plumber Pokemon. He's really fat and eats stuff that you shouldn't. ***FIRST Pikachu Koopa: PRIZE***

Mario40825: Mario: Come back here, you cheese thieves!

lilboo: Paragoomba: Oh no! That Penguin ate Mario! **GOOD PRIZE**
lilboo: Paragoomba: Okay, so there's a Tanooki Suit, a Hammer Bro Suit, a Frog Suit, a Propeller Suit, a Blue Koopa Suit, and they even
lilboo: made a Penguin Suit! Would it kill 'em to make a Goomba Suit?!

Ludwiggy Koopa: In reality Mario is drooling on the floor, having suffered a life-threatening stroke. He will be in a coma for months. Hope he
Ludwiggy Koopa: has the extra life!
Ludwiggy Koopa: Goomba: Hello!
Ludwiggy Koopa: Mario: Oh no I am a penguin!
Ludwiggy Koopa: Mario: Now there are two couples, Goombas! And Waluigi seems willing to try it... What do you say?
Ludwiggy Koopa: Mario is chasing these Goombas because he is very stressed out from work. That's not really fair, though. Come on,
Ludwiggy Koopa: Mario, give 'em a break.
Ludwiggy Koopa: Mario: Snow ice to meet you!
Ludwiggy Koopa: Goomba: Mario, you need to chill!

Anamatronic Koopa: It took Mario all day to realize the Paragoombas were scared of penguins.

Doom: This is why Paragoombas everywhere gave NSMBW a bad name.
Doom: Lower Paragoomba: For the last time, Mario, we're NOT flying meatballs!

Uladar: Fly higher, man, he already ate Gary!

Badyoyo: Mario isn't chasing the Paragoombas because he's Mario. It's because he just watched The Pebble and The Penguin and he
Badyoyo: thinks the Paragoombas look like brown magical pebbles. He hopes if he catches them he can use them to make Peach forgive him
Badyoyo: for accidentally hitting her with a Fire Flower.

Green Bones: Little did Mario know, Bowser bet 50 coins that Paragoombas could outrun a penguin.


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