Contest 400
Picture by Atticus

polkamon: Larry: That's right, in honor of the 400th Caption, 400 Goombas will eat 400 Poison Shrooms on 400th Street, and all it costs is 400 polkamon: coins!
polkamon: Kamek: Larry, what makes you think the cops won't arrest us for THIS too just because we're on the other side of town?

Joseph Yoshi: Kamek: So, you think you have what it takes to be Larry Koopa's new BFF?

Brick Block: Kamek: Lemme guess, they all came here to the Sports Hall just to see Pokey, right? **GOOD PRIZE**
Brick Block: Larry: Just wait until the spectators find out that today's surprise match will be Hooktail against Cortez...
Brick Block: Kamek: I really, really, REALLY hate auditions for new playable Mario Party characters.
Brick Block: Kamek (to Larry): You want me to believe that those guys all came here just to see your new color scheme?
Brick Block: Larry (to Kamek): Told ya Super Paper Mario was a great way to advertise my game.
Brick Block: Larry: Can you believe that those guys came all the way here just to congratulate Atticus for his 100th Caption picture from last
Brick Block: month? I guess you're bound to be popular when your name can be found written on random places of the Mushroom Kingdom.
Brick Block: Larry: Everybody's invited to try the greatest challenge in the history of the Roy's Sports Hall, which is teaching basic grammar
Brick Block: to Roy!

flitchard: Larry: I now call this week's meeting of "Forgotten Villains" to order!

WendyRulez: Kamek: How many times have I told you not to bring an angry mob to my hotel?
WendyRulez: Kamek: You must have ticked off a lot of people, Larry. Your father's part of the mob!

Sayaman: Kamek: Really, Larry? Scalping tickets to the Sports Hall? Is that the best you can think of?

Dark Goomba: Kamek: (THIS is our new army? Some weaklings, some forgotten characters, THAT UGLY TRAITOROUS RAVEN, and a
Dark Goomba: Thwomp who tries to crush enemies with his FACE. Well, better than some of the things Bowser has put together... Cloud N.
Dark Goomba: Candy? REALLY?!).
Dark Goomba: Kamek: Well, here we are at the party for the four hundredth contest! We will be starting this with a report from the troops in...
Dark Goomba: CAN YOU STOP TALKING AND PAY ATTENTION?! We've gotta get this done before some lost car tells the cops that we
Dark Goomba: changed the street sign!

Pit: When Roy wouldn't give everyone else stale burritos, they went on strike. The only downside was that Roy didn't care.

banjonator1: Paragoomba: Seriously?! That's how babies are made?!

Quirky Quipster: Magikoopa: Roy's Sports Hall? No, no, no, this is LARRY'S Sports Hall, Roy's is the one with the big, fluffy unicorn on top!
Quirky Quipster: Larry: You guys think Ludwig's performing a symphony in Symphony Hall? No, no, he REALLY called you here to throw
Quirky Quipster: rotten tomatoes at him! ('Cause that's what you'll be doing!)
Quirky Quipster: Thwomp: Wait, how could I have gotten here if all I can do is go up and down?
Quirky Quipster: Paragoomba: Wait, if YOU'RE not keeping the Shy Guy from floating away, who is?

flifit22: Spiny: (Ugh... How much longer until I reach the sign-up area? The drunk mumblings of this Koopa Troopa are starting to drive me
flifit22: nuts!)

Badyoyo: Larry: HA! I beat your record, Kamek! I managed to throw 12 minions 400 or more yards. This beats your record of 10! ***FIRST Badyoyo: PRIZE***

Jalvo the Slime: Larry: Don't look bum, Kamek, you asked for an army and I gave you one, so pay up.
Jalvo the Slime: The never-before-seen footage of Sesame Street before they recasted.

Screamy: Thwomp is confused as to why someone would name a street 400. Either that. or that yellow rock went too far into his head...
Screamy: Larry: Okay everyone, we are all here for a special mission: to catch the notorious villain who keeps writing 'Atticus' on the ground.
Screamy: Paragoomba: This is unfair! No one told me this was an arm wrestling competition! **GOOD PRIZE**
Screamy: Koopa: And that's the story of how my uncle Joe defeated Mario. Wait, that was a dream...

E-Man: Larry: And you said that opening a nightclub would be a disaster, Kamek! Look at all the business we're getting!
E-Man: Kamek: Look, for the last time, this isn't the line for the bathroom!

Weegee Malleo: Old Koopa gang movies.

lilboo: Larry: No no no! This won't do! How am I supposed to put on my feature presentation of "10" with twelve characters?!
lilboo: Paragoomba: Wait, you live underground, and yet you wear sunglasses?
lilboo: Kamek: Okay, so... which one of you is willing to fight a dinosaur carrying a baby on the moon?
lilboo: Mega Mole: I was hoping to brings some of this stuff you call "light" back with me underground, but it appears you have run out, and
lilboo: now it just looks like I'm underground again.
lilboo: Larry: Quite the amazing turnout if I do say so myself. At this rate I'll be able to build up a big enough army to convince Nintendo to let
lilboo: me appear in Super Mario 3D Land in no time.

gold guy: Kamek: Look, for the 100th time, YOU CANNOT GET YOUR PAYCHECK EARLY!!!

Shell Mario: Thwomp: Where crosswalk? No safe to walk on street with no crosswalk!
Shell Mario: Paragoomba: Dear God!!! The Horror! I left the garage door open!
Shell Mario: Kamek: I don't know what they're all so excited about. The second I open this restaurant I'm just going to scam them with
Shell Mario: overpriced snacks.
Shell Mario: Koopa: Now I know you don't have the coin capacity to eat at this restaurant. Mushrooms, orange soda; quite a gourmet meal.

toadette: Larry: And that's how we're gonna beat Mario.

Doom: Larry: Sorry, there'll be no more wildcards for Roy's Sports Hall's Season 10. Lucky for me, I'm a CHAMPION!

MammaMia64: Paragoomba: Guys? You know there's an Atticus mark here, right? Guys?

Silver Boom Boom: Koopa Troopa: And THAT'S how long the line was for the Nintendo 64. Now the GameCube, that's another story...

Yoshi Crossing: Mega Mole: That's right Paragoomba, this is a hand. Unbelievable, right?
Yoshi Crossing: Raven: Wow, it's amazing what people will do to be in the 400th Caption. Especially in England...
Yoshi Crossing: Sky Guy: That's it. I'm going back home to watch The Late Late Show...


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