Contest 398
Picture by Fried the Hen

Fried the hen: Morton: You are a Fairly Odd Pony.
Fried the hen: Larry: Haha Blackmail.
Fried the hen: Iggy: Morton, did you just fart?

Sayaman: Morton: Wow! A Royicorn!

V Koop: Roy: I have a horn, and I know how to use it!

Brick Block: Roy: Argh, not this nightmare again! I just hope I don't get stomped by the Giant Robot Ludwig this time...
Brick Block: Roy: You guys will all pay for this! Nobody gives me purple hair!
Brick Block: Iggy: Well, I wished for Roy to be "puny", but "pony" also works. Heheh...
Brick Block: Bowser (off-screen): You kids are useless! I said I wanted a green donkey, not an orange unicorn! Lemmy and Wendy, turn Roy
Brick Block: into a green donkey right now so I can revive my old childhood wish!
Brick Block: Morton: Look at the bright side, Roy. Now we finally have somebody fabulous enough to rule World 9. **GOOD PRIZE**

flitchard: "Ludwig von Strangle": LARRY KOOPA!~ You know it is against Da Rules to turn your brother into a horse! Oh, wait... A unicorn is
flitchard: fair, I guess... BOOM!

iggyandludwig: Morton: Another myth, the Roycorn. HAHAHA!
iggyandludwig: Larry: Heh, how long is it going to be 'til he starts eating grass? HAHA!

Toadette: At last, Roy became what he truly always wanted to be... Applejack!

polkamon: Ludwig was cut out of the picture because he looked too ridiculous as a unicorn.
polkamon: Larry: You know, "Roy's Unicorn Hall" isn't a bad idea after all.

Anamatronic Koopa: Roy was clearly not going to mock Lemmy's plays again.

Extreme Yoshi: Roy: I wonder what those idiots are laughing at. It's as if they never saw a Koopa before! But man, do I ever feel as hungry as
Extreme Yoshi: a horse.

Quirky Quipster: Morton: Unicorns DO exist!
Quirky Quipster: Roy: What are you laughing about, unicorns ARE manly, honest!
Quirky Quipster: Well, it looks like the Koopalings want to be in more TV shows: Roy is auditioning for My Little Pony, Lemmy and Wendy are
Quirky Quipster: auditioning for The Fairly Odd Parents, and Morton, Iggy, and Larry are auditioning for The Three Stooges!
Quirky Quipster: Wendy: See, Roy, I TOLD you you were more girly than me!
Quirky Quipster: Roy: Iggy could have wished for world peace, but NOOOOO, he just HAD to wish for this!

LemmysLover: Wendy turned Roy into a horse and Lemmy turned Ludwig into that cloud in the back. Everyone else finds that very LemmysLover: amusing...

E-Man: Larry: Well I'll be! I didn't know Roy was secretly a Brony!
E-Man: Even though the Fairly Odd Parents is over, Lemmy and Wendy remain big fans of the cartoon and express that through unusual
E-Man: ways.

stink: Lemmy: Oh, when I cut Wendy's rope, she'll be sooooo mad, but Roy will kill her first. **GOOD PRIZE**
stink: Royicorn: The one upside to this is my horn SKEWERS Koopa shells HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Iggy26: Roy: I need to rethink my life.

Screamy: Roy: Be quiet! My Halloween costume is way better than Lemmy's!
Screamy: Morton: When Wendy said 'hey' is for horses, she really meant it! ***FIRST PRIZE***
Screamy: Larry: I'm not laughing because Roy's a horse. I'm laughing because Lemmy's a fairy!
Screamy: Morton: This is the best prank ever! Wendy and Lemmy really think they turned Roy into a horse!
Screamy: This is waaaaay better than The Fairly Odd Parents.

Ludwig von: Roy: There's a reason you nerds can be near me right now...

Joseph Yoshi: The Koopalings' production of The Wizard of Oz did not go as expected.

stinkyiggy: Roy the stupid unicorn. Formed by Lemmy and Wendy.

Darkblade Koopa: Morton: Boy, I always knew Roy had a horn of badness in his life, but this is ridiculous!
Darkblade Koopa: Lemmy: Now Roy will think twice before popping my favorite ball!
Darkblade Koopa: Roy: Well, at least I have hair.
Darkblade Koopa: Iggy: I've been laughing so long that my teeth are sore!

Green Shy Guy: "We have the power to transform Roy into a unicorn!"

lilboo: This was actually Roy's wish. Unfortunately he didn't count on the fact that now all his siblings want to sell the new-found
lilboo: "Koopa-corn" to science.
lilboo: Bowser (off-screen): Can we please, just for once, have one normal family photo?!

Doom: Ludwig: Why, siblings, why did you convert me into Roy's TAIL?! It reaks of rotten burritto down here!
Doom: This is why the Koopalings aren't allowed to watch "The Fairly Odd Parents"!

WendyRulez: Roy: I'll break you for this!

Pit: Roy: I swear, so help me DAD, when I turn back into a Koopa I will pound you all into the next millenium.
Pit: This is the reason that Nintendo cut the Unicorn Shroom from Super Mario 3DS.


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