Contest 401
Picture by Latisha Banks

KingYoshi: Lemmy: I think I used pieces of twelve different costumes.
KingYoshi: Wendy: Larry, on the other hand, can't seem to wear even a hat!
KingYoshi: Larry: Stupid Goomba!!!
KingYoshi: Wendy: Roy, for some reason, would secretly want to be here.

Screamy: Goomba: Please tell me this isn't on live television...
Screamy: Lemmy's Fashion Show was loved by everyone, except Goomba...

Joseph Yoshi: Wendy: Lemmy, take off that ridiculous outfit, you're degrading us all.

Shell Mario: Lemmy: Haha! Look at me! I'm a loud-mouthed Koopa who thinks she's prettier than she really is!
Shell Mario: Wendy: Larry, cut it out! Can't you see I'm admiring my beauty in front of this mirror right here? **GOOD PRIZE**
Shell Mario: Wendy: Larry, I'm sick of hearing your knock knock jokes. Now where is that hat?

Darkblade Koopa: Lemmy: Wendy locked me in here for three months!
Darkblade Koopa: Larry: Oh My DAD! Wendy, your hat has feet!

Fried the hen: Lemmy: Best, 13th birthday ever!

flitchard: Bob-omb: After winning that last fight... I feel pretty.

X-treme Brony: Goomba: Help! It's dark in here!

Pit: The only reason that Wendy let Lemmy and Larry wear her hats was because they were Bob-ombs in disguise. Apparently, Larry's
Pit: Bob-omb wasn't that good at being realistic.

E-Man: Lemmy: Whoa! Who knew King Dad had all this neat stuff!
E-Man: Goomba under the hat: Help! Get this thing off of me! I can't see a thing!
E-Man: Larry: Ah-ha! So that's where my clockwork Goomba went!

polkamon: Lemmy: Hey, nice Wendy costume, Roy.
polkamon: The Koopalings discover what is hidden in Ludwig's secret safe.

iggy26: Goomburgler the great hat thief strikes again. **GOOD PRIZE**

Quirky Quipster: A barely known fact outside of Nintendo, Lemmy's original idea for his look in "New Super Mario Brothers Wii" was this!
Quirky Quipster: Toad Spy Underneath Hat: Ha ha! This is the most fool-proof disguise yet! No one will suspect that this walking hat is a spy!
Quirky Quipster: Wendy: Stupid Goomba, I told you to steal MARIO'S hat, not Daisy's!
Quirky Quipster: Larry: What they don't know is that this is really a bomb heading straight for Bowser Junior's room!
Quirky Quipster: Wendy: I can't believe LEMMY looks better in my favorite outfit than I do!

Brick Block: Toad (off-screen): Uhh, guys, that's my wife's chest. The ones that contain power-ups are over here.
Brick Block: Lemmy: Nothing like messing up Wendy's stuff to revive some good memories, right Larry? I mean, we even got our old color
Brick Block: schemes back!
Brick Block: Sign (off-screen): "Arrgh! Sorry mateys, but a fat plumber in red already got my Power Star treasure. You can have my dirty
Brick Block: laundry as a consolation prize, though." Signed, The Cap'n.

WendyRulez: This Goomba was talking through his hat, now he's wearing one.
WendyRulez: Goomba: I have a right to a lawyer!

eric: Haha! Playing dress-up is fun!

James B: Wendy: Hurry up, guys, if Roy knew that we found his secret chest he'd go even more mental than he already is!

lilboo: Larry: Okay, now that we're done going through Roy's stuff, let's move on to Wendy's room!
lilboo: Lemmy Hey everybody! I'm Lemmy-nardo da Vinci! ... Pretty clever, huh? Spent twenty minutes inside here trying to think of
lilboo: something. ***FIRST PRIZE***
lilboo: Lemmy: Hey guys, does that Goomba's hat make my butt look big?
lilboo: Lemmy: What kind of toy chest is this?! Sorry Wendy, but you need some serious remodeling tips.


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