Contest 399
Picture by E-Man

Pit: Yellow Shy Guy: WATCH OUT!!! HE HAS RABIES!!!

Fried the hen: Red Shy Guy: Sorry, we only take coins in the Mushroom Kingdom.
Fried the hen: Yellow Shy Guy: I regret getting Knuckles arrested, now I'm forced to look after the Master Emerald.

Brick Block: Mario (off-screen): You know, the Super Mario Land series is starting to get too weird for my liking. I'll just let Wario take it
Brick Block: over. ***FIRST PRIZE***
Brick Block: Yellow Spear-Mask: Dude, come back! That's not Wario! He's too pretty to be him.
Brick Block: Yellow Spear-Mask: Am I the only one here that caught the Beatles reference?
Brick Block: Keyzer: I'm just going to take a nap right here. It's not like anything interesting will happen today.
Brick Block: Yellow Spear-Man: STOP! That frog is from an endangered species! And if we don't leave now, we will be too!
Brick Block: Frog: (Those losers have spent hours and hours searching in the sand for the treasure, yet they never tried looking up. What a
Brick Block: bunch of morons.) ***FIRST PRIZE***

Kisa Koopa: The Yellow Shy Guy doesn't want the Red Shy Guy killing his favorite frog on a bomb.

flifit22: Yellow Spear Person: JOHNSON! Don't do it! Just because that bomb killed your parents doesn't mean it's worth dieing over!
flifit22: NOOO!!! **GOOD PRIZE**

Quirky Quipster: Before becoming the King of Nightmares, Wart's job was to sit on bombs and wait for them to go off... Niiiice.
Quirky Quipster: After witnessing a session of frog gigging, this frog was NOT going to let himself get caught!
Quirky Quipster: Frog: Hand over them crystals 'er be blown teh Timbuktu; what'll it be, crystals or BOMBS?!
Quirky Quipster: Yellow Guy: Wait, why are we trying to takeover this island, can't you see it's already owned by E-Man? I mean, his NAME'S
Quirky Quipster: on it!

Flitchard: Yellow Spear Guy: OH NO! I forgot the vegetables! DON'T DO IT!
Flitchard: Wart: I BEG them to let me be in another game, and they said I could! ... They DIDN'T mention that a fat guy would be SQUASHING
Flitchard: me every level!

polkamon: This is the lamest version of Survivor I've ever seen.

E-Man: Yellow Spear Mask: Wait! Stop! That isn't a real frog!
E-Man: Frog Switch: I am the great War- Errrr... Frog Switch!
E-Man: This is how Spear Masks deactivate bombs.
E-Man: Red Spear Mask: FROG MUST DIE!
E-Man: Yellow Spear Mask: Here! Take my gems! Just don't hurt that poor frog!

Anamatronic Koopa: And since that day, the island has been somewhat smaller.

Iggy26: Mario (offscreen): No more ultimate cheese sammiches before bedtime.

MammaMia64: Yellow Creature: Come on! You know I'm nothing without my other spear!

Screamy: Yellow Guy: NO! I WANT THE FROG!

Emma: Red Thing: I WANT THAT BOMB! Die you frog.
Emma: Frog: Why don't you die?
Emma: Yellow Thing: Ok! Ok! I think you did it, now let's grab these gems and the diamond and go!
Emma: Bird Thing: Huh... Zzzzz...

The Big D: Yellow Spear Guy: Will you stop that?! We're meant to get the Blue Chaos Emerald!
The Big D: Red Spear Guy: TERMINATE YOU!
The Big D: Frog: Will you shut up?! I'm waiting to see if I can fly using this bomb!

Shadoo King: Yellow Shy Guy: Don't do that! I can attack them with the Crystals I stole from Final Fantasy! You don't have to kill yourself!


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